CEC diary [Kyoto/Heian Shrine] 4 highlights of "NAKED Yorumoude 2023 Heian Shrine"

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Hello! My name is Shutaro Onishi and I am a CEC Ambassador. In "CEC Diary", we, CEC members, will introduce you to the attractive spots in Kyoto that we have seen and heard about. I hope this will be helpful to you in planning your trip. This time, we would like to introduce an event that is being h...

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(Photo from the front of the Heian Shrine grounds)

This time, I would like to focus on four points.

1. NAKED distance lantern

This lantern is called the ``NAKED Distance Lantern,'' and you can decorate the ground with a floral pattern, and the lantern changes into seven colors as time passes.

At Heian Shrine, you can choose lanterns from two types of floral patterns: cherry blossoms and tachibana.

The idea is also based on the wonderful idea that people can enjoy sightseeing while maintaining a reasonable distance of at least 1 meter from each other by avoiding stepping on flowers reflected on the ground.

2. Light cleaning

When you extend your hand, a flower of light will bloom, and you can enjoy alcohol disinfection as participatory art!

You can enjoy taking measures against infectious diseases, and what's more, the flowers bloom so realistically and vividly that you'll want to disinfect them over and over again.

3. Goshuin and amulets that can only be seen at night

Amulets and goshuin stamps are on sale only for night viewing. The Goshuin stamp is specially designed with a black mount inspired by night, and the letters glow in the dark. There is also a strip of paper that can only be viewed at night, which you can hang from the Taiheikaku lantern that spans Seiho Pond with your wishes.

4. Scenery reflected on the water surface

By not making the lighting too bright, you can see the scenery in its entirety, and you can choose and enjoy the colors that you like. It's also a good idea to capture your own favorite landscapes, such as the simple scenery and colors reflected in the pond, without being distracted by all the flashy lights.

So far, we have introduced the ideas and four emotional points of ``Heian Shrine NAKED 2023'', but what did you think?

“Heian Shrine NAKED Yorumode 2023” is not just an event. It is only through the participation of all participants that it becomes complete as art.

Become a part of the story woven by this festival of lights and enjoy the special time that colors Kyoto's nights with your own eyes!

May your travels be filled with wonderful experiences.

Planning | NAKED, INC.

“NAKED Yorumoude 2023 Heian Shrine”

Date: December 1st (Friday) - December 25th (Monday), 2023

Event time: 17:30-21:30 (last entry 20:50)

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