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Featured in the New York Times! 9 places to enjoy Yamaguchi City on a deeper level: coffee shops, oden restaurants, pottery studios, and more

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Yamaguchi City was chosen as one of the "52 places to visit in 2024" by the New York Times. The article said that "the winding alleys offer a variety of experiences," and featured coffee shops and pottery studios. We'll introduce you to some of the hottest spots you'll want to visit now!

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The New York Times of the United States announced "52 places to visit in 2024," and Yamaguchi City was selected as the third place. The article states that "Yamaguchi City is called the 'Kyoto of the West,' and has much less tourist pollution than Kyoto."

This time, we will introduce all the places featured in the New York Times article!

Check out the New York Times article here!

1. National Treasure Rurikoji Temple Five-Story Pagoda

The National Treasure Rurikoji Temple Five-Story Pagoda is a must-see spot in Yamaguchi City!
It has been treasured as a symbol of Yamaguchi City for about 600 years. Enjoy the seasonal scenery, from cherry blossoms in spring to snowy scenery in winter.
The article describes it as "stunning, with perfect gardens."

The park is undergoing renovation work until March 2026, and is covered with a curtain as shown in the photo (above). Although you can't see the five-story pagoda, you can still enjoy historical sites and seasonal flowers within the park. Why not take a leisurely stroll?

During the renovation work, various events will be held. This is the first major renovation in 70 years, so it might be a good opportunity to take a look!

For details on the "National Treasure Rurikoji Temple Five-Story Pagoda" click here

2. Mizunoue Kiln

Mizunoue Kiln is located on the grounds of Toshunji Temple. Ceramics such as plates and cups are lined up in a space surrounded by nature. The workshop, which was formerly a temple barn, has a new yet nostalgic atmosphere.

The pieces that are carefully crafted here are simple yet designed to be easy to use.

Craig Mod wrote that he felt like the ceramic artist Masui was a brother to him, and it is clear that he was attracted to Masui's warm personality.

We are closed on irregular days, so please contact us before visiting.

Click here for details on "Mizunoue Kiln"

Doshunji Temple

Located right next to the national treasure Rurikoji Five-Story Pagoda, "Toshunji" is an ancient temple that is also the family temple of Mori Motonari.
As you walk through the quaint grounds, you will come across the Mizunoue Kiln.

If you're lucky, you might get to meet the dog monk "Maru" or the goats relaxing in the temple grounds.

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A specialty store for home-roasted coffee. We offer "specialty coffee" that is thoroughly managed from production to distribution.

Located in the central shopping district of Yamaguchi City, many customers stop by during their shopping trip. You can enjoy takeout as well as eat-in inside the warm, wooden interior.

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4. COFFEEBOY Yamaguchi store

This coffee shop is run by a historic coffee bean specialty store that started as a coffee bean roasting factory in 1961. They have stores all over Yamaguchi Prefecture, and you can enjoy a different atmosphere depending on the location.

The Yamaguchi store is located in the central shopping district of Yamaguchi City, and is bustling with customers every day, from students to the elderly.
There is also a lush terrace in front of the shop, where you can enjoy our carefully selected coffee in a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Haraguchi Coffee

Haraguchi Coffee is a coffee shop where you can enjoy coffee carefully brewed one cup at a time using the cloth filter.

Located in a narrow alley, it has a nice hideaway-like atmosphere. Inside the restaurant there are several counter seats and four table seats. You can take a break during your trip in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Along with their carefully selected coffee, be sure to also try their cakes, scones, and coffee jellies.

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6. Kantaro Oden

Kantaro Oden is located in the drinking district of a shopping arcade. It is on a street that is bustling at night, lined with small restaurants, including Italian bars, izakayas, and okonomiyaki restaurants.
There are seven counter seats inside the restaurant. The laughter of the owner, Ms. Miura, and the delicious aroma of oden create a cozy atmosphere.

"Oden," as the restaurant's name suggests, is a stew that is a staple in winter in Japan. The lineup of ingredients is about 20 types, including daikon radish, konnyaku, tofu, sausages, and potatoes. The special broth is infused with a flavor that will have you coming back for more!
Please note that "Oden" is a limited item available from October to April!

Other menu items change daily and include Ms, Miura's special homemade dishes, such as sashimi, stir-fried dishes, meat dishes, and fish dishes.
You might even have a lively conversation with Ms. Miura and the other customers. Enjoy a drink and have a great time!

This restaurant has many regular customers, so we recommend making a reservation!

7. Yamaguchi Gion Festival

A traditional festival that has been going on for about 600 years. It is held every year from July 20th to 27th. Events include a portable shrine and a general citizen dance where about 2,000 citizens dance and parade around the city. There are also stalls set up, and it's a week where you can feel the "Japanese summer"!

"The better the people, the better the festival," Modo writes. (From

8. Ryufukuji Temple

For more information about Ryufukuji Temple, which was featured in the New York Times, please click here.
The scenery is spectacular in the autumn when the leaves change color, but we hope you enjoy the scenery in all four seasons too!

9. Yuda Onsen

Just one train stop away is the hot spring town of Yuda Onsen.
Check out the article below for more details!

Yamaguchi City Tourism Information Site "Sainokyo Yamaguchi"

"Nishi no Kyo Yamaguchi" is a website that introduces tourist information for Yamaguchi City, including sightseeing spots, experience information, accommodation, and gourmet food. Please use it as a reference!

Yamaguchi City Tourism Information Site "Sainokyo Yamaguchi"

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