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We asked a long-established izakaya in Oita about the most frequently ordered local dishes.

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Each region of Japan has its own specialty dishes. This time I would like to introduce a specialty dish from Oita Prefecture in northern Kyushu. If you have a chance to come to Oita Prefecture, please enjoy the delicious food of Oita Prefecture.

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Oita Prefecture

It is located in the northern part of Kyushu. The area is rich in hot spring resources such as Beppu Onsen and Yufuin Onsen.

In addition to hot springs, there are many sightseeing spots and experiences such as Kitsuki's "sandwich-shaped" castle town, Nakatsu's Maple Yama Cycling Road, Bungotakada's "Showa Town" and Usa Jingu Shrine.

The adjacent Bungo Channel to the east is a place where warm currents from the Pacific Ocean collide with cold, nutrient-rich currents, making the fish firmer and more delicious.

It is also blessed with great nature and spring water, including the Aso-Kuju National Park in the west, and is also home to a thriving agricultural industry. Oita Prefecture is a place where fish, meat, and vegetables are delicious.

Long-established izakaya KAMIFUSEN

Established in 1983, it is loved by people for its original dishes made with original ideas and using mainly local ingredients.

We offer local cuisine featuring Oita's specialties (Seki horse mackerel, Seki mackerel, Shiroka flounder, Ryukyu, Bungo beef, chicken tempura, and dango soup) with seasonal aromas and the chef's passion.

There are approximately 160 items on the menu, approximately 30 of which are Oita's local cuisine, so you are sure to find something that will please everyone.

Oita's most ordered local cuisine

The number of orders for seafood varies depending on people's tastes and the season, but the chicken tempura and dango soup are popular all year round and are the most ordered.


Toriten is chicken covered in tempura batter and fried.
Enjoy with mustard, KABOSU and ponzu sauce.

Dango soup

Dango soup is a dish in which flat noodles (dango) made from wheat flour are placed in a miso soup.
The soup contains seasonal vegetables such as burdock, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms. In the Oita region, there is little flatland, and in the past, rice could not be harvested as much as desired, so wheat cultivation was more popular.
In the past, it was an everyday home-cooked meal, but now it is cooked together during gatherings and festivals.
It is loved as a dish that creates a fun atmosphere.

Other popular seasonal dishes include spring cabbage Caesar salad, summer corn tempura, autumn salt-grilled shiitake mushrooms, and winter blowfish dishes.

What do you all think? Do you feel like trying some? If you come to any of these places, please enjoy the local specialties.

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In April 2018, the "Inbound Promotion Association OITA" was established as a collection of individuals and companies in Oita Prefecture that promote inbound tourism (travel by foreign visitors to Japan). Later, in July 2023, it was reorganized and renamed as the General Incorporated Association "Inbound National Promotion Council" and focused on four issues in the tourism industry: "Developing tourism human resources," "Discovering tourism materials and collecting information," and "Disseminating information and promoting." In order to solve the problem of "improving the receiving environment," we are developing various projects nationwide based on specific measures.

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