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Alpen NAGOYA, a large-scale general sports specialty store boasting one of the largest product lineups in Japan, will have its grand opening on March 29th!!

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Following on from Alpen TOKYO and Alpen FUKUOKA, Alpen NAGOYA, a flagship store, will open on Friday, March 29th, occupying six floors from the 1st to 5th basement floors of Nadia Park, a complex shopping facility located in Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. The store, with a total floo...

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Alpen NAGOYA is the third flagship store of the Alpen Group after Tokyo and Fukuoka! It boasts one of the largest product lineups in Japan.

[Floor layout]

B1F Golf 5 Flagship Store Nagoya Sakae

1F~3F Sports Depot Flagship Store Nagoya Sakae

4F~5F Alpen Outdoors Flagship Store Nagoya Sakae

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■Features of "Alpen NAGOYA"

①One of the largest sales floors in Japan with a rich selection of approximately 300,000 items

2. Experience-based stores that make purchases satisfying

3) Interior decoration that emphasizes the texture of real materials

④Expert staff are stationed at each sales floor

■B1F Golf 5 Flagship Store

Store introduction video

We have a wide selection of products, from golf clubs to clothing and accessories, and a sales staff system that supports product selection. Store facilities We have five club test stations, including a private room, a regular room, a women's room, and a used club test station, and we have the latest equipment for putter fitting. We aim to be the "holy land of golf" by supporting the golfing lives of all golfers, whether they are advanced, average, beginners, or female golfers.

[B1F Golf]

・The club corner has a selection of approximately 2,500 test clubs, including a wide variety of custom shafts.

-We have a wide selection of Majesty and Honma, which are popular overseas.

・We also carry all sizes and specifications of popular ladies' brands.

・The used club section has one of the largest selections in Japan, with over 5,000 clubs.

- Free club fitting by a fitter will help you find the perfect club to solve your problems.

・The apparel section will feature shop-in-shops such as PEARLY GATES, Callaway, Adidas, and New Balance.

・Beams Golf and United Arrows Golf will open at the same time. Golf 5 will also be selling its first Beams collaboration products.

- We carry a total of 64 brands of golf apparel and 33 brands of golf shoes.

■1F~3F Sports Depot Flagship Store

Store introduction video

We have an impressive selection of products to meet a variety of needs, from competitive sports to lifestyle. Our highly knowledgeable and specialized staff will help you choose the best product for you. Furthermore, our sales floor space allows you to feel the real competitive scene, providing a new purchasing experience that goes beyond the conventional concept of a sports store, and we aim to become a "holy land of sports."

[1F Running]

-From classic series of popular brands to top ranges, we have a selection of products that will satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced users.

- A wide range of popular brands such as Nike, Asics, On, and Hoka will be available at dedicated booths.

- We also carry rare running apparel from The North Face and On.

The sales floor is equipped with all-weather athletics paving material made by MONDO (Italy), an official World Association of Athletics Federations company, which is also used on the athletics track of the New National Stadium.

[1F Soccer]

- We have a wide selection of cleats, mainly from Asics, Nike, Adidas, and Puma, including the popular Mizuno "Morelia" series.

- We offer replica uniforms of over 30 teams, including popular names like Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain.

- A lamination service that allows you to create your own custom uniforms and other items in as little as 30 minutes.

The corners are made of artificial turf to resemble a pitch, and the space to try on cleats is the same as the benches in famous stadiums.

Recaro seats are installed, allowing you to try them on as if you were in the stadium.

[1F Basketball]

・When you enter the Sports Depot flagship store, you will find a sales floor where you can experience the world of basketball, with items tailored to each playing scene, including the NBA, street, and club activities.

A full lineup of Nike and Jordan brand shoes, GT series, LUKA and other limited edition shoes for competitive athletes to entry level shoes.

- In terms of NBA player signature models, we offer approximately 100 basketball shoe models in total from many brands, including Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, New Balance, and Li-Ning.

- For apparel, we have a selection of rare brands such as ARCH, which is only available at certain stores, and &RSON, produced by basketball YouTuber Tomoyan, as well as Alpen-exclusive brand collaboration products, Tigora x Actor, and Tigora x Beams.

- The flooring (North American hard maple) is the same as that used in NBA basketball courts, allowing customers to try on shoes in an environment that evokes the excitement of a playing scene.

[2F Men's, Women's and Kids' Apparel]

A dedicated ladies' section will be set up for popular fitness wear, with spacious fitting rooms and other features to create an environment that makes shopping easy for female customers.

- An overwhelming selection of approximately 40,000 items from 74 brands, ranging from highly functional training wear to everyday apparel that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle.

- Corners are available for famous brands such as Converse, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma, Oakley, New Era, and Champion.

- Baby-sized toys (under 100cm) are available, and there is also an educational game called "Alpen meets Think! Think!" which uses a large touch panel to develop children's thinking skills.

[3F Baseball/Softball]

・The gloves range from major brands, mainly Mizuno, and the apparel range includes major brands as well as brands such as OFF THE GAME and Baseballism.

We also carry a wide range of baseball sunglasses, catering to players of all ages and levels.

・The MLB section will have a wide selection of baseball-related goods, including replicas and merchandise of the Chunichi Dragons.

・We have introduced Barudan sewing machines, which are capable of all kinds of processing, including shaping and embroidery on gloves and spikes, making it possible to produce original gear.

- A former professional baseball player with extensive product knowledge is always on hand to assist customers with their shopping.

[3F Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis]

・We have over 100 tennis rackets for you to try out. We also provide a rental service for the rackets so you can try them out for yourself.

You can purchase products after checking the product information.

・Equipped with a swing weight machine, the weight and balance of the racket can be measured in 5 seconds, and individual differences in the same series can be quantified and

We will suggest products with performance similar to that of your existing racket and help you choose products that suit your needs.

- You can try on 160 tennis shoes from a total of 9 brands.

Experience the real thing at our sales floor, which uses the same "DecoTurf" hard court flooring as the tennis courts at Ariake Tennis Forest Park.

[3F Volleyball]

-A comprehensive selection of over 6,000 items from 12 brands, including major brands such as Asics and Mizuno.

・Alpen's first offering of "Oriental Witches" and the hot new brand "ALST" will also be available for purchase. There will also be many Alpen limited products in collaboration with other companies, such as Alpen NAGOYA limited wear.

[3F Handball]

-One of the largest handball corners in Japan, with a selection of approximately 3,000 items.

・SALMING, Kempa, and plavision, brands that are rarely available in Japan, will also be available for the first time as part of the Alpen Group.

The sales floor will feature the "Hummel" and "TRANSISTAR" brand corners, as well as a product lineup and sales floor presentation unique to a flagship store.

[3F Rugby]

・Popular Japan national team and All Blacks merchandise on sale

- A full range of approximately 1,500 items including cleats, balls and headgear for athletes

■4-5F Alpen Outdoors Flagship Store

Store introduction video

We have a wide selection of 111 brands, including major brands such as The North Face, Snow Peak, and Coleman, as well as garage brands that are not available in many stores. We also have a wide selection of trekking and outdoor apparel, and aim to be the "holy land of the outdoors" by stocking a wide range of outdoor items to meet the various needs of our customers.

[4F Outdoor apparel, trekking, marine casual]

In addition to The North Face, the sales corners for Patagonia and Columbia will be the largest in the history of the Alpen Group.

-We have a wide selection of trekking items for various occasions, such as day hikes and overnight stays in mountain huts.

- Marine items are also available from brands such as Quiksilver, ROXY, and Billabong.

[5F Camping Equipment/Seasonal Display]

・The Snow Peak corner will be the first in Japan to launch the new in-store type business "LAND BASE." The wide space will feature multiple tents and shelters, as well as apparel items that will be on par with those in directly managed stores, creating the world of Snow Peak.

・A lineup of "LAND BASE" exclusive products that are not available at regular Snow Peak stores will be available. A new food line, "Camper's Table," will also be available. The store will also focus on after-sales service for products, and will handle repairs and maintenance that cannot be handled at Snow Peak stores or LANDSTATION. In addition, events will be held regularly, providing Snow Peak's value through "things" and "experiences."

・The Coleman corner will have a museum-like sales floor where you can experience the brand's history. We will also have rare items such as combustion appliances that are only available at "Alpen NAGOYA" in Japan and the "Black Series" that can only be purchased here and not at our directly managed stores.

- The store offers a realistic in-store experience with sales areas divided into "LIVing," "DINing," and "SLEEPing" scenes that evoke the outdoor world.

・Alpen Outdoors has a popular "tent test corner" where you can test out all the tents in the store.

- We will be able to display and accept orders for the new 2024-2025 ski and snowboard models as quickly as possible.

- We are fully equipped with foot measuring devices for winter boots and trekking boots, so we can diagnose the best items for each individual.

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Participating stores: Alpen NAGOYA, Alpen TOKYO, Alpen FUKUOKA and duty-free stores nationwide

・Expiration date: December 31, 2024

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・For tax exemption, the purchaser's ID/passport/transit card/etc.

(Proof of being a tourist visiting Japan) is required

It will be.

■Store Information

Store name: Alpen NAGOYA

Address: 3-18-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, 460-0008

Nearest station: Subway Higashiyama Line "Sakae Station" 7 minutes walk south from exit S7a or S7b Subway Meijo Line "Yabacho Station" 5 minutes walk west from exit 6

Business hours: 10:30~20:00

Opening date: Friday, March 29, 2024

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AlpenGroup operates retail stores for sports and leisure goods. ``SPORTS DEPO'', a general sports shop, ``Alpen Outdoors'', an outdoor specialty store, and ``GOLF5'', a golf specialty store, are open nationwide, offering sporting goods from famous sports brands as well as highly fashionable apparel and shoes. We offer a wide selection of products and services that will satisfy all sports enthusiasts.

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