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Yonpachi dango made with the mysterious rice “Yonpachi rice” at the foot of the Southern Alps is exquisite! Handmade Japanese and Western sweets Akizuki 🍡🍰🍮

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At the foot of the Southern Alps, the Yonpachi dango made with the mythical "Yonpachi rice" is delicious! Handmade Japanese and Western sweets Akizuki 🍡🍰🍮

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Handmade Japanese and Western sweets Akizuki

A Japanese and Western confectionery shop in Takekawa-cho, Hokuto City, beloved by locals.

The owner himself makes delicious cakes and desserts using local ingredients. 👨🏻‍🍳✨

The store's showcase is lined with adorable cakes, dumplings, manju, and more.

A Japanese and Western confectionery shop beloved by locals for its warm, homey atmosphere.

Japanese sweets

(Yonpachi dango, Kusamochi, Kashiwamochi, Kaikoma monaka, red rice, offering rice cakes, offering rice cakes, Kirimochi, Isshomochi)

Western sweets

(Yonpachi pudding, cake, cream puffs)

The famous Yonpachi dango made from Takeda rice (Norin 48: commonly known as Yonpachi rice) produced in Takekawa-cho, Hokuto City is a delicious and popular item. It may sell out in the afternoon. Be careful!

The rice balls are soft and melt in your mouth. The rice and sweet soy sauce go perfectly together. Enjoy the aroma as you eat.

They also have a wide selection of seasonal jellies and buns. They're all delicious!

Looking around the store, you'll also find a corner dedicated to the Super Cub anime, which is set in Hokuto City.

The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Kashiwagi, were very friendly and warmly welcomed us.

This Japanese and Western confectionery shop is located about 100m on the prefectural road from the "Makihara" traffic light on National Route 20.

Japanese and Western sweets Akizuki

📍 2143-31, Mibuki, Takekawa-cho, Yamanashi, Hokuto, 408-0301

⏰ Business hours: 9:00 - 19:00

🚫 Closed on Sundays

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It is located in the northwest of Yamanashi Prefecture, on the border with Nagano Prefecture. It is a vast area surrounded by 3,000m-class mountains such as the Yatsugatake Mountains, the Southern Alps, and Mt. Kinpu, and overlooking Mt. Fuji to the south. It is about a two-hour drive from Tokyo, about an hour from Mt. Fuji, and about an hour from Matsumoto, and is easily accessible, so many tourists visit throughout the year. It is also known as a "village of famous water," and three places have been selected as one of Japan's 100 famous water sources. This bounty of water is loved as natural water, and the area boasts one of the largest production volumes of mineral water in Japan. Sake is also produced from the pure water, and you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery and rich food.

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