Not just Hida beef! If you come to Gero, you should try the Hida brand pork [Nattoku Pork] born in Gero.

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"Nattoku pork" is born in Gero city in the Hida region of Gifu prefecture, and is raised in the nature-rich land of Gero, where it is fed natto. If you are traveling to the Hida region or Gero city, be sure to enjoy the exquisite flavor and tenderness of this meat.

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When you think of the gourmet food of the Hida region, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is probably "Hida beef."

Of course, Hida beef is a must-try, but if you are visiting the Hida region, especially Gero Onsen, be sure to try the "Nattoku Pork" that is a Gero specialty!

In this article, we will introduce the brand of pork that Gero City, famous as one of Japan's three most famous hot springs, is so proud of.

What is "Nattoku Pig" that was raised on natto?

This is a new brand of pork that was created through collaboration between local pig farmers and butchers, with the aim of revitalizing the local area.

"Nattoku pork" is written in kanji as "natto-eating pork." As the kanji suggests, "Nattoku pork" is raised on a diet of natto. Natto is a fermented food made from soybeans, and is a part of Japan's traditional food culture.

The effects of natto improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines, helping the pigs grow up healthier. This pork is raised in the naturally rich Gero region, with particular attention paid to the water, feed, and environment.

Characteristics of Nattoku Pork

As mentioned above, one of the main features of Nattoku pork is that it is raised on a diet of natto, but what is particularly noteworthy is the high-quality meat. The meat is tender, with no unpleasant fat. Another attractive feature is that it has little odor, allowing you to enjoy the natural umami and sweetness of pork.

In addition, because the cattle are raised on feed rich in vitamin E, their meat stays fresh for a long time.

If you want to eat Nattoku Pork in Gero Onsen Town, here are 3 places we recommend!

1. The creator of Nattoku Pork! Yushimaan, a local butcher shop

Located in the hot spring town of Gero, Yushimaan takes advantage of the fact that it is a butcher shop to serve sushi with pork ribs. They also offer a three-piece set of lean and marbled Hida beef, so you can easily enjoy Hida's proud brand beef and brand pork together. It's easy to eat on the go, so please stop by for a break or to accompany your stroll around the hot spring town.

2. If you want to enjoy Gero's local cuisine, including Nattoku Pork, then come to Utagekura

"Utagekura" is a restaurant that serves various regional dishes using local ingredients. In addition to the famous Hida beef dishes, the Hida region also offers a variety of dishes using Nattoku pork. Among them, the tonteki highlights the natural umami and sweetness of the pork and is recommended for those who want to enjoy Nattoku pork. You can also enjoy Gero's unique food culture, such as Keichan.

3. Enjoy Nattoku Pork Lunch at Gero's Long-Established Ryokan, "Suimeikan"

Suimeikan, a long-established inn located right next to Gero Station, offers lunch menus using Nattoku pork at its European restaurant "Baden Baden" and Chinese restaurant "Ryuyuri."

At "Baden Baden" we serve a hamburger made with Nattoku pork cutlet. We only serve 20 of these per day, along with the Hida beef hamburger. At "Ryuyuri" you can enjoy it as a popular tantanmen.

Choose from Western or Chinese cuisine to suit your tastes and mood and enjoy our delicious pork.

After lunch, you can also enjoy a day trip to Gero Onsen, which boasts high-quality spring water. If you dine-in, you can enjoy a discounted rate.

We have a variety of accommodation plans available, so please stop by Suimeikan when you visit Gero.

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