The appeal of products that can only be made by "soil" that convey plastering techniques from a different angle

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The Nagamachi Samurai Residences site is where old earthen walls and stone-paved alleys remain, along with a row of grand samurai residences. The soil flagship shop is located in an area that still maintains its quaint scenery.

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Plastering techniques play an important role in the construction industry, and soil Co., Ltd. produces products using plastering techniques and diatomaceous earth. Based on the idea of ​​"producing a wide variety of products in small quantities so that they can be used for a long time, rather than mass-producing and mass-consuming," each product is handmade with a simple design that can fit in any location.

We spoke with CEO Isurugi about the appeal of the "soil flagship shop" and the stories behind product development.

Use diatomaceous earth in your everyday life.

The products of the "soil flagship shop" are characterized by "plastering techniques" and "diatomaceous earth." Diatomaceous earth has excellent moisture retention and water absorption properties, and is also attracting attention as a breathable material.

Plastering is the technique of using a trowel to apply clay or cement to walls and floors to finish them.

The space was created using the advanced plastering techniques that support soil, and since September 2021 has stocked all products made with diatomaceous earth, providing a place where you can enjoy the entire brand.

"When there are a lot of products, some people don't need them, but others want them." Our carefully crafted products come in handy in everyday life.

Diatomaceous earth bath mat with strong suction power that can only be made with soil

Diatomaceous earth bath mats are a representative product of soil. They are excellent products that quickly absorb moisture from the soles of your feet and dry naturally over time.

soil is the leader in diatomaceous earth bath mats, and while there are many similar products, the appeal is in the unique manufacturing process that only soil can make. By reducing the proportion of diatomaceous earth, the mat becomes stronger and less likely to break, but its ability to absorb moisture weakens.

However, due to soil's unique material blend, its suction power and resistance to breaking are different from other products. When the product was developed, it was initially made 1 cm thick, but after adjustments to reinforce its strength, it became 3 cm thick. The thickness and amount of diatomaceous earth were carefully considered. This is the diatomaceous earth bath mat that only soil can make.

Plastering skills are indispensable

From the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the Edo period, plastering techniques developed into full-scale coating finishes for clay walls and plaster, and the skills cultivated through history and tradition have been handed down. soil originated from Isurugi, which has been in the plastering business in Toyama since the Edo period and was founded in Kanazawa in 1917 (Taisho 6) by Isurugi Hanshichi IV.

Since our founding more than 100 years ago, we have been involved in a wide range of construction work as a "group of finishing specialists" boasting highly advanced skills.

Soil Co., Ltd., which operates the "soil flagship shop," was established as a business division of Isurugi Co., Ltd. Soil's products are also connected to disseminating the appeal of plastering techniques.

A new approach to conveying the quality of plastering techniques

In addition to various products that utilize diatomaceous earth, there are also products that are beautifully expressed using techniques unique to plastering arts.

FLOWER VASE is made using an artificial stone polishing technique that allows the natural color of the stone to be expressed in a rich way. Plastering techniques are used according to the product.

This is expressed using a technique unique to soil, such as a "finish that makes the most of the texture" created by using a washing technique, and "plastering inlay," which beautifully paints the materials.

A message that can only be conveyed at a directly managed store.

soil products are sold in stores all over the country. You're sure to find one in your area. However, we recommend visiting the soil flagship shop, which is a directly managed store.

The soil flagship shop is the only place where you can find all of the more than 100 items. Another unique attraction is that you can get a passionate explanation of each product.

This cute coaster features Hyakuman-san, the tourism mascot character for Ishikawa Prefecture. This is a limited edition item available only at the soil flagship shop.

Here's another product designed by Hyakuman.

This product has a strong deodorizing effect, combining diatomaceous earth with incineration ash and recycled ash from the paper manufacturing process. Simply place it in places where odors and humidity tend to build up, such as shoe boxes, and you can expect a deodorizing effect.

"soil flagship shop" is a collection of products that can only be made using plastering techniques, and in addition to their high performance, the items are simple yet somehow warm, making them very appealing.

Please be sure to visit it.

soil flagship shop

Phone: 076-201-8603

Address: 1-3-18 Nagamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Access: 15 minutes on foot from Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa / 5 minutes on foot from the "Korinbo" bus stop


SNS: *Please check the link above for details on business hours and closing days.

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