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Take a ride on one of only three small trains in Japan! How to get to "Ageki"

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How to get to "Ageki" in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture. Enjoy a relaxing train ride aboard a small carriage, one of only three in Japan.

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Inabe City is located in the northernmost part of Mie Prefecture.
The Ageki area, the center of Inabe City, is a hot topic that mixes old streetscapes with new ventures and is currently gaining attention from young people in Japan.
Ageki can be accessed from Nagoya by public transportation.
I hope you will read this article and visit Ageki.

First, go from Nagoya to Kuwana

First, head to Kuwana Station in Mie Prefecture from Nagoya Station.
You can access it by either JR or Kintetsu Rai;way. Either way, you will arrive at the same station.

In the case of JR

It takes about 30 minutes from Nagoya Station to Kuwana Station on the Kansai Line.
Please note that limited express trains incur an express surcharge.
The fare is 360 yen. (As of June 2024)

In the case of Kintetsu Railway

Take the Nagoya Line from Kintetsu Nagoya Station to Kuwana Station.
Approximately 20 minutes by Express train.
Limited express trains incur an additional charge, while Semi-express and local trains take 40 to 50 minutes, so we recommend taking an Express train.
The fare is 530 yen (as of June 2024)

From Kuwana to Ageki on a small train

After exiting the ticket gates at Kuwana Station, turn left.

Walk towards the east exit and go down the stairs on the right at the end.

Go down the stairs and you will see the bus stop.
Passing the bus stop, we go further in.

Nishikuwana Station comes into view.
This station is the starting point of the Sangi Railway Hokusei Line, which goes to Ageki.

The Sangi Railway Hokusei Line use "narrow gauge tracks", which are narrower than usual.
Also known as the "matchbox train," these small, retro trains still run on the line.
There are only three trains of this size in Japan.

The line is a straight line, so you can basically take any train, but some trains don't go all the way to the final stop, Ageki, so be sure to check the destination signs next to the ticket gates.

IC cards cannot be used on this route.
Use the ticket machine to purchase a ticket to Ageki Station.
The fare from Kuwana Station to Ageki Station is 510 yen (as of June 2024).

It takes 54 minutes to reach Ageki.
I hope you enjoy your journey on a slow local train.
The stations along the line have cute retro station buildings, and there are also spots from which you can enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful mountains.

When you reach the final stop at Ageki, you realize you're getting quite close to the mountain.
The town of Ageki, which spreads out from the station, has seen a new wind blowing through it in recent years, and you can feel the warm connections between people of all generations.

If you are planning a stroll around Ageki, please also refer to the article below.

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Inabe City is located at the foot of the Suzuka Mountains in the northern part of Mie Prefecture. Green Creative Inabe, a town development corporation, produces various projects in Inabe. The people living in Inabe are connected through town development. Beautiful nature at the foot of the mountain and various daily scenery. We will coordinate and deliver to you the food and experiences unique to this region, as well as the charm of our town. We will help make your Inabe trip even more fulfilling.

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