Wear a yukata and take photos at SHIBUYA SKY! Capture My Japan launches a new limited-time plan

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Why not try wearing a traditional Japanese yukata and have your photo taken by a professional photographer at SHIBUYA SKY, a popular tourist spot with a spectacular view of the big city? Capture My Japan is introducing a new, limited-time special plan. It's a must-see for anyone visiting Japan this ...

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" Capture My Japan " is a photography service for tourists visiting Japan from overseas, provided by Lovegraph Co., Ltd , one of Japan's largest on-location photography session businesses.

Our photographers can speak English, Chinese, Korean, etc. We guarantee a high level of hospitality and photography expertise, so you can feel at ease when shooting.

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Take a commemorative photo at SHIBUYA SKY

Photo by Haru Momooka<br>

Photo by Haru Momooka

SHIBUYA SKY is an observation deck located on the roof of Shibuya Scramble Square, the tallest building in Shibuya. It is made up of three zones: SKY GATE, a transitional space from the 14th to 45th floors, SKY GALLERY, an indoor observation corridor on the 46th floor, and SKY STAGE, a rooftop observation space. There are also cafes and souvenir shops, so it is a facility that you are sure to enjoy.

It's also a very popular photo spot, with many people taking commemorative photos every day with the big city of Tokyo in the background.

For a limited time, SHIBUYA SKY will be offering a special plan where you can have a professional take your photo in a traditional Japanese yukata.

What is Yukata?

Photo by gina<br>

Photo by gina

Have you heard of the traditional Japanese costume, "yukata"?

The history of the yukata is said to date back 1,300 years, originally worn by aristocrats when taking steam baths, then it became popular as a nightgown, and later changed to be worn outside.

In modern times, yukata continue to evolve; not only are there traditional classic patterns, but there are also yukata with vibrant patterns and colors, and famous apparel brands sell yukata.

Photo by dedede<br>
Photo by dedede

The well-known kimono, a traditional Japanese garment, is often worn on formal occasions such as weddings and parties, while the yukata has become established as a casual garment to wear during the hot summer months.

Fewer Japanese people wear yukata as everyday clothing, but many still wear them at events such as summer festivals and fireworks displays.

Yukatas are designed to be comfortable to wear even in the hot Japanese summer, so we recommend sightseeing in Japan in a yukata.

Limited time only yukata photo shoot plan

Capture My Japan Yukata Plan Official Website<br>

Capture My Japan Yukata Plan Official Website

This time, Capture My Japan is introducing a new plan where you can wear a yukata and have your photo taken at SHIBUYA SKY! This special plan has been made possible through a partnership between SHIBUYA SKY and kimono rental company VASARA .

This offer is only available from July 1st to July 20th , so don't miss out!

This premium plan includes a 30-minute to 1-hour photoshoot by a Capture My Japan professional photographer, admission to SHIBUYA SKY, and VASARA yukata rental and dressing .

Leave your yukata dressing to VASARA<br>
Leave your yukata dressing to VASARA

Even for Japanese people who are not used to wearing yukata, it can be difficult to put them on, but you can rest assured that VASARA stores will help you put them on.

The price is ¥27,390 (tax included) for one person and ¥54,780 (tax included) for two people. (Additional fees apply for three or more people.)

After taking photos at SHIBIUYA SKY, you can go sightseeing in your yukata until it's time to return it!

After the shoot, we went sightseeing in Tokyo wearing yukatas!!<br>
After the shoot, we went sightseeing in Tokyo wearing yukatas!!

Examples of SHIBUYA SKY × Yukata

Use Capture My Japan's Yukata Plan for your Tokyo sightseeing

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo this summer or considering visiting SHIBUYA SKY, be sure to consider using Capture My Japan's yukata photo shoot plan .

With Capture My Japan, you can communicate with English-speaking photographers while taking photos, so even if you are not confident in your Japanese, you can still use the service. The photographers will be happy to answer any questions you may have, even if they are minor.

Yukata can only be worn during the summer, so why not visit SHIBUYA SKY wearing a yukata this summer and experience both traditional and modern Japan at the same time?

Official website: https://capturemy.jp/shibuya-sky-yukata-premium-photo/jp

Apply for the limited time SHIBUYA SKY Yukata photo shoot plan

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"Capture My Japan " is a photography service for tourists visiting Japan from overseas by Lovegraph Co., Ltd, which operates one of Japan's largest on- location photography session businesses. Would you like to capture yourself along with the beautiful scenery of Japan with a professional photographer? You can experience shooting at your favorite travel destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Capture My Japan's photographers have bases all over the country and can handle shooting in a wide range of areas. We have photographers who have passed a strict screening process, so you can leave your shooting to us with confidence! Japanese photographers who have a good understanding of each region will take care of your needs. Why not leave your memories of your trip to Japan together in a wonderful way?

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