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A Guide To A Hearty Meal Under 500 Yen In Japan!

A Guide To A Hearty Meal Under 500 Yen In Japan!
  • A Guide To A Hearty Meal Under 500 Yen In Japan!

Written by Nupur Jena

2017.02.23 Bookmark

Fancy a delicious meal but want to stick to a strict budget? This article highlights different ways to have a hearty meal, some for under 500 yen! Take a look.

A full day's adventure in Japan means that you will need to have lots of energy to roam about and explore. Many visitors have a good knowledge of Japanese cuisine and find it easy to eat on the go or have a peaceful meal in a restaurant. But for travelers who have little time to spare for a day trip or who have limited knowledge of various cuisines, a hearty meal under 500 yen saves time and money. In this article let’s go through the ways you can have a meal under 500 yen!

Convenience Stores

A Guide to have a hearty meal under 500 yen in Japan!

Convenience stores, known as konbini in Japanese, live up to their name by having on-the-go snacks and other deli options. Convenience stores make and sell their own original brand onigiri rice balls (100 yen-200 yen each), bento lunch boxes (380-600 yen), fried foods, and sweets.

There is little difference between konbini foods and the menus of reasonably-priced restaurants in Japan in terms of price, quality and taste. They also sell instant foods such as cup noodles, sandwiches, buns and rolls, and even custards. Usually, hot water is available at convenience stores for free, so cup noodles can be eaten right away.

Sometimes tables and chairs are arranged inside or outside the store for customers to use as well. Japanese instant food is amazing. In addition, the quality and flavor of their original blend coffee will surprise you. Coffee, juices, teas, chocolates can be brought from 100 yen and up too. This is a wonderful option for people in a rush.

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