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20 Best Food Souvenirs From Japan - Take Home Famous And Tasty Snacks

20 Best Food Souvenirs From Japan - Take Home Famous And Tasty Snacks

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Mayu

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Looking for food souvenirs to buy in Japan? This article recommends twenty snacks and sweets found in Tokyo and all over Japan, with classic and delicious flavors sure to please friends, family, and co-workers.

Top Food Souvenirs to Buy in Japan

When traveling around Japan, food and snacks are must-get items for souvenirs from your trip. In addition to their delicious flavors, many snacks have cute packaging that makes them wonderful gifts.

In this article, we introduce twenty popular and delicious food souvenirs and treats to purchase in Japan to take home, from traditional sweets to miso soup and cooking condiments.

Japanese Snacks

1. Candy

japanese candy

Picture from A Happy Time With Japanese Traditional Sweets In Jindaiji Temple

Price: 300 - 500 yen

Aside from candies sold at convenience stores, there are traditional candies such as konpeito sugar candy or the long-selling favorite Kintaro candy that has been enjoyed for ages in Japan.

All of them are very colorful and visually appealing.

2. Matcha Green Tea Flavored Snacks

Picture from 9 Souvenir Sweets To Get At Convenience Stores And Supermarkets!

Price: 100 - 500 yen

Matcha (powdered green tea) flavored snacks are especially popular among visitors from overseas. They are filled with the slightly bitter, but deep and delicious flavors of green tea.

In Japan, the amount of matcha-infused candy, desserts, and snacks will leave you astounded. At most supermarkets and convenience stores, you can find matcha green tea flavored caramels, cookies, and chocolates available at any given time of the year. The matcha green tea KitKat is especially popular among travelers and can be purchased at stores nationwide.

3. Potato Chips

Japanese potato chips

Picture from Taste The Flavors Of Japan Through Potato Chips?!

Price: 100 - 300 yen

There are many potato chips flavors exclusive to Japan. Some international visitors enjoy stocking up on many of these unique flavored chips to take home with them. The most popular flavors include seaweed and salt, pizza-flavored potato chips and the Jagarico potato sticks. You can even find matcha-infused chips, as well as seasonal flavors.

Being low cost and light in weight, Japanese potato chips make great souvenirs to give to friends. Look for the Calbee or Koikeya brands which are known for their excellent flavor and quality.

4. Tokyo Banana

tokyo banana

Picture from Japanese Sweets Exclusive To Tokyo Station? 5 Fun Tokyo Souvenirs!

Price: 300 - 500 yen

There are plenty of regional Japanese snacks that can only be bought in those particular areas of Japan. One example is the Tokyo Banana, a sweet banana-shaped snack filled with custard. They come in a variety of flavors, including a special edition for the Olympics.

One of the best places to find Tokyo Banana is at train stations; head to JR Ueno Station to find an adorable panda-themed Tokyo Banana at the souvenir shop stands there.

5. Yokan


Picture from Sensoji, Asakusa: Top 6 Food Selections

Price: 300 - 500 yen

Yokan is a traditional Japanese confectionery where sugar and beans are mixed together into a paste, then hardened. It is usually enjoyed with green tea. Ones that are not made with beans and instead with sweet potato are called imo youkan. Funawa, a shop along Asakusa's Nakamise street, is well known for their delicious imo youkan.

6. Senbei Rice Crackers

senbei rice crackers

Picture from Make Rice Crackers At Yamako Senbei's "Soka Senbei Garden" In Saitama!

Price: 300 - 500 yen

You can find senbei rice crackers internationally, but the ones you can find in Japan are slightly larger and come in many flavors such as soy sauce, green tea, and sugar. The crispy texture is very satisfying.

If you buy senbei rice crackers in Japan, you may be surprised at their high quality and flavor. You can buy them at convenience stores and supermarkets, but there are many dedicated shops selling homemade senbei: be sure to check these out too and buy some one-of-a-kind crackers.

7. Dorayaki


Picture from The Best Dorayaki in Japan! Usagiya in Ueno

Price: 100 - 300 yen

Dorayaki is a Japanese confectionery where anko red bean paste is sandwiched between two small pancakes. It is a delightful treat that goes well with green tea and coffee.

The pancake used for the dorayaki is fluffier than standard pancakes. Depending on the shop, the red bean and pancakes can be different, so visit a couple of different shops to find your favorite flavor and texture.

8. Karinto


Picture from “Karin Karin” Sweets Store: More than 20 Kinds of Flavors

Price: 300 - 500 yen

Karinto is a classic Japanese snack made from fried dough that has been coated in brown sugar and dried. It is a very crispy snack that goes well with tea or coffee. It is very sweet and is enjoyed by both young and old people.

9. Wasanbon


Picture from Five Souvenirs To Check Out At The Kanazawa Station Mall

Price: 500 - 1,000 yen

Wasanbon is a sweet confectionery using high-quality wasanbon sugar that has been solidified into shapes of flowers and fans.

This candy-like confectionery is not only pretty, but it has a gentle sweetness. The pieces almost melt right in your mouth and are a real treat. At times they are even served during tea ceremonies.

Wasanbon are often found at Japanese confectionery stores in department stores.

Seasonings to Buy in Japan

1. Yuzu Kosho

Price: Around 500 yen

Yuzu kosho is especially popular for adding flavor to salads, pasta, and other western dishes.

It is a seasoning that is frequently used in the Kyushu Region. It is a paste made using yuzu citrus and chili peppers as the main ingredients; the refreshing taste with a hint of spice makes it flavorful and popular around the world. You can find yuzu kosho in Japanese supermarkets in the seasonings section.

2. Shichimi

Picture from 9 Common Condiments Used In Japanese Cuisine

Price: Around 300 yen

Shichimi is a mix of spices such as sansho pepper, sesame, chili pepper that has been blended and is used as toppings for udon or soba noodles. There are many people who find this distinctive aroma quite addictive. The shichimi pepper from Yawataya Isogoro in Nagano comes in beautiful packaging that makes it a perfect souvenir.

3. Wasabi

Picture fromJapanese Encyclopedia: Wasabi

Price: 300 -1,000 yen

For those who like sushi and sashimi, try wasabi while in Japan.

The wasabi from Shizuoka Prefecture is a specialty and highly recommended. There are many products such as fresh wasabi in a squeeze tube, which allows you to taste the real flavor of wasabi.

You can find wasabi from Shizuoka even outside the prefecture. Look for it at supermarkets and at department stores.

4. Edible Rayu

Price: Around 300 yen

Edible rayu chili oil is a liquid seasoning originally used in Chinese restaurants. Around ten years ago, a Japanese company made rayu with a moderate spice level to it and fried garlic in it. It is a seasoning that contains many ingredients and is used in many households.

There are several ways to use edible rayu chili oil. Some people put it on rice, ramen, pasta, or even use it in fried rice. This would be a great gift for someone who likes spicy food.

5. Miso and Instant Miso Soup

miso soup

Picture from How To Make Instant Miso Soup

Price: 300 - 500 yen

Miso paste already mixed with soup stock is a convenient way of making your own miso soup at home - all you need is hot water and toppings. There are also instant miso soup cups that contain freeze-dried toppings, like onion and tofu as well. To enjoy these pre-prepared soups just add hot water.

You can find miso paste or instant miso soup cups in supermarkets all over Japan.

6. Japanese Mayonnaise

Price: 200-300 yen

Known for its rich flavor, Kewpie Mayonnaise can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores. Used to top takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and other hearty dishes, it has a distinctly different taste than western mayonnaises and is worth a try.

7. Bulldog Sauce

Price: 200 - 500 yen

The Worcestershire sauce, chuno sauce, and tonkatsu sauces by the Bulldog brand are all popular seasonings people living in and outside Japan. They can be found in any supermarket for a reasonable price.

Many people use Worcestershire sauce for yakisoba noodles or okonomiyaki, chuno sauce for potato croquettes, and tonkatsu sauce for tonkatsu. These sauces are free of additives and the chuno sauce is suitable for vegetarians as well.

Other Foods to Find in Japan

1. Cup Noodles

Picture from Slurp Some Noodle History at the Osaka Instant Ramen Museum

Price: 100 - 300 yen

Cup noodles that are sold at many supermarkets around the world all originated from Japan. Instant noodles in Japan come in ramen, udon, soba, yakisoba, and pasta varieties. They are all very simple to make--just add hot water.

If you find a flavor that suits your palate while staying in Japan, why not take back a few home with you?

2. Rice

japanese rice

Picture from Find Otaku Packaging In Unexpected Places! From Rice To Razors and More! (Japanese)

Price per 2 kg: 1,000 - 3,000 yen

Japanese rice is known for its sweetness and depth of flavor. Typical Japanese rice is shorter than long-grain varieties like Jasmine and Basmati and has a slightly sticky texture when cooked.

Some of the most famous brands of rice in Japan are Koshihikari, Akitakomachi, Sasanishiki, and Hitomebore. There are many brand-named rice from various regions, such as Shichijomai, as well. Each type of rice is harvested from a different area in Japan and has its own unique flavor.

If you find a type of rice that you may want to bring back as a souvenir, a small 1 kg or 2 kg bag is our recommended size to take back.

Japanese Alcohol

1. Sake

Picture from Buy Fresh Sake At Nihon Sakari In Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station, Hyogo

Price: 1,500 -10,000 yen

Japanese sake can get very expensive overseas due to shipping and import taxes, however, purchasing it in Japan can save you money.

Sake comes in many sizes, from small bottles around 360 ml or the standard large 1800 ml bottles. You can find them in liquor stores, department stores, or the alcohol section in supermarkets. The selection varies by region and type.

Perhaps you can buy a few small bottles of Japanese sake and do a sake tasting party back home.

2. Umeshu Plum Wine

Picture from Taste 100 Types Of Umeshu Plum Wine At "Tenman Tenjin Umeshu Fes" In Osaka (Japanese)
Price: 1,000 - 3000 yen

Umeshu, or plum wine, has a rich, sweet and fruity quality that makes it a great souvenir for those who like sweeter liquors. Umeshu can be found in liquor stores, supermarkets, and even the convenience stores.

Authentic plum wine is hard to find outside of Japan at low prices, so this is a must-buy for those looking for a slightly sugary adult beverage to enjoy.

Take the Best Japanese Flavors Back Home with You

Japan is full of delicious treats that please and satisfy all. Don't forget to take back these classic snacks as souvenirs and continue to enjoy the unique flavors.

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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