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The 20 Tastiest And Most Popular Souvenirs From Japan

The 20 Tastiest And Most Popular Souvenirs From Japan

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Would you like to buy food souvenirs from Japan? Please refer to this detailed list of recommended products that are light to carry, very delicious and representative of Japanese cuisine when looking for souvenirs for friends, family and co-workers.

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Mayu

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Food Souvenirs from Japan

When traveling to Japan, food is a must-get item as a souvenir from your trip. Many snacks and condiments have cute packaging that makes them wonderful souvenirs. In this article, we made a collection of foods that international visitors like to purchase in Japan.

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Japanese Snacks

1. Candy

From A Happy Time With Japanese Traditional Sweets In Jindaiji Temple

Price: 300-500 yen

Aside from candies sold at convenience stores, there are traditional candies such as konpeito sugar candy or the long-selling favorite Kintaro candy that has been enjoyed for ages in Japan.

All of them are very colorful and visually appealing.

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2. Matcha Green Tea Flavored Snacks

From 9 Souvenir Sweets To Get At Convenience Stores And Supermarkets!

Price: 100-500 Yen

Matcha green tea flavored snacks are especially popular among visitors from overseas.

There are plenty of matcha green tea flavored caramels, cookies, and chocolates available in supermarkets and convenience stores. The matcha green tea KitKat is especially popular among travelers.

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3. Potato Chips

From Taste The Flavors Of Japan Through Potato Chips?!

Price: 100-300 yen

There are many potato chips flavors that can only be found in Japan. Some international visitors enjoy stocking up on many of these unique flavored chips to take home with them. The most popular flavors include seaweed and salt, pizza-flavored potato chips and the Jagarico potato sticks. Being low cost and light in weight, they make great souvenirs to give to friends.

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4. Regional Snacks Like Tokyo Banana

From Japanese Sweets Exclusive To Tokyo Station? 5 Fun Tokyo Souvenirs!

Price: 300-500 yen

There are plenty of regional Japanese snacks that can only be bought in those particular areas of Japan. For instance, the Tokyo Banana is one of the snacks that represents Tokyo. The packaging for regional snacks are very cute, so they also make great souvenirs too.

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