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 Authentic Japanese Souvenirs - Top 20 Items And Where To Find Them

Authentic Japanese Souvenirs - Top 20 Items And Where To Find Them

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Traditional Japanese crafts and items are the best souvenirs from a trip to Japan. This article explains where to find items such as origami paper, traditional dolls, lacquerware, yukata, Japanese umbrellas, lanterns and more!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Mayu

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When coming to Japan, most people look for souvenirs that would remind them of their trip. This article introduces places where you can find Japanese-style goods that would make great souvenirs.

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1. Yukata


Price: 3000-10,000 yen

Yukata, the light summer kimono, are a popular souvenir from Japan that many visitors from abroad like to purchase. Yukatas can be found in specialty kimono shops. In the summer you can even find them in major supermarkets such as Aeon or Ito Yokado. Yukata prices range between 3000 and 10,000 yen. The yukatas with traditional Japanese designs sold at UNIQLO, which cost roughly 3000 yen, are very popular.

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2. Kokeshi Dolls


Price: 1000-3000 yen

A kokeshi is a doll made from carved wood. Since it is made of wood, it matches well with other interior goods in non-Japanese households. You can find kokeshi dolls sold in toy stores, small item shops, or souvenir shops.

This unique umbrella in the shape of a kokeshi doll is also worth checking out!

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3. Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints


Ukiyo-e is a type of Japanese artwork that was popular during the Edo period. It uses woodblocks to make prints and is said to be the world's oldest form of color copying.

These pictures often portray famous Kabuki actors, Mt. Fuji, the lively city life in the Edo period, and more. All have a distinctive style with a beautiful usage of color. Currently, ukiyo-e designs are used on many small items and stationery as well.

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4. Ninja Goods


You can find merchandise related to the ninja at the Asakusa EKIMISE shop Ninja-ya. You will be able to find ninja stars (shuriken), fake swords, and ninja costumes. This is a great shop for ninja fans to check out.

There are also other places to purchase shuriken such as Nikko Edo Wonderland in Tochigi prefecture or the Ninja Village in Ureshino, Saga prefecture.

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5. Japanese Fans (Sensu)


Price: 100-1000 yen

A sensu fan is a budget friendly item that also makes a great souvenir from Japan. You can find them at 100 yen Shops, small item shops or sensu specialty shops such as Kyosendo. Traditionally in Japan, the sensu fan is carried around while being tucked in the obi sash of the yukata. It would be great to purchase a fan along with a yukata.

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