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Encounter Samurai And Ninjas At Nikko's EDO WONDERLAND!

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Meet modern-day ninjas and samurai at EDO WONDERLAND in Tochigi's Nikko City, two hours from Tokyo. Enjoy a blast from the past at this unique theme park.

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While it might be obvious to Japanese people, let’s be clear; you will not run into any samurai or ninjas on when walking on Japan’s roads today. However, there are still many people overseas who immediately associate Japan with ninjas and samurai, and there is a place in Tochigi Prefecture which can fulfill those travelers’ expectations.

That place is EDO WONDERLAND , otherwise known as NIKKO EDOMURA, a theme park inspired by the Edo period, when samurai and ninjas roamed the streets.

This time we’ll make use of Google Street View to check out the Edo period scenes.

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The Biggest Theme Park in Nikko

EDO WONDERLAND is in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, up to two hours from Tokyo by train.

EDO WONDERLAND ’s interior is split up into five areas: the main road, the inn town, the merchant quarter, the samurai mansion and the ninja village. Each has its own distinct personality for visitors to enjoy. Samurai come and go inside the theme park, and you can feel as though you’ve wandered into the Edo period.

Well then, let’s explore EDO WONDERLAND using Google Street View!


In order to enter EDO WONDERLAND , you must pass through this first gate. Clutch your checkpoint pass, purchasable at the nearby vendor, and walk under the gate. You will instantly be transported into the Edo period!

There is another, smaller checkpoint behind this one. Click the back of the picture to continue forward.

There is a samurai standing beside the second checkpoint. At EDO WONDERLAND , guests can try on period Edo clothing, so if you’ve ever wanted to look like a samurai, this is your chance to give it a shot.

Firefighters Were the Heroes of the Edo Period?!

Continue through the park to find two buildings that will give you a glimpse of past Edo. The left hand building is the home of Sengumi Masagoro Kashira, and the right hand building is the EDO WONDERLAND Firefighters’ Museum.

Sengumi Masagoro Kashira was almost like an idol in his heyday, as one of EDO WONDERLAND ’s firefighters. His home has been reproduced in the EDO WONDERLAND theme park. In the Firefighters’ Museum, you can learn about the history of firefighting during the Edo period. As the saying “Fires and quarrels are the flowers of Edo” would imply, Edo was prone to frequent outbreaks of fires, much more so than today. The museum hosts various displays of firefighters’ achievements in that era.

The Crow Estate and the Giant Maze

The entrances to the Ninja Crow Estate and the Ninja Trick Maze are shown here.

The Ninja Crow Estate is a small theater with limited capacity. Before your eyes, a furious ninja battle will unfold before your eyes. Its intensity will take your breath away. You can also explore the Ninja Trick Maze, a labyrinth attraction popular with children.

Shuriken Dojo

At the shuriken dojo, you can try your hand at throwing shuriken, the ninja projectile weapon.

At 600 yen for one session, this popular area is always busy with customers.

Great Ninja Theater

This black-roofed theater puts on half-hour shows featuring the most light and sound effects possible, and viewers can enjoy ninja action. The intensity of the ninjas, clad all in black, is a highlight. Kids and even adults can enjoy this theater.

Experience the High Points of Ancient Edo Culture

What did you think about EDO WONDERLAND ? With samurai nonchalantly strolling the streets and buildings that become scenes for ninja dramas when you step inside, this theme park is truly a place where you can sample the unusual and spend a wonderful, historical time. It is in a great location, being only two hours from Tokyo, so investigate the place for yourself.


Address: Tochigi, Nikko City, Karakura 470-2
Hours: 9:30-16:00
Closed: Wednesday
Wi-Fi: Yes
Credit cards: Yes
Other Languages: English, Hindi
Pamphlets: English, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Korean, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese
Nearest Station: Kinugawa Onsen Station (Tobu)
Access: 10 minutes from Kinugawa Onsen Station by taxi
Cost: 1-day pass for 4700 yen, afternoon pass (after 2 PM) for 4100 yen※afternoon passes available from 1 PM in winter
Phone: 0288-77-1777
Website: EDO WONDERLAND (EnglishThaiTraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseKoreanVietnamese)

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