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Stylish and Tasty! Top 20 Matcha Green Tea Sweets Available in Tokyo

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Matcha, a variety of green tea, is a popular flavor in Japanese confections. In addition to enjoying these sweets in Japan, you should purchase some as souvenirs. This article introduces 20 matcha sweets available in Tokyo!

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While traveling, many people like to buy souvenirs for their family and friends. With the range of sweets available, it might be difficult to decide which one to choose.

With that in mind, this article will feature popular matcha sweets that make perfect Japanese souvenirs. Matcha is a variety of Japanese green tea and a tasty flavor used in Japanese-style sweets.

While a traditional Japanese drink, matcha can be easily enjoyed in various confections. The vibrant color and attractive appearance add to its popularity.

Let's take a look at some matcha confections that make tasty souvenirs!

1. Macaron Matcha From Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

Photo courtesy of pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

The first time matcha green tea was used in a macaron was in Paris. This eye-catching confection is called the Macaron Matcha (315 yen after tax) and is the creation of pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris.

This exquisite masterpiece uses matcha cream from Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture and inserts it between two crispy wafers made with Spanish almonds. Chic confection lovers will find this treat irresistible!

Tokyo Macaron Chocolat

Photo courtesy of pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

For a limited time, Shibuya Hikarie's ShinQs shop is selling the Macaron Chocolat (381 yen after tax). Rich flavored macaron chocolate is sandwiched between chewy matcha wafers and then baked to perfection.

2. Matcha Azuki Cake From Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

Photo courtesy of pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

This is the Matcha Azuki Cake (2,300 yen after tax), another sweet offering from pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris.

This sophisticated cake is filled with generous amounts of rich flavored matcha and topped with azuki beans. It also contains fermented butter from France, allowing you to experience a blend of Japanese and Western-style flavors in just one bite.

pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

Official Homepage: (Japanese)
Shop Locations: 5 locations including the Marunouchi shop, Tokyo Midtown shop, and Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs shop

3. JoJo From Zenkashoin

Kyoto's Muromachi-dori street is lined with many long-standing kimono shops. There's also a confectionery shop called Zenkashoin.

This is the store's main location, which opened in 2009. In addition to various nationwide locations, including Shibuya Hikarie, Zenkashoin has expanded its operation in Taiwan.

You can purchase a matcha sweet called JoJo (216 yen after tax; pack of 3).

JoJo is a chocolate rusk designed to resemble a square-shaped cobblestone. Each rusk is baked carefully, giving it a delightfully crispy texture.

4. Matcha Gengetsu From Zenkashoin

Zenkashoin also features a product called Matcha Gengetsu (141 yen after tax).

Between two ripple-shaped waffle layers made with matcha is an extra layer of green tea flavored inside the cream. The waffle is crispy, and the cream inside is smooth with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Green tea lovers will delight in the rich flavor of matcha.


Official Homepage: (Japanese)
Shop Location: Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs shop

5. Tokyo Campanella Matcha From Tokyo Campanella

Tokyo Campanella

Photo courtesy of Airu

This matcha sweet is called the Tokyo Campanella Matcha (1,200 yen after tax; pack of 8).

It features the famed Uji matcha from the matcha-growing region of Kyoto.

The baked langue de chat biscuit has three crispy layers that sandwich the matcha chocolate inside. Confection lovers can experience the tantalizing aroma and sophisticated taste of matcha.

The elegantly curved layers are a unique creation that allows the flavor to spread in your mouth (see photo above).

Tokyo Campanella

Official Homepage: (click on "English")
Shop Locations: Ginza shop, Tokyo Station Gift Garden (South Exit shop), TOKYU Foodshow, etc.

6. Matcha Dorayaki MIYABI From Okano Eisen

Matcha Dorayaki MIYABI

Photo courtesy of Okano Eisen

In 2018, Okano Eisen, a long-standing wagashi shop, celebrated their 145th year in business. A popular matcha sweet sold here is the Matcha Dorayaki MIYABI (250 yen each after tax).

The two pancake-like outside layers containing eggs and honey are also mixed with matcha. Sandwiched between is Hokkaido red bean paste (anko) and matcha cream.

The sweetness of the red beans (azuki) combined with the slight bitterness of the matcha creates an unforgettable flavor. The shelf life is about three weeks, making them perfect souvenirs.

Mame daifuku (soybean mochi with red bean paste) is another popular wagashi. How about picking up both treats on your next visit here!

Okano Eisen

Official Homepage:
Shop Locations: Okano Eisen Sohonke Main shop, Okano Eisen Sohonke Daimaru Tokyo shop

7. Milk Matcha Truffles From Godiva


Photo courtesy of Godiva Japan

With a history exceeding 90 years, the confectionery brand Godiva hails from Brussels in Belgium. In fact, this famous shop has over 250 locations worldwide.

The Milk Matcha Truffles (756 yen after tax; box of five) come in five different flavors. One of those is the Matcha Ganache, featuring milk chocolate with a matcha coating on top.

Why not buy this as a souvenir for that chocolate-loving friend or family member?

8. Uji Matcha Cookies (5 Pieces) From Godiva

Godiva Cookies

Photo courtesy of Godiva Japan

Uji Matcha Cookies (561 yen after tax; box of five) is another Godiva creation.

Uji matcha has been mixed into the crispy biscuits and white chocolate. This enhances the delicate fragrance and slight bitterness of matcha.


Official Homepage: (Japanese)
Shop Locations: Godiva Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi shop, Godiva Yurakucho ITOCiA shop, Godiva Matsuya Ginza shop

9. Matcha Roll From ARINCO


Photo courtesy of Balnibarbi

ARINCO is a specialty roll cake shop. Among the selection of popular items is the famed Vanilla Roll. They also have limited-time confections using carefully selected ingredients only found in certain regions of Japan.

The shop carries a total of 20 different roll cakes. These include signature favorites, seasonal items, and also limited-edition sweets depending on the shop location.

Roll Cake

Photo courtesy of Balnibarbi

The Matcha Roll (977 yen after tax) is a popular roll cake that uses Kyoto Uji matcha. This is a hit among ARINCO's large selection of roll cakes.

The slightly bitter matcha sponge cake is soft and light with a chewy texture. It's the perfect match for the delicately sweet cream filling.

Why not enjoy this tasty snack after returning to your hotel? (Products must be stored in the fridge.)


Official Homepage: (Japanese)
Shop Locations: ARINCO TOKYO STATION shop, IKSPIARI, Koishikawa Factory shop

10. Momotose Mochi From Kyo Hayashiya

Momotose Mochi

Photo courtesy of Kyo Hayashiya

Kyo Hayashiya has an impressive history spanning 260 years.

In the past, matcha was seen as a green tea beverage. But with the changing times, Kyo Hayashiya developed a new dessert that allows customers to enjoy matcha's delicious flavor.

Momotose mochi is a delectable matcha confection crafted by Kyo Hayashiya (1,944 yen after tax). A unique accent is the meringue added to the mochi, resulting in a soft texture.

The combination of matcha and nuts meaks for a mouthful full of rich aroma and texture.

11. Hannari Baum From Kyo Hayashiya

Hannari Baum

Photo courtesy of Kyo Hayashiya

Another popular sweet from Kyo Hayashiya is the Hannari Baum (1,080 yen each after tax).

High-quality matcha from Kyoto is added to the dough, enhancing the fragrance and gentle flavor of green tea.

12. Hannari Cheesecake From Kyo Hayashiya

Hannari Cheesecake

Photo courtesy of Kyo Hayashiya

Hannari Cheesecake (1,728 yen each after tax) is another Kyo Hayashiya product.

This dessert is different from your typical cheesecake. First, it's covered with matcha powder on all sides. Moreover, the two inner layers consist of cheese mousse and cheese souffle. The result is a smooth, decadent dessert.

The delicate bitterness and aroma of matcha will spread in your mouth. You won't be able to stop with just one bite!

Please make sure to keep it stored in a freezer or fridge.

Kyo Hayashiya

Official Homepage: (Japanese)
Shop Locations: Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei shop, Takashimaya Times Square shop, Hayashiya Chaen Meguro shop, etc.

13. Kyokoicha Terinu From Tsujiri Ginza


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Visitors can enjoy authentic matcha from the ancient capital of Kyoto at Tsujiri. The shop is also known for its matcha soft serve ice cream and matcha lattes.


Photo courtesy of KATAOKA & Co.,Ltd.

Kyokoicha Terinu (2,700 yen after tax) is exclusively sold at Tsujiri's Ginza shop.

It contains matcha and white chocolate with tart strawberries in the center. This special treat is fluffy with a mild, mellow flavor.

14. Gateau Au Chocolat Kinunosa From SANOAH

Gateau Au Chocolat

SANOAH is a confectionery shop that continues to honor Japanese traditions. This unique concept encourages people to enjoy the delicious taste of Japanese green tea by eating matcha-filled sweets.

Gateau Au Chocolat - Kinunosa (648 yen after tax; pack of three) is a baked cake that combines French chocolate with Japanese green tea.

Gateau Au Chocolat

The instant you take a bite of this moist cake, the delicate aroma and flavor of matcha will spread in your mouth. It's not overly sweet, so it's easy to eat and recommended for first-timers as well.

SANOAH features three varieties of Gateau Au Chocolat. In addition to matcha, there's also a sencha (regular green tea) and hojicha (roasted green tea) flavor as well. These make perfect souvenirs for the green tea lovers in your life!

15. Otemae Matcha Financier Jitten From SANOAH


Otemae Matcha Financier Jitten (972 yen after tax; three pieces) is also part of SANOAH's confectionery lineup.


Otemae Matcha Financier Jitten features Uji matcha that's been carefully checked by a certified Chashi Judan (*1), giving the dessert a beautiful green appearance.

The gentle bitterness of matcha lingers after you take a bite. Likewise, the white azuki bean paste inside the cake gives it added texture.

This confection allows you to enjoy the subtle aroma of this deep, rich matcha.

*1 Chashi Judan: a 10th-grade (judan) Master Tea Maker. This tea sommelier can look at various tea leaves and determine the best ways to use them, based on where they were grown according to their unique characteristics and properties.


Official Homepage: (Japanese)
Shop Location: Isetan Shinjuku shop

16. Shinmidori (Matcha Yokan Jelly) From Toraya


Photo courtesy of Toraya

Toraya is a confectionery shop founded in Kyoto during the latter part of the Muromachi Period (1392-1573).

In 1869, Japan's miyako (*2), or capital city, officially moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. As a long-time purveyor of sweets to the Imperial Household, Toraya followed the family to Tokyo and opened a new shop there.

Shinmidori (matcha yokan jelly) (260 yen each after tax) is a popular Toraya sweet.

The package design changes with each season. No matter how often you visit the shop, you'll have a new and delightful experience!

*2 miyako: the capital city of Japan where the Imperial Family resides and the country's seat of government is located.

Toraya Yokan

This eye-catching confection has an appealing deep green color. When you take a bite of the yokan, you will immediately notice the sweetness of the white azuki bean paste and the fragrant matcha.

This flavor will have you wanting a cup of Japanese green tea. It's a filling dessert, and just one will be enough to satisfy you.

The yokan has a shelf life up to one year after your purchase date. The package is small and portable, making it easy to take home as a souvenir.


Official Homepage:
Shop Locations: Ginza shop, Tokyo Midtown shop, etc.

17. Matcha Mendiants From Chocolat BEL AMER

BEL AMER, translating to "exquisite bitterness" in French, is a famous confectionery shop. True to its name, the sweets showcase the subtle bitterness of chocolate.

Matcha Mendiants

Matcha Mendiants (281 yen after tax) is a chocolate bar measuring six centimeters in diameter and six millimeters thick. Careful attention has been paid to the ingredients, its thickness, and texture.

The matcha-infused white chocolate is covered with almonds, walnuts, dried fruit, and sesame seeds. Among these, the dried orange creates a flavorful accent. You will experience its wonderful fragrance in a single bite.

This confection is a hit because it offers a variety of taste sensations.

In addition to chocolate and various nuts, the sweetness and tartness of dried fruit is a refined combination. This unique flavor combination is likely not found anywhere else. You'll soon want to bite into the confection from all corners.

18. Financier Matcha From Chocolat BEL AMER

Matcha Mendiants

Chocolat BEL AMER is also known for its Financier Matcha (195 yen after tax).

This satisfying cookie contains matcha and white chocolate. The inside also reveals a brilliant green color.

The more you chew on this cookie, the flavor of sesame seeds and matcha is further enhanced.

Chocolat BEL AMER

Official Homepage:
Shop Locations: Ginza Mitsukoshi shop, Isetan Shinjuku shop, etc.

19. MUJI Matcha Sweets

Uji Matcha Chocolate Coated Strawberries

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The goods store chain MUJI has stores in Japan and other countries, including China, Taiwan, America, the UK, and Canada.

They also sell matcha sweets. One bestseller is the Uji Matcha Chocolate Coated Strawberries (300 yen after tax).

The slight bitterness of Uji matcha paired with the tart flavor of strawberries gives this confection the right amount of sweetness. Each pack is compact, so it won't be a problem taking lots home as souvenirs.

20. Convenience Store Matcha Sweets

Galbo Matcha

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Convenience stores also carry a wide selection of matcha sweets.

For example, galbo mini Kokufukai Matcha Pocket Pack is small in size and makes handy souvenirs (128 yen after tax).

To maintain the fresh chocolate flavor, the package has an air-tight seal to prevent exposure to air and light. The flavor will still be intact when you present it to friends and family as a souvenir.

Matcha Sweets Make the Ideal Gift!

The exquisite matcha sweets presented in this article make wonderful souvenirs. Did any of them catch your eye?

Nowadays, matcha has become an essential flavor in beverages and food.

Why not enjoy some matcha confections featuring a unique blend of bitterness and sweetness?

*This article is a revised version from 2018 of an article originally published on March 7, 2014.


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