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What To Buy For White Day: Our Top 20 Best Matcha Sweets

What To Buy For White Day: Our Top 20 Best Matcha Sweets

Translated by Satomi Ohba

Written by MATCHA

2014.04.19 Bookmark

White Day is coming and if you are looking for the ideal gift, something that will really stand out, we recommend a matcha-based sweet. Here are our choices for 20 of the best matcha sweets found at department stores and shops across Japan.

White Day is coming, the day on which men give gifts to women in appreciation for what they received on Valentine's Day. Here are our top selections for some matcha-based sweets to give you some shopping ideas as many of the items are available at department stores or in independent retailers. You can give them as either obligatory gifts ('I like you as a friend') or as a gift of sincere love.

1. Matcha Macaroon - Patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris


This is the bestselling product from Patisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris, the first patisserie in Paris that uses matcha in macaroons. The smooth crust, the sweet thick cream, the crispy texture of sugar and the scent of matcha come together well in this treat.


We also recommend their Tokyo-baked macaroon chocolat, which is only sold at Hikarie in Shibuya.

2. ZEN Jyou Jyou Matcha Flavor - Kyoto Muromachi Onkashitukasa Zen Kashoin


The headquarters of Zen Kashoin is in Kyoto Muromachi and is renowned for its beautiful packaging and Japanese flavor. "Jyou Jyou" is a kind of baked chocolate rusk that is great as a small gift - at a reasonable price of 168 yen for three pieces. There are also other items such as matcha castella and matcha pudding sold here.

3. Yuzu Matcha Caramel - Henri Le Roux


Photo courtesy of Henri Le Roux

Henri Le Roux is a world famous chocolate/caramel French house, well known for being the welcome gifts in suites at the Four Season Hotel Paris. There is a matcha flavor for both the chocolate and the caramel, both of which are simply delicious. The packaging is very beautiful and makes for a charming gift.

4. Wrapped Chocolate Matcha Flavor - Godiva


Godiva is loved throughout the world as a leading upscale chocolate shop. Here you can find gorgeously wrapped truffles at an affordable price, making them ideal as obligatory gifts.

5. Doujima Omatcha Roll - Ginza Ruri


Monsher’s “Doujima Roll” was a great hit; and this is its matcha version. You can only buy it at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi. As a limited flavor of Doujima roll, this premium sweet will surely win favor with anyone that receives it.

6. Matcha Cheese Cake - Kyo Hayashiya


This rich textured matcha cheese cake originated in a tea cafe in Kaga, run by a famous tea house that was established in 1753. The matcha ground by a stone mill, the luxurious cream cheese, and the cookie crust at the bottom blend together in harmony to make this best-selling delight. Make sure to try this cheese cake, one that everyone from adults to children can enjoy.

7. Chocolat de Cha Cha Cha - Gion Tsujiri


Gion Tsujiri is an Uji matcha house in Kyoto's Gion area, established over 150 years ago. We recommend "Chocolat de cha cha cha", which is a chocolate set of matcha, houji-cha (roasted green tea), and genmai-cha (tea with roasted rice) sweets.

8. Smooth Matcha Pudding - Pastel


I have been a pudding fan for over 25 years now. Pastel puddings are well-known in the pudding world and here is its matcha flavor. A limited flavor, it quickly sells out, so we recommend that you buy it both for presents and for yourself.

9. Agemochi Matcha Chocolat - Azabu-jyuban Agemochiya


Don’t think that they’re just another rice cracker. Azabu-jyuuban Agemochiya is a trendy shop, thanks to its colorful packaging and various flavors. Coated with milk chocolate and sprinkled with matcha powder, these light rice crackers are one of their best sellers.

10. Strong Tea Langue de Chat “As a Flower” - Qi_to_wa


"It has to be cute, tasty and something that is a little bit difficult to buy - something special! Oh, but the price has to be good too." Well, Qi_to_wa can fulfill all your wishes. You can only buy these at Tokyo Daimaru and its elegant package signifies its high quality - just the perfect gift for someone important.

11. Mount Baumkuchen Matcha - Wa-no-Nenrinya Wagashi-no-me


Light sugar coating on the surface; soft and pleasant inside. The moment you open the package you get a whiff of matcha. Nenrin-ya is famous for the long queues lining up to buy them, and their matcha baumkuchen can only be bought at Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport.

12. Yojiya Matcha Chocolate - Yojiya


These are the cute chocolates from Yojiya, a Japanese cosmetic shop from Kyoto. It’s a set of rich white chocolate and Uji matcha chocolate. The latte art at Yojiya cafe is fascinating as well, although you can’t give it out as a present. You might consider having a White Day date there instead!

Yojiya has its own original matcha cappuccino too. Isn't it cute?


13. Matcha Mini Roll Cake - Irina


This roll tower from Irina was heavily featured in Japanese media, and has been a big hit. It is built by piling up colorful roll cakes and makes a great gift or something to bring to a party. Why not try the matcha flavor for White Day?


14. Chocolat Supplement - H Chocolat Supplement


Here is a new type of sweet: a chocolate supplement that beautifies you. Cacao is believed to carry restorative powers, and tea is said to have a relaxing component called theanine, which makes this supplement something both beautifying and soothing.

15. Kahoron Macha Flavor - WaBiSa


Yoku Moku, a company famous for its cigar, continues to pursue the "taste of Japan" in its confectionery brand WaBiSa. Infused with its techniques of making Western-style confectionery, its product 'Haron' melts in your mouth, leaving a delicate taste behind. They are packed in a lovely wooden box which makes the perfect gifts for your 'Yamato Nadeshiko' (ideal Japanese woman).

16. Matcha Chocolat - Chocolat Bel Amer


Chocolat Chocolat Bel Amer is a well-known chocolate shop that is a popular stop for White day, Valentine's day and when looking for gifts in general. Matcha flavor exists in every product line so you can make a nice matcha flavor set by shopping here. They look adorable and the prices are quite reasonable. There are many shop locations as well, so it’s also a convenient place to check out.

17. Matcha Stick Bamukuchen - L’olioli


This sweet is cute and can fit in every occasion. L’olioli by Anniversary is a relatively new brand created to show seasonal beauty. Their matcha flavored products can only be bought in store.

18. Nordic Matcha Colored Sweets - Fika


Fika is a colorful and stylish sweet house based on the concept of Nordic design. You can only buy them at Shinjuku Isetan and the stylish packaging makes them just the perfect gift for trendy adults. Fika offers a mature flavor in their matcha flavored “Dammsugare”, a chocolate pound cake with plenty of liquor in it.

19. Cube Cake Matcha Flavor - Sola Tokyo


Sola Tokyo collects the best ingredients from all over Japan and arranges them in a trendy manner. Their matcha milk cube cake has a refreshing taste complemented with milk cream and dainagon azuki beans.

20. Chewy Matcha Mont-blanc - Japan Tea Sweets Sonoah


Green tea has been an essential item for the Japanese for ages. To the modern Japanese, Sonoah has manifested its idea of "edible green tea" in its products. This mont-blanc offers a new sensation that combines the chewiness of Gyuhi (a kind of rice cake), with matcha, and chestnuts. It’s not too sweet and has a refreshing touch.

Give Your Favorite Matcha Sweet as Presents

These matcha sweets are all great for White day. Have you found your favorite? Matcha is now an essential flavor not only for drinks but also for sweets. Seize this occasion to enjoy the dual bitterness and sweetness of superb matcha sweets.

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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