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Tsujiri - Refined Matcha Flavored Treats In Ginza!

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Today let's visit Tsujiri, a long-standing tea shop from Kyoto, where you can taste all sorts of exquisite matcha delicacies. You can find one of its shops in the middle of a world-class shopping district - Ginza.

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Both Drinks And Sweets – Dive Into the Flavorful Matcha World!

Here comes the Tsujiri-style café menu, with plenty of specialties each made with a lavish amount of real matcha powder. You can savor it while relaxing on a bench, or while discovering the rest of Ginza – choose whatever place you’d like, for enjoying these superb delicacies!

Tsujiri Soft Serve Ice Cream Koicha

京都の老舗「辻利」 が関東初出店。濃厚な日本茶の世界を銀座で体感!

This is the most luxurious matcha soft serve you could get, with almost double the amount of matcha used in its preparation compared to other regular matcha soft serve ice creams (630 yen after tax). But, bear in mind that you can get this gorgeous treat only at Ginza Six Department Store!

Even with one bite, you ought to be overwhelmed by the flavor of matcha. The distinctive aroma will find its way through the bitterness, and you’ll be able to relish an even more profound flavor because of the matcha powder sprinkled on top of the soft serve.

Tsujiri Soft Serve Kyo-Parfait

京都の老舗抹茶店「辻利」が関東初出店! 濃厚な抹茶の世界を銀座で体感!(仮)

How do you think the gentle but quite distinctive matcha aroma goes with a special, black sugar syrup topping made of tsubuan (coarse sweet bean paste), shirotama (*1), and brown sugar? We can tell you the answer – it is a match made in heaven that comes in the form of this parfait (840 yen after tax). This exquisite combination will give you a vivid insight into what true “Japanese taste” is like.

*1 Shirotama: dough balls made from a type of rice flour called shirotama powder.

Uji Matcha Green Tea


This lovely drink is Uji Matcha Green Tea, whose refreshing, slightly sweet flavor brought it tons of fame and fans (380 yen after tax). Green tea is a light, easy-to-drink matcha flavored drink, well-known and very much enjoyed in Kansai Region. It’s perfect for hot days, since it goes down one’s throat so easily in matter of seconds. It could even serve as an impeccable refreshment after a day’s worth of shopping in Ginza.

Matcha World in Your Own Home!

For those days when you just can’t resist the matcha craving, how about buying some delicious matcha sweets from Tsujiri beforehand?

Kyo-Koicha Terrine


Image courtesy of Kataoka & Co.,Ltd.
Behold the Ginza shop-only dessert – Kyo-Koicha Terrine (2700 yen after tax). The dessert’s base consists of matcha and white chocolate, but inside you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the mildly sour flavor of strawberries. This dessert is sure to overpower your taste buds with its irresistibly gentle and moist texture.

Kyo-Koicha Baumkuchen


Image courtesy of Kataoka & Co.,Ltd.

Another popular gift is a Baumkuchen dessert – Kyo-Koicha Baumkuchen (2160 yen after tax). You won't be able to get enough of this dessert once you take a mouthful of the refined, soft texture, especially if you are a true matcha lover.

Hojicha Tea Bags


How about these adorable, illustrated cans with hojicha tea? The illustrations depict well-known places of Uji, with 6 tea bags of tasty hojicha (*2) inside, for 1080 yen (after tax). Without a doubt, this elegantly packed tea treasure would easily make a very special gift for a very special person, don’t you think? And while you’re savoring the delicious cup of tea, how about reminiscing about those good, old days and your adventures experienced while traveling through Japan?

*2 Hojicha: a fragrant tea created by roasting the sencha leaves. It is a pale brown colored tea, not very bitter, lighter, and easy to drink.


Finally, let us reveal the secret of brewing a super-delicious cup of tea – you need to soak the tea bag thoroughly. First, keep your teacup covered with a lid after you’ve poured the hot water, and leave it like that for two to three minutes. You’ll be able to bring forth the majority of the tea’s aroma just by moving the tea bag around to your liking after that! As there are various brands and types of tea, you can discover which type tastes best to you in the most enjoyable way – by giving each and every one of them a go!


They say the tea is an essential part of traditional Japanese cuisine. This is a place where one can experience the entire world of tea at once. It is also a place “not-to-miss” on your next journey to Japan.

In collaboration with Tsujiri Ginza Shop

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