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GINZA SIX - A 6-Starred Facility That Will Widen Your Horizons!

GINZA SIX - A 6-Starred Facility That Will Widen Your Horizons!

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by miho

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Presenting GINZA SIX, a high-class shopping facility in Ginza, where you can not only find brand items but also explore the fascinating worlds of Japanese entertainment, culture, cuisine, tradition, history, and world-renowned art, all in one place!

At Ginza’s greatest shopping facility, GINZA SIX, you can discover fascinating worlds of entertainment, Japanese culture, and feel the charismatic atmosphere of the past, as well as rest your eyes on marvelous pieces of art created by world-renowned artists. Ginza has the reputation of being a fashion and brand item kingdom, but here at GINZA SIX, you can also explore gourmet food from every part of Japan, and experience luxury with all of your senses.

So this time, MATCHA is here to unearth the unbeatable charm of GINZA SIX!

But First, Take a Look at the Building!


Just as the name reveals, GINZA SIX is here to serve their visitors an “all-inclusive, ‘overwhelming-your-senses’ experience of joy and satisfaction – worthy of a high-class, six-starred facility”.

The architect behind its look is Yoshio Taniguchi, the very same person to whom we owe masterpieces such as New York's Museum of Modern Art, and Tokyo Sea Life Park (Japanese). The building itself is designed in a simple manner meant to bring the spotlight to each of the shops inside of it.


You can also admire many famous art pieces displayed inside and connect with the magnificent world of art through this extraordinary ambiance.

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