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Tsujiri - Refined Matcha Flavored Treats In Ginza!

Tsujiri - Refined Matcha Flavored Treats In Ginza!

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by かえで

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Today let's visit Tsujiri, a long-standing tea shop from Kyoto, where you can taste all sorts of exquisite matcha delicacies. You can find one of its shops in the middle of a world-class shopping district - Ginza.

You might have heard of Ginza, one of world’s most prominent shopping districts. It is a place where you can feel the excitement building up just by walking past all those department stores and shops.

京都の老舗抹茶店「辻利」が関東初出店! 濃厚な抹茶の世界を銀座で体感!(仮)

Across Ginza-dori, or Ginza’s central street, a department store named Ginza Six was opened in April, 2017. Should you pay a visit to its food area on the second underground floor, you’ll find a very special store lining up with the others. This time, we will tell you more about that particular store, first created back in 1860. Here’s a highly respected, veteran tea shop from Kyoto – Tsujiri (Japanese).

京都の老舗抹茶店「辻利」が関東初出店! 濃厚な抹茶の世界を銀座で体感!(仮)

The first thing to catch one’s eye is the quern – a tool used for grounding the tea leaves to create the premium quality matcha tea.

The store welcomes its customers with a warm, pleasant display of delicacies next to the quern. With everything bursting with radiant green, your overall mood is sure to catch up to the store’s bright and refreshing atmosphere.

京都の老舗抹茶店「辻利」が関東初出店! 濃厚な抹茶の世界を銀座で体感!

The menu is available in English as well, to make the ordering process as simple and clear as possible. You can just point at the picture of your desired menu item, so there is no need for worries or stress – the order is placed and now you just have to wait for it!

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