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Ginza, Tokyo's Most Popular Shopping District - 21 Must-Visit Places

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Ginza is Tokyo's most popular shopping district with many department stores and famous brands, some of them boasting a rich history. We introduce 21 must-visit locations in the vibrant area of Ginza.

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Ginza - Tokyo's Most Popular Shopping District

Ginza is the name of a district in central Tokyo. It is a vibrant shopping area with large department stores and several famous brands.

The name “Ginza” originates from the names of organizations that purchased and controlled the silver coin established by the Edo shogunate (1603-1868). At the time, organizations that dealt with specific commerce and industries were called “za,” or trade guilds. The office and silver coin foundry of an organization called Ginza was once located in the neighborhood's Nichome area.

This district of Tokyo is now thriving as a business and shopping area. Cultural facilities such as the Kabukiza Theater are als located in Ginza, making it an attractive destination for travelers.

We introduce the best places to visit in Ginza - for sightseeing and shopping.

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1. Ginza Chuo Dori Street


Picture from Sophisticated Ginza – Urban Walking Route Along Chuo-Dori Street

Chuo Dori Street, the starting point of the five highways that extended across Japan including Tokaido and Nikkokaido, is Ginza’s main street passing through Hatchome and Itchome.

Lined with established Japanese department stores like Matsuya and Mitsukoshi, along with other famous brands, this pedestrian mall opens every Sunday and holiday and is always bustling with visitors.



Picture from GINZA SIX – A 6-Starred Facility That Will Widen Your Horizons!

GINZA SIX is Ginza’s largest commercial facility. Here you can encounter and appreciate famous products from all over Japan as well as artworks by outstanding Japanese artists.

The rooftop has a space that has been developed into a garden. One can see Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, and other sights when the sky is clear. It is nice to visit for a change of pace if you’re tired from walking around town.

Tsujiri, a famous Kyoto tea shop, also has a branch in GINZA SIX. Tsujiri Soft Serve Ice Cream, Koicha, is a Ginza-limited soft serve using twice the amount of matcha green tea compared to Tsujiri’s regular soft serve ice creams. You can enjoy an even stronger matcha flavor with this special soft serve.

This popular shop is a place matcha lovers should definitely try at least once.

3. Ginza Mitsukoshi


Picture from Walk Around Fashionable Ginza – 7 Shopping Spots

Ginza Mitsukoshi is an established department store with over 80 years of history. The store extends from the fourth floor basement to the twelfth floor and carries a wide variety of items, from women’s and men’s clothing to jewelry and famous products from all over the country.

4. Ginza Wako


Picture from Walk Around Fashionable Ginza – 7 Shopping Spots

Ginza Wako is an established department store located on Ginza’s Yonchome that sells all kinds of women’s and men’s clothing as well as jewelry. The building is a landmark of Ginza due to its characteristic exterior where the SEIKO clock has been installed. It is used as a meeting place as well.

5. Matsuya Ginza


Picture from Walk Around Fashionable Ginza – 7 Shopping Spots

Matsuya Ginza has over 90 years of history and is an established department store similar to Ginza Mitsukoshi.

Every year during tsuyu, or the rainy season, is the 100 Umbrella Fair exhibition, where several hundreds of umbrellas are on display in the atrium of the central hall from the first to seventh floors. It has been a very special display since the opening of the store in 1925.

6. Tokyu Plaza Ginza


Picture from Walk Around Fashionable Ginza – 7 Shopping Spots

Tokyu Plaza Ginza is Ginza’s largest commercial facility opened in the spring of 2016. Several shops with a collection of Made in Japan products have opened branches in this mall, which is also complete with services for tourists.

LOTTE DUTY FREE GINZA extends from the eighth to ninth floor with duty-free shops. Tax exemption procedures can be done all at once for the products you’ve purchased at the duty-free counter on the seventh floor. Even travelers inexperienced with shopping in Japan can easily shop without any worries.

7. G. Itoya


Picture from 6 Things To Enjoy At Ginza Itoya, The 100 Year Old Stationery Store

Ginza’s stationery store Itoya was newly opened as a branch called G. Itoya on Ginza Street in 2015. Here you can purchase all kinds of stationery, art supplies, and interior supplies.

The store has a collection of specialized stationery like craft paper and letter sets, as well as items you can use during trips. G. Itoya is very entertaining for travelers, too.

8. Hakuhinkan TOY PARK


Picture from Visit Hakuhinkan Toy Park – Ginza’s Incredible Toy Shop

Hakuhinkan TOY PARK is a toy shop located on Ginza’s Hatchome. The toy floors extend from the first floor basement to the fourth floor and sells toys for a wide range of ages from dolls such as Licca to plush dolls, TV games, and magic goods.

The shop also sells unique goods like food samples and themed candies, so you can entertain yourself just by walking through the floors.

9. MUJI Yurakucho


Picture from 4 MUJI Matcha Sweets Recommended By Shop Staff!

MUJI is a store with original branded merchandise including everyday-use items, interior supplies, and food products. A branch is also located in front of Yurakucho Station, which is within walking distance from Ginza.

The MUJI inside Infos Yurakucho encompasses the first to third floor, and sells general goods and interior items, as well as wooden Made in Japan toys, books, and other items.

*Please note that this MUJI location closed in December 2018. On April 4, 2019, a MUJI store located in Ginza along the main street is scheduled to open.

Dining in Ginza
10. Umegaoka Sushi no Midori Ginza


Picture courtesy of Umegaoka Sushi no Midori

Umegaoka Sushi no Midori is a sushi shop located under the overpass a five minute walk from the Ginza Exit at JR Shinbashi Station. The lunch set is served from a reasonable price of 1,600 yen (before tax).

They also safely purchase their food products with detailed inspections such as bacteria examinations and inspections for radioactive substances, so you’ll be able to enjoy your sushi with peace of mind.

Sushi may have a luxurious image, but there are several restaurants that serve sushi at reasonable prices if you dine at lunch, like at Sushi no Midori.

Please feel free to refer to this article introducing sushi restaurants serving lunch for reasonable prices

11. Ginza Kyubey Honten


Picture courtesy of Ginza Kyubey Honten

Ginza Kyubey is a well-known sushi shop that not only has its main store in Ginza, but also branches in famous hotels such as Hotel Okura and Hotel New Otani.

The shop serves lunch starting from 4,000 yen (before tax) and courses for dinner starting from 10,000 yen (before tax with a separate service fee).

Ginza Honten offers typical counter seats and hori-gotatsu (sunken kotatsu) furnished counter seats, as well as table seats prepared. The shop also has seats available in Japanese-style rooms, perfect for sharing a meal with a close friend

12. Ginza KIMURAYA Ginza Honten


Picture from Ginza Kimuraya: The Pioneer Behind Japan’s Bread Culture

The main store of Ginza KIMURAYA, a bakery that boasts a long history since its establishment in 149, is located along Chuo Street in Ginza’s Yonchome. Yasube Kimura, the founder of KIMURAYA, is known for being the pioneer of anpan (bread filled with sweet red bean paste) and is one of the leading products at the Ginza Main Store.

Bread is sold on the bakery’s first floor, with a café on the second floor that you can enjoy as well as a restaurant on the third and fourth floors.

13. Shiseido Parlour Ginza Honten


Picture courtesy of Shiseido Parlour

Shiseido Parlour is a café and restaurant operated by the Shiseido Company, which is also known as a manufacturer of cosmetics. The parlour opened as a store that produced ice cream and carbonated water, a concept that was still quite rare at the time of its opening, called Soda Fountain and is a famous store with over 100 years of history.

The first floor is where the shop is located and is where you can purchase sweets such as camellia biscuits, a representative western confectionery of Shiseido Parlour, and cheesecakes.

14. Ginza Café Paulista


Picture courtesy of Ginza Café Paulista

Ginza Café Paulista is an established café opened in 1911. With every newspaper company, the Imperial Hotel, and international trading firms located nearby, the café was used for several years as a meeting place for the educated.

Several famous Japanese literary giants such as Kan Kikuchi, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, and Mantaro Kubota visited the café. It is now a spot that is also enjoyed by literature fans.

15. TsuruTonTan Ginza


TsuruTonTan is a restaurant that specializes in udon dishes and is a popular restaurant in Japan. Its main Ginza store is located on the tenth floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza and is open from 11:00 to 4:00 the next morning if on a weekday or Saturday. As a result, a characteristic of this restaurant is being able to easily visit whenever you want.



Picture from Ginza’s SAKE HALL HIBIYA BAR – Try The World’s Only Sake Cocktails

SAKE HALL HIBIYA is a bar with Japanese sake from seven breweries from all over Japan. Each room in the bar is labeled with the names of each brewery so that you can enjoy Japanese sake cocktails while experiencing the care put into your drink.

Cultural Facilities in Ginza
17. Kabukiza Theater


Picture from How To Watch A Kabuki Play At Kabukiza Theater

Kabukiza Theater is a famous Kabuki theater where you can enjoy the traditional Japanese performing art of kabuki. Kabukiza has a rich history and has undergone reconstruction repairs roughly four times during the past 120 years, due to the effects of deterioration and earthquakes.

Plays are performed throughout the year at the theater. A special feature of this theater is watching Grand Kabuki performed by top class actors.

Ways to purchase kabuki tickets and how to enjoy the theater is introduced in this article, so be sure to refer to this when you have an opportunity to watch a performance yourself.

18. Ginza Yamano Music Honten


Picture courtesy of Yamano Music co.

Ginza Yamano Music is an established music shop that has been open since 1892.

This shop not only has a collection of instruments inside, but also carries CDs and musical scores. Ginza Yamano Music spans from the first floor basement to the seventh floor. Artist events, public lessons, and other events take place in the event space on the seventh floor.

19. Ginza Graphic Gallery


Picture courtesy of Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

Ginza Graphic Gallery is a gallery managed by a major printing company by the name of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. You can enjoy several pieces shown here free of charge.

There are also many other galleries and cultural facilities with free admission Ginza, such as the Shiseido Gallery. If you want to encounter works from both Japanese international artists be sure to visit one.

20. Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza


Picture from Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza – Try DIY Beauty Treatments For Free

Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza is a salon managed by Panasonic, the electronic appliance company. Visitors can discover and test out for themselves beauty appliances developed by Panasonic here. A self beauty salon is also located right next door where you can receive a 60 minute self-care beauty treatment for free by making an appointment in advance.

The treatment also includes a skin analysis using facial recognition technology and counseling, so this is also the best place to check on your skin’s condition.

Take a Break and Relax in Ginza
21. Hibiya Park


From Ginza Station, head in the direction of Hibiya Station by passing by Yurakucho Station and Hibiya Park come into view.

Hibiya Park opened on the historic site of an Edo period daimyo’s (feudal lord) mansion. Here you can enjoy structures such as the large and symbolic water fountain and the First Flower Garden, a western-style flower garden using flowers to create a geometric pattern.

Ginza Accommodations

Several hotels are located near Ginza Station. It might be confusing which to choose due to the many accommodations and different types of lodgings from hotels to guest houses.

If you’ll be simply be staying overnight (a lodging without meals) near Ginza, you’ll be able to stay for around 5,000 yen per person at a guest house.

It will cost over 15,000 yen per night at high-class hotels such as Hotel Monterey Ginza and Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier, so be sure to choose a hotel that fits your needs (** Prices will fluctuate depending on your room type and the season).

Lodging in vacant rooms in private apartments also exist. However, facilities that do not report to the government cannot remain operating due to the Private Lodging Business Act (Private Lodging Act) enforced in June 2018.

In the event that you will be staying in a private home, be sure to check whether or not the home has been given authorization to do so.

How to Get to Ginza

Ginza is located very close to Tokyo Station. It can be reached in about 12 minutes on foot or 2 minutes by train (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line).

From Asakusa, Ginza can be accessed in about 18 minutes by the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. The same Ginza Line connects Shibuya Station to Ginza (16minutes).

For detailed information n how to reach Ginza from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport, please refer to the article below.

Walk Around Ginza, Tokyo's Exciting Shopping District

Ginza’s history has continued on since the Edo period, and is a district home to countless established restaurants and department stores. The distance from Yurakucho Station to Shinbashi is also walkable, making it perfect for a stroll around town.

We hope you visit the locations introduced in this article and enjoy Ginza while shopping and getting to know its vibrant culture.

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