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Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza - Try DIY Beauty Treatments For Free

Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza - Try DIY Beauty Treatments For Free

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Karin

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At the Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza you can try DIY self-care treatments and test out the latest beauty appliances. We introduce some of the services offered at this salon to make you feel and look your best in Japan.

Build your Confidence and Beauty at Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza

Ginza is a place where the latest trends in beauty and fashion come together. Three minutes away from the shopping spot Ginza SIX, visitors can try beauty and personal care appliances produced by Panasonic Corporation (hereafter, Panasonic), for free at the Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza.

This salon is based around the theme of DIY beauty and self-care treatments, and offers fun and confidence-building beautifying services to those who stop in.

panasonic beayy

Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza occupies the first four floors (1F through 4F) of the building, and each floor has its own theme. On the first floor (1F), try the latest beauty and personal appliances. On the second floor there are DIY beauty treatments, reservation-required premium beauty treatments are on the third floor, and beauty seminars and events are held on the fourth floor. 

This article will introduce what you can try on each floor.

First Floor: Analyze Your Skin and Try the Latest Beauty and Self-care Devices

Try New Appliances at the Trend Bar

Trend Bar

Inside the salon, the Trend Bar’s marble countertop gives off a refined, high-class vibe. Here, you can test out facial steamers and hair dryers. Ms. Oyama from the MATCHA editorial staff tried it out herself.

steamer collage

The facial steamer model she tried was the EH-SA98. It has five automatic warming and cooling settings that release hot steam and cooling mist, which increases the firmness of your skin through moisturizing it. The Panasonic Beauty PREMIUM EH-XS10 steamer (68,000 yen before tax) will steam in a line from your whole face to your chest in a concentrated burst.

You can choose from various heating and cooling beauty treatment courses to match your skin needs, including a skincare course for oily skin and skin course for clear skin. After five minutes, Oyama said that her whole face felt very moisturized, and she was very satisfied with it.

nanocare dryer

The Nanocare EH-NA99 hair dryer is Panasonic’s most popular hair dryer. Equipped with built-in Nanoe particles, it infuses 1000 times the amount of moisture into hair than a regular dryer, preventing hair from kinking, and moisturizing the scalp.

Choose the hair end-focused course to keep your the tips of your hair from splitting, giving them a coherent and smooth finish.

Dryer Premium

The EH-XD10 hair dryer (30,000 yen before tax) adjusts moisture by responding to the user’s hair length and desired volume, hair smoothness and other factors. Ms. Oyama was surprised at how moisturized her hair became after using it just for a little.

The first floor has white and black displays for Panasonic Beauty appliances. The white-toned appliances are Panasonic Beauty, which can be bought at standard retailers. The black-toned Panasonic Beauty PREMIUM appliances can be purchased at Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza and some department stores.

Analyze Your Skin in Just 10 Minutes! Snow Beauty Mirror

Snow Beauty Mirror

On the first floor, you can also use Panasonic’s advanced engineering knowledge in fields such as surveillance camera facial recognition, photo processing, and digital camera high-resolution sensor technology to perform skin analysis. Visitors can measure various aspects of their skin, including blemishes, wrinkles, pores, clarity and laugh lines.

Skin analysis

First, sit in front of the mirror and raise your forehead. Take off your glasses if you wear them, and fit your face into the circle displayed on the mirror.

Skin analysis sheet

After around ten seconds, your skin analysis will be displayed on the screen. Current skin blemishes and discolorations, in addition to any other potential blemishes will also be shown and displayed in your score. The analysis displays your results in descending order, from blemishes and discoloration, wrinkles, pores, skin clarity, and laugh lines. The longer the corresponding line is, the higher your skin condition is scored. Upon request, the beauty artist will translate the results about your blemishes, wrinkles and other information into English.

It takes about five to ten minutes to do skin analysis, including counseling from the beauty artist. Through a counseling session, the artist will introduce products that address the user’s concerns and suit their skin. On the second floor, visitors can try DIY beauty treatments.

beauty artist

Ms. Sugano, the beauty artist, says she wants to introduce products that address customer concerns and help them feel more beautiful. The beauty artists are experts in the beauty industry, and there are four to five of them regularly on the first, second, and third floors. 

There are part-time staff who can speak other languages, and when there is no English-speaking staff available, you can use the tablet at the counter to learn about the beauty appliances. There are also videos available showing you how to use them.

"Feel" on the Second Floor: Massage and Reinvigorate Your Feet and Legs!

2F DIY Beauty Collage

On the second floor, you can try various products from the Panasonic Beauty line. Dryers, hair irons, brush irons, and other products are available to try, so you can drop by to touch up your hair. There are four seats at the hair care counter.

Reinvigorate Your Legs with an Air Massager

Panasonic also sells leg massagers. The air massagers come in three varieties: for around the knees, for the entire leg, and for the hip region. We tested the Leg Refresh EW-RA88, for around the knees.

Leg Refre

First, put the vinyl cover on your bare feet (pictured in the upper-right). Put on the Leg Refresh over your clothes, and choose the compression level (weak, medium or strong). A ten-minute leg massage may promote blood circulation in your legs and get rid of fatigue.


Oyama: The massage isn’t just at a fixed level of intensity, but gets stronger and weaker, and you can really feel the pressure. The stimulation from the back of my foot to my toes felt especially good.

Try Out a Self-Care Beauty Treatment


There are also four seats at the face beauty treatment counter. There are secure lockers for your belongings under the seats, so you can give your undivided attention to your treatment with peace of mind. We tried the Ion Effector EH-ST86.

Ion effector

Sugano: An Ion effector removes dirt from the epidermis of your skin, allowing hyaluronic acid, collagen and other substances to penetrate up to the stratum corneum of the skin. You can expect your skin to create more moisture and firmness.


First is the skin care mode. After attaching lotion-soaked cotton to the ion effector, dirt left in your pores will be absorbed by the cotton after a three-minute application. The beauty artist will first explain how to use it, and after that the user can try it themselves.

Sugano:The “rhythm moisturization mode” delivers moisturizing ingredients and beauty ingredients all the way into the epidermis of the skin. For the final step of maintenance, cool your skin down with the “cool mode” and firm it up. The ion effector will seal the moisture into your skin.

Pressing cheeks

Oyama: My skin is thoroughly moisturized and its elasticity is totally different. My skin feels different to the touch.

You will feel its effects almost instantaneously.

Refresh your Makeup at the Cosmetics Buffet

Cosmetic Buffet

After the DIY beauty treatment, feel free to redo your makeup at the Cosmetics Buffet. Choose your preferred products from atop the glass tray. You can select from all types of priming products, foundation, eyeshadow and lipsticks. You apply them with disposable brushes and sponges, so they are completely hygienic.

After using the products, leave the tools in the restroom to be thrown away. Here you can refresh yourself without needing to bring any products of your own.

Beauty and Self-Care Experience at Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza


Picture by Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza
There are trial sessions and seminars held on an irregular schedule. On the third floor, there is a DIY beauty treatment course using Panasonic Beauty PREMIUM products (reservation-only, only in Japanese), as well as at the Beauty Creative Square on the fourth floor.

1F from above

The third floor is often booked out, but you can do trial sessions on the first and second floors without a reservation. Men can drop by the hair care corner on the first and second floors. However, the second and third floors are for use by women above 16 years of age only. Expect to spend about 30 minutes for the skin analysis on the first floor and the DIY beauty treatment on the second floor.

We recommend coming with an hour to spare when the salon is crowded. Panasonic Beauty appliances are not sold at the salon, so it is advisable to take pictures of the products you’re interested in, and look for them at domestic retailers. 

Panasonic Beauty PREMIUM items can be purchased at the salon, so alert the staff of what you’d like to buy. We recommend Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza if you want to feel beautiful and confident during your trip.

Panasonic Beauty SALON 銀座

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In cooperation with Panasonic Beauty SALON Ginza

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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