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TsuruTonTan Udon - Three Of Japan's Best Noodle Dishes In Tokyo

TsuruTonTan Udon - Three Of Japan's Best Noodle Dishes In Tokyo

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Miho Moriya

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TsuruTonTan is a popular Japanese udon franchise that is known for its delicious noodles and its Instagrammable presentation. Loved by people of all ages, discover three popular udon dishes on the menu!

What Is TsuruTonTan?


Photo courtesy of Kato Pleasure Group Co.,Ltc

TsuruTonTan is a popular udon restaurant in Japan. Along with their diverse selection of udon arrangements to choose from, they also carry a variety of dishes such as the Eight Kinds of Vegetable Sushi (880 yen with tax), Minced Kobe Tajima Beef Cutlet (two pieces for 850 yen with tax), and an extensive selection of sake. 

They are open late at night making it convenient to visit after a busy day as well. At the Ginza branch, they are open until 04:00 in the morning on weekdays and Saturdays. Their long business hours, tasty dishes, and the great ambiance makes this shop a place frequently visited even by Japanese celebrities and pop idols.

This time we interviewed the staff of the Ginza branch located on the tenth floor of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza building about their recommended dishes and reasons to visit TsuruTonTan.

Massive Bowls for Bigger Appeal!


You will notice the massive bowls when dining at TsuruTonTan. With the hopes to amaze and impress the customer, the founder decided to use a large bowl to leave a lasting impression. The bowl is so big, that if you put it over your head, it would most likely hide your face!

The bowls are made just like the ones used for ikebana ( traditional flower arrangement). When your food is brought out, the visual impact of the bowl will surely wow you at first sight!

The moment you receive your bowl, you will be enticed by the smell of the dashi broth. The bowls are specially designed so the udon won't get cold to fast. That way, you can enjoy your udon at its best flavor and temperature for longer!

Top Three Udon Dishes Recommended by the Ginza Branch!

We asked the Ginza branch for their top sellers among visitors. At TsuruTonTan, you can request up to three tama (*1) of udon noodles for free. If you would like seconds or thirds of noodles, please ask the staff.

*1 Tama: a serving; one tama is approximately 260 grams of noodles.

1. TsuruTon Zanmai - For Hungry Stomachs


If you order TsuruTon Zanmai you will receive a bowl filled with tamagotoji (*2), meat, seaweed, and fish cake topped with a layer of aburaage (*3). The dish is served with tempura on the side, this dish has plenty of toppings as well.

The broth is gentle, with a light bonito tuna aroma. As you feast upon it, the sweetness from the aburaage combines with the broth, allowing the flavor to increase.

The firmness of the udon lasts for a long time so you can enjoy it until the very last bite. One bowl is 1980 yen including tax.

*2 Tamagotoji: a layer of scrambled egg is poured on top of the udon and is cooked by the heat of the noodles/broth.
*3 Aburaage: fried bean curd.

2. Hakata Mentaiko Cream Udon - Spicy Pink Soup

博多直送 明太子クリームのおうどん

The pink mentaiko cream (*4) soup may look a bit shocking for those seeing it for the first time. This is a dish where you can enjoy the smoothness of the soup along with the texture of the mentaiko. It is 1380 yen including tax.

The mentaiko is not only blended in the soup but is also used as a topping. For those who enjoy spicy food, it's recommended to eat the mentaiko bit by bit along with the noodles.

*4 Mentaiko: seasoned cod roe. Frequently used to refer to the cod roe that has been seasoned with chili peppers.

3. Tenzaru no Oudon - Refreshing Cold Udon


The Tenzaru no Oudon (1480 yen with tax) is served on top of ice. The noodles are exceptionally firm after they have been cooled on ice!

You can grind your own sesame seeds and add them, as well as the other condiments, to the bowl of dashi broth. A raw quail's egg is also provided for you to add to the broth if you wish.

The tempura (battered and fried vegetables and meat) assortment consists of shiitake mushroom, eggplant, seaweed, vegetables, and shrimp. The batter is very thin so you can fully enjoy the flavors of each ingredient.

TsuruTonTan Low-Carb Udon - For a Healthier Option

All noodles in the udon dishes can be changed to the TsuruTonTan Low-Carb udon. It has 60% less carbs for an additional 180 yen (with tax).

The TsuruTonTan Low-Carb udon has the amount of fiber equivalent to 25 heads of lettuce. It is slightly thinner than standard udon noodles, but has a great chewy consistency.

This is a perfect option for those who want to eat udon while keeping a balanced diet.

TsuruTonTan Modern Japanese Interior


The TsuruTonTan Ginza branch is located in the Tokyu Plaza Ginza shopping center. This shopping center is known for its "Cool Tokyo" concept. This branch is supposed to evoke Japanese elegance and history with its decor.


The decor is intentionally arranged in a not completely traditional Japanese style. In the evening, there are often special events where you can see three different shows with a piano, Tsugaru shamisen (*5), koto (*6), and other Japanese instruments performed live.

Despite this being an udon restaurant, there is also a bar counter. This makes this spot exceptionally unique.

*5 Tsugaru shamisen: a traditional Japanese musical instrument from western Aomori.
*6 Koto: another traditional Japanese instrument.


In order to provide a comfortable, more personal space for each customer, the seats are very spacious. You can enjoy your meal without worrying about other customers around you.


For those ordering a course meal, there are private rooms such as the sumo room or the kabuki room. These are ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the Japanese atmosphere.

A Romantic Japanese Dinner at TsuruTonTan


Photo courtesy of Kato Pleasure Group Co.,Ltd

For those who wish to enjoy a date with delicious Japanese food, why not go to TsuruTonTan? The modern Japanese ambiance, great menu, and variety of sake to choose from make this a perfect date spot.

When asking the company director, Mr. Hirade, about the charms of TsuruTonTan, he said, "it is a place where customers can spend a special time." Apparently, the restaurant even prepares a full set-up for a customer who wished to propose at TsuruTonTan.

Mr. Hirade also said, "we wish to continue beingthe go-to place when you're not sure where to go. This might be a date, a celebration or you simply want to eat in a calming restaurant."

In Tokyo, you can also find other branches in Roppongi, Shinjuku, and Haneda Airport. Due to its popularity, there may be people lining up but it is definitely worth the wait.

If you want to try some delicious udon, why not visit TsuruTonTan?

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