How To Eat 12 Popular Japanese Dishes Correctly

How To Eat 12 Popular Japanese Dishes Correctly


Have you ever hesitated about eating a Japanese dish because you weren't sure how exactly you should eat it? This article intends to solve such problems! Check out what is the correct way to eat sushi, tempura and other dishes.

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Food Tastes Better When Eaten Properly

There are plenty of unique dishes like sushi and tempura found all over Japan. Although you can enjoy these dishes in other countries, the authentic taste of those prepared in Japan is an extraordinary experience you just have to have.

There is a proper way to eat each Japanese dish in order to enjoy its flavors to the fullest. Of course, no two people eat alike, but if you learn to eat the foods in the manner that the Japanese do, you just might find that these dishes taste differently than you are used to. This article will explain how to eat sushi, tempura, soba, udon, yakitori, sukiyaki, tonkatsu, natto, onigiri from convenience stores, gyoza and hitsumabushi like the Japanese.

How to Eat Sushi


Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish, and was the very first dish that spread the appeal of Japanese food to the world. There are many enthusiastic fans of sushi all over the world now. As you might know, nigiri-zushi (hand-shaped sushi) which has a slice of raw fish on top of rice is usually eaten with soy sauce and wasabi.

Wasabi, which is well known for causing a spicy burning sensation in your nose and sinuses, is not liked by everybody. If you don't like wasabi, please tell the staff "sabi nuki" (without wasabi) when you order your sushi in Japan.

In addition, when you dip sushi into the soy sauce, flip the sushi over so that the fish absorbs the soy sauce rather than the rice; this way the rice won't soak up too much soy sauce and you won't lose the flavor of the fish itself.

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