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7 Foods You Must Try When In Japan

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The 7 must-taste dishes that any visitor in Japan should try in order to understand the international appeal of Japanese cuisine.

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Part of the fun of traveling is tasting he local dishes and food culture. The taste itself of course, but also learning about the ingredients and cooking methods unique to a country isssfascinating. In this article, we will be introducing 7 must-eat staple Japanese foods in Japan.

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1. Sushi

7 Foods You Must Try When In Japan

Representing Japanese food worldwide, sushi is nowadays popular all around the globe. Sushi is sliced raw fish placed on small servings of rice. Usually, soy sauce and wasabi are used to bring out the flavor of sushi, but if you are not particularly a fan of the spicy taste of wasabi, ask for "sabi-nuki", meaning "no wasabi".

There are many types of sushi restaurants, including the standard sushi restaurant where the itamae (sushi chef) makes the sushi right in front of customers, all-you-can-eat style restaurants where you can eat as much sushi you want for a fixed price, and kaiten-zushi restaurants, where the sushi you ordered is brought to you by a conveyor belt.

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2. Tempura

7 Foods You Must Try When In Japan

Tempura is a battered and deep fried dish of seafood or vegetables. It's usually eaten dipped lightly in ten-tsuyu, a soy sauce-based sauce, or with seasonings such as salt. Tendon, tempura on a bowl of white rice covered with sweet sauce, is also a delicious dish.

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