[Yamanashi] Experience "hot spring" while looking at Japan's highest mountain "Mt. Fuji"!

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Speaking of Japan, it is a natural hot spring powerhouse. If you have come all the way to Japan for sightseeing, “Mt. Fuji” and “hot springs” are must-see places. This time, we would like to introduce the hot spring facility "Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen" at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefec...


About hot spring facilities in Japan

In Japan, it is customary to bathe naked and in separate facilities for men and women in hot springs, as opposed to the practice in other countries where swimsuits may be worn and bathing is co-ed. There are also certain prohibitions to be aware of when enjoying Japanese hot springs. Prohibited items or practices, such as tattoos, vary depending on the facility, so please make sure to check the website or other sources of information before visiting.

The culture and etiquette of Japanese baths, hot springs, and public baths that you should know https://matcha-jp.com/en/2534

About Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen

Located at the foot of Mt.Fuji, in Narusawa Village next to Lake Kawaguchiko Town, the one-day hot spring facility "Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen" is about 20 minutes away from Kawaguchiko Sta. on the Fujikyuko Line using the free shuttle bus (advance reservation required).

As mentioned above, this hot spring facility is the same as a typical Japanese hot spring, and the bathroom is separate for men and women, and it is a hot spring facility where you bathe naked. In addition, it is a hot spring facility that you can easily visit whenever you want without making a reservation in advance.

There are 16 types of baths in total, including 2 types of open-air baths, the “Sacred peak open-air bath” and the “Panorama Bath,” where you can soak in a bath while looking directly at Mt. Enjoy. The bath has amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap, makeup remover, and hair dryer, so you can use it empty-handed!

In addition to the hot springs, there are also "free rest rooms" and "pay rest rooms" where you can relax after a bath, "restaurant Fujizakura" where you can taste local ingredients at reasonable prices, and private rooms where mini SL trains carry meals. There is a restaurant called "Okariba".

About the source

"Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen" is located in Aokigahara Jukai, and is a natural hot spring formed in the mobile zone at the foot of Mt. Fuji. This hot spring consists of green tuff bedrock (green tuff) that contains hydrothermal deposits from submarine volcanoes that were active about 15 million years ago. Rich in mineral ingredients that have been recharged over a long period of time in a fault fracture zone 1,500 meters underground, it is a full-fledged natural fissure hot spring.

※Fissure-type natural hot spring: A natural hot spring that gushes out from cracks and fissures (fissures) in the underground bedrock. It is formed by rock faults and fractures caused by crustal activity, earthquakes, etc.

In terms of composition, cations such as calcium ions, magnesium ions, sodium ions, and iron ions and anions such as sulfate ions, chloride ions, and carbonate ions are abundantly contained in a well-balanced manner. Due to its weak alkaline properties, it acts on weakly acidic skin, and is expected to enhance the hot spring effect by more effectively absorbing cations such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron.

Yurari Recommended 5 Baths

Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen has 16 types of baths, but we will introduce 5 of the most popular baths.

① Sacred peak open-air bath

The No. 1 popular open-air bath where you can see magnificent Mt. Fuji while soaking in the bathtub. It is lit up at night, and you can enjoy the bath in a fantastic world.

②Panorama bath

You can enjoy a panoramic open-air bath with a dynamic view of Mt.Fuji.

③ Cave bath

In the dome-shaped low-temperature bubble bath, the wall is covered with lava reminiscent of Mt.Fuji. Please relax in a fantastic space with lighting.

④ Sacred peak spring water bath

Japan's best mineral water promotes and activates the basics of natural healing power: intestinal regulation, blood purification, detoxification, and nutrition.

⑤ High view bath

A spacious indoor bath with a view of Mt. Fuji. You can see Mt. Fuji which is a little different from the two types of open-air baths.

Recommended facilities in Yurarikan

① Restaurant “Okariba”

A private dining room where you can enjoy traditional Yamanashi hot pot dishes surrounded by an irori hearth in an atmosphere reminiscent of Japan's Taisho era.

Recommended menu "Hoto Nabe"

"Hoto" is a local dish that represents Yamanashi Prefecture. Flat noodles made from wheat flour are simmered in a miso soup with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms to create a simple yet flavorful dish. Made from vegetables such as pumpkins and carrots, it is said to be good for beauty and health because it is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.

Hoto hotpot ¥1,600 (Minimum order for two people)

②Restaurant “Fujizakura”

A restaurant where you can taste local ingredients at reasonable prices.

Recommended menu "Fujizakura Pork cutlet set meal" 1,620 yen

Fujizakura Pork is a meat that is characterized by a fine, soft texture and sweet fat with little odor by feeding special feed containing barley and oligosaccharides.

There are many other menus such as "Oshino Salmon Bowl", "Mt. Fuji Cutlet Curry", and "Ramen". In addition to meals, you can also enjoy sweets such as “soft serve ice cream”, “cream anmitsu”, and “ice cream”.

*It is also possible to use only the meal without using the bath. If you are only going to eat, please let the front desk know when you enter.

Paid lounge

Paid lounge with an outstanding view of Mt. Fuji

If the weather is clear, you can see Mt.Fuji right in front of you from the "paid rest room" where you can see the foot of Mt.Fuji. You can spend a relaxing time while looking at Mt.Fuji after taking a bath.

Fee: 2,000 yen per hour

④Body Refresh Room Oashisu

You can heal the tiredness of your trip.

We offer a number of courses such as "Body care" that relaxes the whole body, "Head refreshment" that relieves tension and stiffness in the scalp and promotes blood flow, and "Traditional Thai health method".

*It is also possible to use only the massage without using the bath. If you want to use only massage, please tell the front desk when you enter the building.

Private bath

You can see Mt.Fuji from all private baths!

There are 6 types of private baths where you can enjoy Mt. Fuji and hot springs in a private space. Suitable for families and couples.

The private bath costs 2,500 yen per room (60 minutes) in addition to the entrance fee.

People with tattoos are not allowed to use the private baths.

Use of the private baths is limited to guests staying at the large accommodation facility "Fuji Midori no Kyukamura" adjacent to Yurari.

⑥ Japanese-style scrubbing

Thoroughly removes "dirt" from the whole body and transforms into moist and smooth skin!

In addition to the scrubbing menu, we have many menus such as oil lymphatics that use oil to regulate the flow of lymph nodes.

*It is not possible to use only the akasuri. (Admission fee is charged separately)


■ If you come by car

Take National Route 139 from Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC to Fujinomiya/ Motosuko Enter Roadside Station Narusawa

■ If you come by bus or train

Please use the Yurari free shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko Sta. on the Fujikyuko Line.

To use the free shuttle bus, you must make a reservation online at least one hour before the bus departure time.

See here for details → https://www.fuji-yurari.jp/access.html

■ For those using a route bus

Take the Kawaguchiko Sta./ Shojiko/  Motosuko Bus (Blue Line) that departs from Kawaguchiko Station and get off at Roadside Station Narusawa. 3 minutes on foot from "Michi-no-Eki Narusawa" bus stop

■ Those who use Kusi

It takes about 20 minutes from Kawaguchiko Sta. and costs 3,000 to 5,000 yen.

Please tell the driver "Yurari Onsen".

Recommended sightseeing model plan to enjoy hot springs and sightseeing

■ 9:00 Arrive at Kawaguchiko Sta. on the Fujikyuko Line

Arrive at Kawaguchiko Sta.  Go to Fujikanko Travel in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station!

■ 9:00~14:00 Bicycle rental (around Lake Kawaguchiko)

Rent an electric bicycle! 600 yen for 1 hour / 3,000 yen for 1 day

Let's deposit all heavy luggage!

Luggage storage service Luggage under 60cm in height costs 500 yen, and over 60cm in height costs 700 yen.

Stroll around Lake Kawaguchiko!

■ 15:00 Ride the Yurari free shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko Sta.

Click here to make a reservation for the shuttle bus → https://reserva.be/fuji_yurari

■ 15:20~17:00 Enjoy hot springs and meals in Yurari onsen

■ 17:30 Ride the shuttle bus from Yurari

For the free shuttle bus from Yurari to Kawaguchiko Sta., please make a reservation at the Yurari front desk at least 30 minutes before the bus departure time.

■ 17:50 Arrive at Kawaguchiko Sta.

■ 18:10 To express bus from Lake Kawaguchiko

Please drop in at Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen!

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