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Make Cute Accessories In Tokyo! This Top Instragrammer Shows Us How

Make Cute Accessories In Tokyo! This Top Instragrammer Shows Us How

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by MATCHA-PR

Tokyo 2017.08.03 Bookmark

Popular Instagrammar PIMTHA takes on the challenge of making accessories her own accessories at Kiwa Seisakujo in Harajuku, Tokyo! Learn about workshops, and see her on NHK WORLD's "TOKYO EYE 2020".

Today we meet PIMTHA, Thailand's most watched Instagrammer, who has rapidly gained attention from young Thai women interested in living a fashionable and cute lifestyle.

"I've always wanted to go to Japan!" PIMTHA has had her eye on a shop for a long time, and that shop is Kiwa Seisakujo, an accessory parts specialty shop located in Laforet Harajuku.

"You can make sparkly accessories there, right? I can't wait!" Let's head to the world headquarters of kawaii, Harajuku, and check out this shop.

Accessories Parts from Around the World - Kiwa Seisakujo

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo
Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

Kiwa Seisakujo is well known for being a shop that stocks accessories parts and supplies from all around the world. You can see bits and pieces in various shapes and colors everywhere you look inside. Glass beads, shiny ribbons, and so much more are carefully arranged around the store; a sight that is sure to make you happy just by looking at it.

Their Harajuku store is located on the third floor of Laforet Harajuku, a shopping complex where fashion forward youth come to shop. This shop, selling its cutting edge fashion accessory parts, is just the place for those who want to make their own unique fashions.

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo
Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

Here you can purchase all the parts you like, such as beads or metal fittings. One of the charms of the store is that you can fully make your own accessories, including necklaces, pierced earrings, and even themed hairpins, all with the parts you purchase there.

Make Your Own Accessories in Their Cafe

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

In the Laforet Harajuku store, they hold special workshops where you can make your own accessories at Beads Labo Plus Cafe, their jointly established cafe. You can make accessories while having tea or sweets.
**Food and drink orders have additional fees.

They also have a workshop popular with beginners, where instructors carefully explain how to make different accessories. At present, this workshop is only available in Japanese, but as the instructor must use a lot of gestures while giving their demonstrations, even those who do not speak a word of Japanese can enjoy themselves.

PIMTHA decided to give the workshop a try!

You Don't Need to Bring Anything! Great for Travelers

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

In the workshop, the accessories that you will be making, which include pierced earrings and necklaces, are decided in advance, and the shop prepares all the necessary tools and materials for the participants. You don't have to prepare anything yourself, so you can just come right to the shop when it's lesson time.

The participation and materials fee is only 1500 yen, which is very reasonable, and the whole workshop itself only takes about 1-2 hours. This is a great option if you want to try something unique while also leaving time in your schedule to sightsee around Tokyo! While it's a good idea to reserve your place in advance, if there are openings in the workshop, you can also just join in that same day too.

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

In her very first workshop, PIMTHA decided to try making her own flower-shaped necklace and tassel earrings. The necklaces are made using a clay-like material called Crystal Clay. For this necklace you need to affix the clay to the flower pattern to get the right foundation, but it's a little difficult to apply and get all the petals to be the same size!

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

PIMTHA was struggling a bit at first, but the instructor gave her some great advice, so she was able to finish it perfectly.

Trying Out the More Advanced Item: Tassels!

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo
Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

The tassel has become a trendy, higher fashion decoration in Japan for both hats and bags. This time, we are going to try making small tassel pierced earrings.

Thanks to the Kind Instructor, Even Beginners Can Have Fun!

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

When actually making it, it is quite difficult to make sure that each and every thread is the same length, but thanks to the professional skills that PIMTHA learned from our instructor, we were able to align all the threads perfectly.

While it's nice to leisurely make your own accessories at home, it's great to hear the advice from professionals like this, as your own works will just get better and better as a result.

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

PIMTHA was very excited; "I will definitely try making these again at home!" Despite being a little nervous at the beginning, she was able to finish two very different types of accessories all in about two hours.

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

One thing you should definitely do when you visit Kiwa Seisakujo to make your own accessories is to try wearing them and take some photos, or even purikura! Having fashionable accessories on will make your photos come out even better than before. And more than anything else, you'll have even better memories of your trip if you bring back something that you made yourself rather than something that you just purchased.

Check Out PIMTHA on NHK WORLD TV "TOKYO EYE 2020" and at Japan Expo In Thailand 2017

Cute Accessories Making Workshop In Tokyo

During her visit to Japan, PIMTHA is not only trying her hand at making accessories, but also learning how to take care of a small bonsai, and how to decorate a clock too. For her handmade accessories experience, check out the NHK WORLD TV show TOKYO EYE 2020, on August 2nd, 2017. Then you can see the charming PIMTHA on TV too!

PIMTHA is also appearing on the TOKYO EYE 2020 program dedicated to Tokyo's latest entertainment spots, featured on August 9th, which you shouldn't miss either. These two programs will be available on NHK WORLD TV's Video On Demand for free afterwards too.

For those who want to experience the latest trends and culture in Tokyo, PIMTHA recommends checking out the Japan Expo in Thailand 2017 held in Bangkok from September 1st (Fri) - 3rd (Sun).

There are displays and shows covering a wide variety of genres, including beauty, fashion and even gourmet, all of which are great opportunities to learn and experience Japanese culture. NHK WORLD will have its own booth at the event, so please check it out! On September 2nd from 13:15-13:45, PIMTHA will appear as a guest on a talk show! This show is going to go more in-depth about the program's location and about the charms of Tokyo too.

Don't forget to watch TOKYO EYE 2020 and Japan Expo in Thailand 2017!

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Photos and original text by Yayoi Sakaguchi.
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