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vol.01 Shotengai - Everyday Shopping Streets


Experience Sights and Sounds of Daily Life

It's an age of convenience. Massive department stores and online shopping offer fast access to a variety of goods. On the other hand, they can't provide a local shopping experience.

At the local market streets known as shotengai, shopping is more than just "convenient." These streets hold lively traces of traditional Japanese lifestyles that remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

We want to share the charms of these local shopping streets with people all over the world. MATCHA Stories is sharing the culture of shotengai, the traditional shopping streets!

What is a "Shopping Street?"

While the phrase "shopping street" can be used to describe any place where shops line an avenue, a traditional Japanese shopping street is one that sells daily necessities for local residents. You can find clothing, delicious meats and vegetables, restraunts, and more. The small shops ensure a charming, local eperience. Many vendors also have street stalls, so it's a great place to enjoy a relaxed stroll.

Let's dive in and experience a unique side of Japan that you won't find at a tourist hot spot!

MATCHA's editors have searched out some of the best sjopping streets in Japan.


  • Shimofuri Ginza Shotengai: A Tokyo Shopping Street for All Ages


    Shimofuri Ginza Shotengai is a five-minute walk from JR Komagome Station. You'll find a shopping street stretching for 250 meters lined with about 50 stores. Established in 1953, these retailers have strived to keep up with the times. Read on to learn about its history, shops, and local delicacies!

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