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Niigata's Retro-Cute Nuttari Terrace Street: Charming Cafes And Shops

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The old and new exists together on Nuttari Terrace Street. It may be slightly different from a district lined with daily commodities for purchase, but you will always be met with a warm smile. Please stop by if you’re visiting Niigata.

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What Is Nuttari Terrace Street?

Walk 15 Minutes From Niigata Station To The Retro And Adorable Nuttari Terrace Street

Photo courtesy of: Terrace Office Co.

The Nuttari area has been overflowing with energy since long ago as the Nuttari Marketplace. It was once an area reduced to a street of shutters after a decrease in the number of stores, but a new shopping street has risen and has become an area overflowing with liveliness.

This street began once more when the delicatessen Ruruck Kitchen opened in 2010, spurring requests to open stores to come one after another. The following year, the handmade furniture and café ISANA opened and was followed by the ceramics art studio and class Aotogama the year after that.

Gradually, young men and women who felt the charm of this street brought more new stores to the area, bringing the total store count to 25. Thus the new start to Nuttari Terrace Street began.

Let’s Walk to the Shopping District

Nuttari Terrace Street can be accessed by bus from Niigata Station. Exit at the Nuttari Crossroads bus stop and continue straight, then turn right at the Nuttari Higashi 3 traffic light.

Nuttari Terrace Street begins from the first corner you turn at. A collection of small stores that extend along row houses make up Nuttari Terrace Street.


Walk 15 Minutes From Niigata Station To The Retro And Adorable Nuttari Terrace Street

Once you continue a little further into Nuttari Terrace Street, you will come across an entire wall painted in white with a small sign hung on it; that is the impressive Aotogama. It is an art studio that manufactures ceramics, small goods, accessories and more.

Walk 15 Minutes From Niigata Station To The Retro And Adorable Nuttari Terrace Street

The shop space sells products made at Aotogama. There are several products with a calming, gentle tone to them. The products sold in this shop are made using local ingredients such as yuyaku (*1), made from the ashes of the Le Lectier pear, that agree with the body while being simple.

A ceramics experience class also takes place in the studio. Advanced reservations are required. Overseas visitors can take part in this course as well, if they are accepting of instructions given in basic English and via gestures, so please try contacting the shop by e-mail if you are interested.

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*1 Yuyaku: a fine powder spread over pottery to bring out the luster in the surface of baked ceramics and to prevent liquid from penetrating into surface.

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