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9 Japan-Made Umbrellas: Lightweight, Strong, and Fashionable!


Translated by Greg

Written by Callie


Umbrellas are an indispensable item on rainy and sunny days. This article introduces nine Japanese umbrellas that will lift your spirits on a rainy day. Each has unique features, including light and durable fabric, UV-cutting properties, and stylish design.

An umbrella is indispensable on days of rain and shine.

However, it's common for many to forget and leave it behind at their destination. Likewise, umbrellas frequently break and fall apart, making for a depressing and melancholy rainy day.

With these in mind, this article introduces nine fashionable and highly practical umbrellas that you'll want to take with you wherever you go!

Handmade Umbrellas by Artisans

1. Koshuori Umbrella Series

Komiya Shoten

Founded in 1930, Komiya Shoten is an umbrella specialty shop in Tokyo's Higashi-Nihonbashi area. They sell made-in-Japan umbrellas known for their high quality and craft.

The Kasane Series uses Koshuori fabric made in the famous textile production area of Yamanashi Prefecture—with a history spanning 400 years.

Koshuori has a weave that is both dense and even. This helps achieve a deep color featuring a high gloss and elegant texture. The 16 lightweight carbon ribs result in an umbrella that combines durability with water resistance.

When the umbrella is opened, it can cover a large area due to its multiple ribs. The sphere-like shape also gives it a graceful appearance.

Komiya Shoten Umbrella

The simple design uses a thin line on the fabric's edge as an added fashionable feature (see photo above).

Countless color variations allow you to choose an umbrella that best suits your lifestyle. This is just one of many reasons why people of all ages love this umbrella.

2. Isa Pattern Series Stick Umbrella

Isa Pattern Motifs

The Isa Pattern Series is also handled by the previously mentioned Komiya Shoten. Featuring furoshiki fabric (cotton) that's been dyed on both sides, this type of umbrella is the first of its kind in Japan.

Fully functional on sunny and rainy days, it offers UV protection and is waterproof with its water repellent finish.

This sun-and-rain umbrella measures 50 cm in size, making it convenient to carry. The cute, elegant motifs are also fashionable and perfect for special outings.

3. Urawaza Folding Umbrella Folds Up in Just 3 Seconds!


MOONBAT, a company involved in technological development for 100 years, continues to make original products. Espeically popular is the urawaza Umbrella Series.

The Three Second Folding Umbrella featuring shape retention and wrinkle resistance technology is the first of its kind worldwide.

The PET resin special sheet on the back side of the umbrella allows it to fold without causing the fabric to wrinkle. As a result, the fabric can be rolled up in an instant.


The fabric blocks more than 99.99% of the sun's harmful rays. It also comes with a water repellent finish and cute floral pattern.

The urawaza series overturns the image of folding umbrellas being a nuisance to use. This product is extremely convenient that it's a no-brainer recommendation for anyone looking for folding umbrellas.

Urawaza Umbrella

MOONBAT umbrellas are available for purchase on Amazon. How about experiencing these amazing "three seconds" for yourself?

4. One Touch Folding Umbrella With a Feline Paw Design

Umbrella With a Feline Paw Design

Cat lovers won't be able to resist these umbrella handles shaped like a cat's paw!

Using the same hand holding the umbrella, you can open or close your umbrella with just one press of a button. It weighs a mere 250 grams, so we recommend this umbrella for all ages, including children.

With a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of +50, the umbrella cuts more than 99% of UV rays. It also has a 100% light-shielding effect and heat-shielding effect. During the summer, it serves as sufficient protection against sun stroke. Even when the sun's rays aren't strong, ultraviolet rays are always present.

This umbrella is ideal for those who want a highly functional parasol to protect their skin.

Since it's cute and portable, you can use this umbrella in almost any situation.

5. DeliToo: A Large Folding Umbrella Especially for Men

Folding Umbrella for Men

As research into the damaging effects of UV rays increases, there is an increase in parasol-toting men (higasa danshi) in recent years.

DeliToo is a brand that produces a popular folding umbrella for days of rain and shine. They are one of Amazon Japan's top three selling products, receiving over 1,000 favorable comments.

When opened, the umbrella has a diameter of 108 centimeters. In other words, tall men won't feel constrained as they typically do with smaller umbrellas.

This is an easy-to-use, one-touch folding umbrella. Even if one of your hands is occupied, you can use your other hand to quickly open or close the umbrella with a single touch.

It's convenient to have this in your bag or car to cease worrying about sudden rain showers.

The twelve umbrella ribs are strong yet flexible, giving the umbrella top-quality wind resistance and durability.

6. estaa: This Transparent Umbrella Will Have You Gazing at the Sky!


The previously mentioned MOONBAT has an extensive lineup that includes estaa. This umbrella brand has even become a topic of conversation on social media. The most attractive feature of this plastic umbrella is the unique color gradations.

In Finnish, "estaa" means protection. You can protect yourself against the natural elements whether it's rain, wind, or climate change. The umbrella's concept is for users to have an enjoyable mood regardless of whatever weather comes their way.

Bring a pop of color into your life just by using this umbrella. The estaa brand will be the starting point for adding fun and joy to your day!

7. JUNDOMECY: A Durable and Lightweight Umbrella!

See-Through Umbrella

We recommend the JUNDOMECY see-through stick umbrella for those who don't want to wander into a convenience store and purchase any old umbrella.

In fact, this stick umbrella is sturdy and especially large. It opens to a diameter of 101 centimeters, preventing your back or carry bag from getting wet.

It's also transparent, so you'll get an unobstructed view in all directions! In other words, this umbrella is easy to use and suitable for all occasions. It's convenient to have one on hand on rainy days!

8. Vegetabrella: Is This a Head of Lettuce or a Folding Umbrella?


Japan has many umbrellas that are not only elegant and cute, but also extremely unique.

Vegetabrella, an umbrella with additional UV-cutting properties, is suitable for rainy and sunny days. It weighs about 165 grams—the same weight as a smartphone! Additionally, it conveniently fits into any bag or backpack.

People passing by won't be able to stop themselves from chuckling. We also recommend giving this umbrella as a gift to friends.

9. Wpc.: A Unique Collaboration With the Super Mario Brothers!

Nintendo Umbrella

In 1985, the Japanese company Nintendo sold a hit computer game called Super Mario Brothers.

This umbrella created by Wpc. is made of plastic and incorporates various elements from the Super Mario Brothers. This includes the underwater stage with red brick designs in four color variations.

Nintendo See-Through Umbrella

When you open this umbrella on a rainy day, you'll feel like you're in the underwater stage. Despite the gloomy rainfall, you'll be able to enjoy your day like it's a computer game. This is one item that you'll be proud to own!

Japanese Umbrellas Make Perfect Souvenirs!

Many Japanese umbrellas combine fashionable designs with practicality.

When our Taiwanese writer visited Japan a decade ago, Japanese umbrellas were already popular souvenirs by word of mouth.

We hope you'll find a featured umbrella in this article that suits your needs and personal style. Most importantly, it should be an umbrella you'll be excited to take everywhere you go!

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