A Floating Hotel! PETALS TOKYO: Enjoy Art and Tokyo's Beautiful Waterfront

Tennozu Isle Station can be easily reached from Haneda Airport via the Tokyo Monorail. The area has become popular with art lovers, boasting many galleries and public art. PETALS TOKYO, located nearby, is the only floating boutique hotel in Tokyo where guests can take in the waterfront views.


Just 20 Minutes from Haneda Airport! An Art Hotel on Tokyo's Tennozu Canal

Art Hotel PETALS TOKYO in Tennozu Isle

Picture courtesy of PETALS TOKYO

From Haneda Airport, it's just a 20-minute monorail ride to Tennozu Isle Station. You'll be riding among Tokyo's glistening office towers.

As the name suggests, Tennozu Isle is a reclaimed island, built from the sandbanks accumulated in Tokyo Bay. Since the Edo Period, the area has become a depot filled with warehouses, and various supplies were transported via the canal.

Art Hotel PETALS TOKYO in Tennozu Isle

Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

Throughout history, canals have assisted the development of civilizations. Tennozu Isle, with the help of companies based in the area such as Warehouse Terrada, has gone through renovations spanning more than thirty years. The area is now a district filled with art-related facilities.


Picture courtesy of Warehouse TERRADA

When it comes to Tokyo's waterfront areas, the bustling Odaiba district may be the first to come to mind. In comparison, Tennozu Isle offers a refined, elegant atmosphere.

The area has a relaxing aura, full of trendsetting facilities such as cafes and restaurants, along with WHAT MUSEUM, which exhibits contemporary art, TERRADA ART COMPLEX, the largest aggregate of art galleries in Japan, and PIGMENT TOKYO, a laboratory/workshop that handles art materials.


PETALS TOKYO, located on the canal in Tennozu, opened in 2020. It is the only floating hotel in Tokyo where the guests can enjoy a stay surrounded by art.

Limited to Only Four Groups per Day! Enjoying the Many Facets of Tokyo

PETALS TOKYO hovers next to T-Lotus M, a floating facility supervised by the prominent architect Kengo Kuma. The hotel consists of four small vessels, which act as guestrooms designed each in a different style.

The hotel name comes from these vessels because they look like petals drifting on the water.

petals tokyo

Picture courtesy of PETALS TOKYO

The reception of PETALS TOKYO is located in a space between WHAT Cafe, an art gallery/cafe complex, and B & C Hall, an event space. Valet service (*) is also available. After checking in, guests can head to their rooms.

* The hotel staff will be parking the guests' cars.

PETAL 1: Moderate yet Gorgeous

art hotel in Tokyo

Picture courtesy of PETALS TOKYO

PETAL 1 is designed and colored in a bold fashion. The ironwork was made by the artist on the spot.

A gorgeous interior welcomes the guests, who will be probably wondering if they have traveled to another world.

art hotel in tokyo

The bed is located at the center of the room, offering a view of the intersecting canals. Guests can also watch the people strolling by the canal from one window, and pleasure boats passing by from another window across the room.

The ripples on the surface of the canal will constantly remind guests that they are floating, which is a thrilling sensation!

tokyo art hotel

The shower booth, which looks like it came from a spaceship, can also be used as a mist sauna room. The towel racks are heated, so the guests need not worry about having to deal with cold towels in winter.

tokyo bay hotel

Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

All the rooms face westward. When the guests check in at 15:00, the canal will be sparkling in the sunlight of dusk. As the sun sets, the sky changes its colors to yellow and crimson. Since the location is close to the airport, airplanes can be spotted at all times flying in the sky.

The canal absorbs the street sounds, making the guests feel as if time has slowed down. It is a strange yet calming feeling.

東京 夜景

Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

At night, there are no boats on the canal, only the occasional sound of a splash. Lying down on the Simmons bed, guests will feel like they are floating somewhere between heaven and earth.

PETAL 2: A Stunning Cabin


Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

The neighboring room is the largest of the four vessels, with a large window looking across the canal. There is also a porthole, which reminds the guests of a cabin on a ship.

PETAL 3: A Canal View From the Rooftop


Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

東京 美食 浪漫

Picture courtesy of PETALS TOKYO

PETAL 3 has a panoramic window that allows the guests to feel the water closer.

This room is the only one with a rooftop terrace, where the guests can enjoy snacks from the local eatery, or the hotel's complimentary dessert.

PETAL 4: A Room for Three With a Warm Atmosphere


Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga


Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

While the other three rooms are for two people, PETAL 4 is the only room that can accommodate up to three guests. Decorated with warm colors, it has a homey atmosphere.

All the rooms are furnished with the PETALS TOKYO wine list, so the guests can order champagne or wine from the room service.

Environmentally Conscious Policies at PETALS TOKYO

art hotel

Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

The guestrooms are actually categorized as small boats and are provided with life vests.

Compared to an ordinary hotel, it took much more time and energy to obtain a business license, due to its special condition. PETALS TOKYO is a truly rare type of hotel.


In order not to disturb the ecosystem of the canal, the hotel pays extraordinary attention to being eco-friendly.

There are no plastics in the amenity items, and most are made from wood or bamboo so that guests can take them home and use them after their stay. The beverages in the room are packed in bottles made from reusable materials.


The wooden toothbrush has just the right width, length, and firmness for dental cleaning. Guests will surely like this item and take it home.

Art, Canal Cruises, and Fine Food! Enjoy the Charm of Tokyo's Waterfront

Tokyo cherry blossoms

Picture courtesy of PETALS TOKYO

During your stay at PETALS TOKYO, enjoy visiting the many galleries and exhibitions nearby. Tennnozu Isle is an enchanting destination for art lovers!

The hotel offers various accommodation plans for those who wish to enjoy Tennozu Isle to the fullest.

Canal cruises are a popular activity in Tokyo's waterfront area. The Meguro River cruise allows the participants to view the cherry blossoms on both sides of the river without having to weave through the spectators.

Tokyo crafts

Picture courtesy of PETALS TOKYO

The hotel hosts a joint drawing workshop with PIGMENT TOKYO, an art material laboratory where the interior was designed by architect Kengo Kuma. Guests can try their hand at creating a work of art!

petals tokyo breakfast

Picture courtesy of Yuka Akinaga

In the morning, breakfast will be delivered from a popular bakery nearby. Alternatively, guests can visit the bakery and enjoy their meal on-site. Breakfast with a view of the canal will surely boost your mood!

Tokyo beer garden

Picture courtesy of PETALS TOKYO

T-Lotus M, a floating event space that was also supervised by architect Kengo Kuma, is hosting a beer garden in the summer. Visitors can enjoy the scenery, enjoy delicious, cold beer, and have fun with friends.

Relish the Hidden Charms of Tokyo Bay!


Unlike other urban hotels, PETALS TOKYO in Tennozu Isle offers a superb, floating space that is filled with art!

Guests staying at this hotel will be able to fully experience the charm of Tokyo's waterfront with splendid canal views, light reflecting on the water surface, and art-related facilities.

From Tennozu Isle, guests can easily access famous destinations such as Haneda Airport, Shinagawa, and Odaiba along with Tokyo Disney Resort. The hotel itself has the distinctive atmosphere of cosmopolitan Tokyo. Those who are visiting Tokyo after a long time should definitely give this unique hotel a try!

Written by Lin
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