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Moji, Kitakyushu City, which is counted as one of Japan's three major ports and developed as a base for international trade. It is a tourist destination that represents Kyushu and is visited by 2 million people a year. In 2019, Mojiko Station was restored to its 100-year-old appearance, attracting e...


Affordable and Comfortable Traveling Alone at ARK BLUE Hostel

All eight rooms have kitchenettes and microwaves. There is a supermarket and a drug store within 300 meters from the inn, so it's a waste to stay for just one night.

A 2-minute walk to the boarding point for the ferry to Shimonoseki! "Premier Hotel Mojiko"

" Premier Hotel Mojiko " is a symbol of Mojiko. The eye-catching red brick design was designed by the late Italian architect Aldo Rossi.

The charm of "Premier Hotel Mojiko" is not only its design, but also its good location that expands the range of sightseeing.

2 minutes walk to JR Mojiko Station. The hotel is built so that it is surrounded by sightseeing spots in Mojiko, so it is easy to return to the hotel and take a break between sightseeing. In addition, the boarding point for the ferry to Shimonoseki is a 2-minute walk away.

How about going a little further and enjoying fresh seafood at Karato Market? After a 5-minute boat ride from Mojiko, you are already in Shimonoseki.

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