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There are so many kinds! 10 Must-Know Okayama Souvenirs: Kibidango

When it comes to Okayama souvenirs, it's "kibidango". The store has a wide variety of items, from standard items to unique items. Among them, we will introduce 10 recommended "kibidango".


① “Momotorao” (soy sauce millet dumpling) Nakayama Shoyodo

It is a creative millet dumpling made by kneading the soy sauce of tiger soy sauce into the millet dumpling of Nakayama Shoyodo. The name is based on the motif of “Momotaro” and “Torao” of tiger soy sauce. The faint soy sauce flavor stimulates your appetite and makes you want to eat it.

② "KIBI DANGO" (salt chocolate millet dumpling) Nakayama Shoyodo

Chocolate with almond accents is wrapped in salt-flavored gyuhi. We use millet and salt from Okayama prefecture. It is a combination of Japanese and Western flavors, with chocolate coming out of millet dumplings. It is based on the interesting concept of donating 3% of the sales to an organization that contributes to society and getting rid of the "oni" that causes people trouble with donations.

③ "Original millet dumpling" (sea salt flavor) Koeido

It features a package designed by world-famous picture book author Taro Gomi, born from the desire to raise it as a sweet that can be eaten by children all over Japan as "Momotaro's millet dumpling" instead of "Okayama's millet dumpling". "Sea salt millet dumplings" use natural sea salt "Umisei" from Izu Oshima. The "sea semen", which is manufactured from seawater using a traditional Japanese method, contains enough minerals necessary for the human body. It's not too sweet and refreshing, so it's so delicious that you just can't help but eat it.

④ “Old Kibi Dango” Koeido

We use specially cultivated rice grown in the Takamatsu district of Okayama City, which is famous for producing glutinous rice called "Mandokoro Mochi". It is characterized by its light sweetness and springy texture. It is a high-class millet dumpling, and it is often sold out on weekends.

⑤ "Chocolate millet dumpling" Yamawaki Sangetsudo

Soft chocolate with rich cacao flavor is wrapped in chocolate mochi. The rice cake is surrounded by cocoa powder, and it is delicious like sweets.

⑥ "Kibidango" (Ume) Sold by Heisei Shokuhin and Rice Store Nigiri Meshi Yamada Village, Manufactured by Yamawaki Sangetsudo

Millet dumplings with sweet and refreshing Japanese plum jam wrapped in soft mochi that melts in your mouth. It's like an elegant dessert with a slightly translucent white rice cake dough and the scent of plums left behind. Yamawaki Sangetsudo was commissioned by Heisei Shokuhin, which operates Nigiri-meshi Yamadamura, a rice shop popular for its rice balls, to produce millet dumplings with a new sensation. Sold at Okayama Station Sun Station Yamada Village.

⑦ "Kinako Millet Dango" Koeido Takeda

Kibidango designed by Noritake. The soybean flour has a gentle taste, and it is a millet dumpling that has a sense of security that I have been familiar with since I was little. The plain flavor package is inspired by cherry blossoms.

⑧ "Kibidango crepe" Tanabe

It's an ice cream millet dumpling. The crepe contains a cream tokibi dumpling. It feels like I'm going to finish eating while I'm enjoying the mysterious deliciousness.

⑨ "Muscat millet dumpling" Takehisa Yumeji Honpo Shikishimado

Muscat nectar from Okayama Prefecture is contained in the kibidango, and the fruity muscat spreads in your mouth.

⑩ "Kibidango" Kinmando main office

It is easy to eat as a millet dumpling that you can eat without getting your hands dirty. There is also a set with kibi dengaku.

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