Experience Nighttime Rickshaw Tour of Cherry Blossoms at Hoshino Resorts's hot spring inn "KAI Tamatsukuri"

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KAI Tamatsukuri in Shimane Prefecture is a hot spring inn operated by Hoshino Resorts. From April 1st to April 7th, 2023, the limited-time event "Nighttime Rickshaw Tour of Cherry Blossoms" will be held.

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Nighttime Rickshaw Tour of Cherry Blossoms: Spring events you can experience at KAI Tamatsukuri

"Kai Tamatsukuri" is a hot spring inn located in Tamatsukuri Onsen in Shimane Prefecture. From April 1st to 7th, 2023, the event will be held along the Tamayu River.

The Tamayu River, which flows in front of KAI Tamatsukuri, is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Shimane Prefecture, with 400 cherry blossom trees blooming for 2km on both sides in spring. A special rickshaw will be operated after sunset so that you can experience an extraordinary cherry blossom viewing.

This is an event where you can fully enjoy the fantastically illuminated cherry blossoms at night.

Feature 1: Enjoy 400 cherry blossoms at night from a special rickshaw

Limited to 2 groups per day, we will operate a rickshaw that allows you to enjoy the only cherry blossom viewing at night in this area.

We have increased the amount of cushions on the seat and created a rickshaw that is particular about the comfort of the ride. Therefore, you can leisurely walk around the hot spring town for about an hour and fully enjoy the fantastic night cherry blossoms. A comfortable rickshaw provides a special time only in spring.

Feature 2: Night cherry blossom viewing while keeping warm

It gets chilly at night during this season, so please use provided hot water bottles and blankets.

Enjoy the cherry blossoms at night to your heart's content while warming yourself from the core of your body with the gentle warmth of the hot springs.

Feature 3: KAI staff who know everything about Tamatsukuri Onsen will support cherry blossom viewing

We will guide you to the cherry blossom viewing spots recommended by KAI staff.

At a spot where you can sit and enjoy the cherry blossoms, we will serve warm cherry blossom tea and Japanese sweets inspired by cherry blossoms.

In a place where you can appreciate the illuminated cherry blossoms in full bloom right in front of you, we will also help take pictures to create precious memories of your trip.

Overview of the nighttime rickshaw tour of cherry blossoms

Period: April 1st to April 7th, 2023

Price: 8,000 yen per group (tax included) *Up to 2 people per group

Location: Tamatsukuri Onsen Town

Time: Part 1 from 18:30 / Part 2 from 20:00

Target: Guests

Remarks: Canceled in case of rain

What is KAI Tamatsukuri?

KAI is a hot spring inn brand operated by Hoshino Resorts.

It is characterized by being able to experience the traditional culture of the region through events and staying in special guest rooms known as KAI Signature Rooms.

KAI Tamatsukuri

In November 2022, KAI Tamatsukuri opened in Shimane Prefecture. This is a hot spring inn with an open-air bath in all rooms located in Tamatsukuri Onsen, which is said to be the oldest hot spring for beautiful skin in Japan.

Location: 1237 Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture 699-0201

Phone: +81-50-3134-8096 (Hoshino Resorts Reservation Center)

Number of rooms: 24 rooms, check-in 15:00/check-out 12:00

Price: From 38,000 yen per night (per person when 2 people stay in 1 room, service charge and tax included, dinner and breakfast included)

Access: 5 minutes by car from JR Tamatsukuri Onsen Station

Official website: https://hoshinoresorts.com/en/hotels/kaitamatsukuri/roomsearch/

Learn more about Hoshino Resorts

In addition to the hotels introduced this time, Hoshino Resorts offers various events and lodging experiences.

For details, please check the Hoshino Resorts official website!


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