Miyajima visit tax starts and ferry fare revisions from October 1, 2023

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Miyajima will begin collecting the "Miyajima Visitor Tax" from October 1, 2023. The money was created to create a sustainable tourism area, and will be used for the maintenance and management of public toilets and rest areas, as well as the preservation of cultural assets. The Miyajima visit tax is...

Latest update :

Collection start date

October 1, 2020

Persons subject to tax

This applies to those visiting (entering) Miyajima by ship.

However, residents of Miyajima Town and those commuting to work or school are not eligible.

tax amount

Taxpayers can choose either A or B below.

a. 100 yen per visitor each time they visit (enter) Miyajima.

stomach. If you pay for one year at once, it will be 500 yen per visitor per year.

Collection method

a. For 100 yen per person each time a visitor visits (enters) Miyajima

When visiting (entering) Miyajima using a passenger vessel (ferry, chartered boat, etc.), the vessel operating company will add tax to the fare and collect the tax. [Special collection] When visiting (entering) Miyajima using the pier on a private boat, the pier manager will collect the tax along with the pier usage fee. [Special collection] If you visit (enter) Miyajima from the natural coast by private boat, you must pay the tax at City Hall, Miyajima Branch, or Ono Branch within 10 days from the day of your visit. [Declaration and payment]

stomach. If you pay for one year at once, it will be 500 yen per visitor per year.

Please pay the tax at City Hall, Miyajima Branch, or Ono Branch by the 10th of the month before your scheduled first visit (entry). [Declaration and payment]

There are few precedents for systems that collect taxes from visitors, such as the "visit tax," and it can be said that even Japanese people are still unfamiliar with this system. However, with the introduction of the Miyajima Visitor Tax, we hope that the environment for tourists will be improved and that everyone who visits Miyajima will be able to spend their time more comfortably.

Revision of ferry fares

In addition, JR West Miyajima Ferry and Miyajima Matsudai Kisen, which operate between Miyajimaguchi and Miyajima, announced that they will also raise fares from October. The price is currently 180 yen per adult, but the price will be increased by 20 yen. Combined with the Miyajima visit tax, the round trip fare will be 500 yen. Along with this, there are also plans to increase car shipping charges. This price increase is due to soaring fuel costs, and is the first revision in approximately 40 years, excluding consumption tax revisions. Please see below for details.

JR West Miyajima Ferry Official Website

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