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6 Lemon Souvenirs From Hiroshima - A Refreshing Taste You'll Love!

6 Lemon Souvenirs From Hiroshima - A Refreshing Taste You'll Love!

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by mish_

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Hiroshima is known as Japan’s number one lemon producer. In this article, we will introduce lemon products that you will often see in Hiroshima souvenir stores. Please use this article as reference when buying souvenirs.

Hiroshima: Japan’s Top Lemon Producer

The climate of the Seto Inland (*1) coastal area is mild with little rain, making it very suitable for the cultivation of citrus fruits. Even in the coastal area, Hiroshima is where more than half of the lemons produced in Japan are grown.

The brand names “Hiroshima Lemon” and “Setouchi Lemon” have spread even throughout areas outside of Hiroshima and are used in various products.

Lemons have a strong image of being acidic and sour, but there are also many products that control this acidity, making them easy to eat. By all means, please try these products.

*1 Seto Naikai (Seto Inland Sea): An inland sea located between the Honshu and Shikoku regions of Japan.

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1. The Synonym for Hiroshima Lemons: Setoda Lemon Cake Shimagocoro

Hiroshima Lemon_Setoda Lemon Shimagocoro

The first thing that comes to mind with the keywords “Hiroshima” and “lemon” is this lemon cake. It is a madeleine made in the shape of a lemon and is sold by various makers. The one we will be introducing in this article is the Setoda Lemon Cake Shimagocoro (aka Shimagocoro).

Traditional lemon cakes contain juice that is kneaded into the dough. Shimagocoro instead contains jam made using Setoda’s natural and safe lemon rinds that are then kneaded into the dough. It is a lemon cake with a fragrance you can enjoy, that isn't too acidic thanks to careful control of the lemon flavor.

Price and Where to Buy
Price: 250 yen (plus tax) per cake

Where to Buy: Hiroshima Station, Fukuyama Station, Onomichi Station, Mihara Station, Hiroshima Airport, etc.

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