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Top 10 Famous Fortune Tellers Who Are Accurate! Introducing the famous fortune tellers who are frighteningly accurate!

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If you are going to pay money to have your fortune read, many people would want to ask a "famous fortune teller" or "an accurate fortune teller." But when you actually try to find a fortune teller on your own, have you ever felt like there were more fortune tellers than you expected and you "don't k...

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Can I get my fortune told by a famous fortune teller?

Even if the fortune teller is famous for being accurate, you can make a reservation through the reservation list on the official website. However, the more popular the fortune teller is, the faster the reservation slots fill up, so if you find an opening, make a reservation in advance.

Even if your schedule changes, most fortune-telling parlors do not charge a cancellation fee if you cancel early. *If you cancel on the day or without permission, you may be charged.

Reservations can also be made by phone, but we recommend making reservations online as you can see available times at a glance and it makes it easier to plan your schedule.

Ranking of the top 10 famous fortune tellers!

In this article, we will be introducing popular fortune tellers in Tokyo without any bias, under the title "Ranking of Famous Fortune Tellers Who Are Accurate."

Generally, we recommend fortune tellers who are ranked highly, but compatibility is also important when it comes to fortune telling. Choose a fortune teller based on their personality, fortune telling techniques, and areas of expertise.

1st place: Yuzuki Sensei (Fortune Telling Salon Rashinban)

Yuzuki-sensei has previously worked at a major fortune-telling parlor and is a popular fortune teller who has read the fortunes of over 2,500 people a year.

She is good at fortune telling using cards such as spiritual tarot, and can solve the deep-rooted worries of her clients. She has been introduced in many media as a "fortune teller with accurate predictions," and people come from all over the country just to have their fortunes read by Yuzuki-sensei.

Another reason for its popularity is that Yuzuki-sensei's original menu, "Yuzuki-style Fusion Reading," can only be experienced at Rashinban . "Yuzuki-style Fusion Reading" awakens the client's soul blueprint and allows the client to learn about their "destiny" that they themselves were not aware of.

2nd place: YUKI Sensei (Will)

YUKI is a fortune teller who uses a wide range of divination techniques to specialize in clairvoyance regarding the connections between people in her clients' lives.

In love consultations, they will give specific advice to the client from various angles, such as not only compatibility but also the depth of love and emotional distance. They will also see through the other person's feelings for serious problems such as infidelity and cheating, and show solutions and future ways to deal with them.

Yuki sensei does not just finish her fortune telling session, but also values ​​communication with her clients, and is known for her sympathetic and personal advice. She tells you clearly, without any vague words, and is known for being able to "make you feel refreshed in a short amount of time."

3rd place: Naruha Sensei (Fortune Telling Salon Rashinban)

Naruha-sensei is a fortune teller who is most skilled at helping people with problems such as "unrequited love" and "reconciliation," and is able to ease the mind of those who receive her readings. Even if you think your love is unrequited, you may change your mind after receiving a reading from Naruha-sensei.

Her fortune telling, based on her vast experience in receiving love advice from many people and her inspiration, has an amazingly high accuracy rate and is extremely reliable. For those who are having trouble with love, Naruha Sensei will be a ray of light that will illuminate the way.

4th place: Professor Takamitsu Nishikawa (El Amor)

Nishikawa Takamitsu is the representative of the fortune-telling and spiritual salon Ginza El Amor and works as a spiritual counselor. He has consulted with over 30,000 people and is one of the most powerful people in the industry.

Nishikawa Takamitsu has had a turbulent life, with bitter experiences such as divorce and business failure. In addition to spiritual matters, he solves his clients' problems one after another based on his own experiences, and has been featured in the media. His prices are set higher than other counselors, but he is so popular that reservations fill up quickly.

5th place: Utena Otoha (Selene)

Utena Otoha is a spiritual counselor who gives you the awareness to create your ideal reality by yourself without being swayed by others or the environment. She accurately grasps the situation and environment in which the client is placed, clears stagnant energy, and promotes the innate luck and good fortune of the individual.

In addition, Utena Otoha has appeared on the popular TV show "Monday Late Night" and is well-known nationwide. Many people have been inspired by Utena Otoha's belief that "if you change yourself, your reality will change" and have taken action, resulting in success.

Utena Otoha provides readings for over 3,000 people a year, but the topics she is most often consulted about are love in general (marriage), human relationships, work, and business management.

6th place: Mine Asato (Balanggan)

Mine Asato is a fortune teller who specializes in topics that interest many women, such as marriage and love.

Among her many divination techniques, she is particularly skilled in "healing" and "energy work," and she gently pushes her clients toward the world they truly desire. Although Asato Mine is famous for being hard to book, her popularity can be seen in the large number of repeat customers.

In the reviews of those who have actually received fortune telling, many people have commented that the healing is "comfortable." If you are feeling unsettled, please let Asato Mine's healing heal your heart.

7th place: Ms. Ai Kaori (Fortune Telling Hall Ai)

Ai Kaori is a leading figure in the fortune-telling world and is known as the mother of the fierce fortune-telling battleground of Nishi-Ikebukuro.

He has many clients in the political and entertainment industries, and is flooded with reservations from men as well as women. He also provides fortune-telling to many media outlets, and is a very successful person, selling his own book, "Dan'i Grammar: Tengenfu Tongkai."

However, contrary to her career, she is a kind-hearted person who says, "I want to create a place where customers can always return to when they are feeling down." If you want to have your fortune read, or feel the warmth of a mother, please come and visit.

8th place: Mr. Kuji Yoshimi (Fortune Telling House Senrigan)

Mr. Kuji Yoshimi is skilled in fortune-telling based on names, and will unravel the client's destiny just by telling them their name.

In addition, in order to solve the problems of as many clients as possible, she is constantly honing her skills as a fortune teller and is always challenging herself with new fortune telling techniques, so her personality is also noteworthy. You can consult with her on a wide range of topics, and you will feel refreshed after receiving your fortune.

If you visit when you want courage, such as when you are afraid of change and can't take another step, they will gently push you forward. Even if the fortune-telling result is bad, you can rest assured that they will give you improvement measures and advice.

9th place: Mirei Sensei (BCAFE fortune-telling hall)

Mirei is a fortune teller with a reputation for her accurate tarot readings, and is so popular that celebrities and media people flock to her after hearing the rumors.

The secret to their popularity is not only their accuracy, but also the fact that they explain things in detail. They are also known as explanatory fortune tellers, and are known for being easy to talk to because they explain things in detail.

In addition, you can receive guidance from Mirei-sensei at the palmistry classes held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. You can completely master the contents of the class in just 60 minutes, and it will be a great opportunity to communicate with your partner as well as in love, so it's definitely worth taking the class.

10th place: Dr. Arata Yagi (Will)

Yagi Arata is a fortune teller who can tell your fortune from just a small amount of information, so you don't have to reveal more personal information than necessary.

Since fortune telling is done in a limited time, there is almost no unnecessary talk, and clients say that it is "helpful." In addition, Mr. Yagi Shin's "Future Imagination Map" is well-known, and he can tell you about the future a little ahead.

By knowing the future in advance, you can protect yourself from disasters and gain the courage to take a step forward. If you are worried about the future or don't know what to do next, please ask for a fortune-telling.

Common characteristics of famous fortune tellers

Famous fortune tellers with a reputation for being accurate have four common characteristics.

To avoid asking for an appraisal from an amateur fortune teller, please check the following points.

Good reviews and reputation

When a fortune teller belonging to a fortune telling parlor tells your fortune, you can post a review based on the content of your reading.

If the client is satisfied with the fortune teller's ability and customer service attitude, they will give a high rating, and if they are not, they will give a low rating. If there are many high ratings, the fortune teller will gain a reputation and will inevitably gain the trust of many clients. As a result, they will be inundated with interview requests from various media, and will become popular as a "famous fortune teller with accurate predictions" by being introduced.

However, reviews are often subjective, and the information they contain may not always be accurate. Use multiple reviews as a reference, and in the end, request an appraisal based on your own inspiration.

Can guess what you're worried about before you even talk

Famous fortune tellers can sometimes guess what a client is worried about before they even discuss it with them.

The person who gets a good reading will be filled with anticipation, wondering how amazing the fortune teller is. Fortune tellers can make some guesses by observing the client's appearance, demeanor, attitude, and way of speaking from various angles.

A fortune teller who can guess what you are worried about before you even talk about it is considered to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in addition to excellent insight. Fortune tellers often only see fragmentary images, and if they do not have excellent insight, they will not be able to guess.

It will be confirmed by multiple divination methods.

A characteristic of an accurate fortune teller is that they will "confirm their predictions using multiple tactics."

There is an image of a fortune teller being an expert in one divination method, but the fields they can predict vary depending on the divination method. For example, palmistry can tell you about your life's trends, while tarot cards can tell you about your options and future developments.

By using multiple divination methods in this way, the fortune teller can see the client from multiple perspectives and give deeper and more specific advice. However, since each fortune teller has their own strengths and weaknesses, it is a good idea to check whether they are using the divination method in the field you want to have your fortune read by.

I have experience fortune-telling celebrities.

Because celebrities place more importance on protecting their privacy than the general public, fortune tellers with good skills and reputations are carefully selected. Therefore, fortune tellers who have read the fortunes of celebrities can be said to be highly skilled and reliable in the fortune telling industry.

Also, fortune tellers who are repeatedly consulted by celebrities tend to attract attention and it is difficult to make an appointment. However, since compatibility is also important in fortune telling, there is no guarantee that a fortune teller who has been endorsed by celebrities will be accurate.

Financially, it's not cheap, so find a fortune teller who is compatible with you and who you can rely on when you're in trouble.

Points to remember when asking a famous fortune teller for a reading

If you find a famous fortune teller who is accurate, there are some points to keep in mind before asking them for a reading.

Please be sure to check the following information in advance as it will be useful for you later.

Think about what you want to discuss in advance

Even if you are going to ask a famous fortune teller to give you a reading, you should think about what you want to discuss in advance. Even a professional fortune teller with a lot of experience cannot give a reading to someone who does not know what to ask.

If you think about the content of your consultation in advance, you will be able to get a smooth reading and the advice from the fortune teller will be accurate. Also, if you have decided on the specific content of your consultation, you can choose a fortune teller who is famous in that field.

Have notes etc. ready

When you get a reading from an accurate fortune teller, be sure to prepare notes so you don't forget what is said.

The results of the appraisal are communicated verbally, so even if you understand it at the time, you may not be able to remember it later. Also, if you take notes of the appraisal contents, you will be able to remember the words that serve as your guide and improve your ability to execute them.

However, it is difficult to take notes word for word while receiving a fortune telling, so it is recommended to write down only the important points. Please be careful because some people may be so focused on taking notes that they do not hear the contents of the fortune telling.

Listen to advice

When you receive advice from a famous fortune teller, listen to it and make sure you put it into practice.

Many people who receive fortune telling services are troubled or unable to find a solution on their own. Whatever the advice, it will be a hint for the person seeking help to solve their own troubles.

However, if your own actions have changed the future, the advice of the fortune teller may not necessarily be correct. Ultimately, you should make choices that you will not regret and get the future you want.

How to choose a teacher to read your fortune

In this article, we have introduced 10 famous fortune tellers in Tokyo who are known for their accuracy, but many people may not know how to choose who to ask for help.

You can choose intuitively, but here we will introduce you to some specific ways to choose.

It deals with the divination method of the content you want to read.

There are various types of divination techniques, such as palmistry, tarot, and clairvoyance, and each can tell you different things.

For example, if you tell a fortune teller who mainly uses palmistry as a method of divination that you are worried about a choice, they will not be able to give you an accurate reading. If you are worried about a choice, such as "I'm having trouble deciding which one to choose," it is recommended that you go to a fortune teller who uses tarot cards or other methods of divination. Most fortune telling parlors have a section on divination methods on their websites, so be sure to check it out before making a request.

Also, if they offer a variety of divination methods, it can be helpful to check reviews to see if there are people who have solved problems similar to yours.

There is something in common with fortune tellers

When choosing a fortune teller, you may be able to get more accurate advice if you consider whether you have anything in common.

For example, if you want to discuss a problem at work, it is a good idea to consult a fortune teller who has the same experience as you. If there are commonalities, the fortune teller's inspiration and experience will also be reflected in the reading, which tends to increase the accuracy.

Some people may also find it easier to talk and seek advice if they have something in common with the fortune teller. You can find out how to find common ground with a fortune teller by checking their profile or personal blog posted at the fortune telling parlor.

The way he speaks is suited to me.

When asking for a fortune telling, it is important to consider whether the fortune teller's way of speaking suits you.

Fortune tellers are people too, so the volume of their voices and the way they communicate will vary, and some fortune tellers' attitudes may feel intimidating. No matter how accurate the predictions are, they can be a source of stress, so if you feel uncomfortable, consider changing fortune tellers.

Also, some fortune-telling parlors record the voices of their fortune tellers so that clients can listen to them in advance.

Things to note when asking for fortune telling

When asking for a fortune telling, there is a minimum level of etiquette that the client must follow.

To ensure that both parties leave on a good note, be sure to check the points to note before having your fortune read.

Check to see if there are many negative reviews

Before asking for a fortune-telling session, check the fortune-teller's reviews on their official website or social media. Low reviews are not only due to inaccurate readings, but also reflect the fortune-teller's personality and customer service attitude.

If there are a lot of low ratings, not only will the client not be satisfied, but they may end up feeling uncomfortable after the fortune-telling session. Since you are paying money, be sure to check the fortune-teller's rating so that you don't regret it later.

Don't test fortune tellers

Do not test the fortune teller by telling them false information to check their abilities. If you cover up your fortune with false information, not only will you not receive a proper reading, but the fortune teller will also not feel good about it.

Also, testing a fortune teller is clearly a breach of etiquette, and may result in the fortune telling parlor refusing to let you in. Fortune tellers are there to solve the client's problems, give advice, and show them the path they should take. As a client, you should respect the fortune teller and build a relationship of mutual trust.

Do not disclose other teachers' assessment results.

When asking for a fortune-telling session, be careful not to tell the fortune-teller the results of other fortune-tellers. If you tell them the results of other fortune-tellers, it may affect the results of the fortune-teller you are currently consulting.

For example, if another fortune teller has already given you a bad result, it may affect the fortune telling technique of the fortune teller you are currently using, and you may see a bad result. In order to ensure that the fortune teller you are currently using accurately conveys the vision that they originally saw, refrain from telling them the results of other fortune tellers.

How to respond after having your fortune read

If the results of your fortune telling are different from what you had expected, you may feel disheartened.

However, fortune telling does not determine the future, it is merely a prediction. I will summarize how to take your fortune after having it read, so please use it as a reference.

Don't get too depressed about the fortune telling results

Be careful not to get too discouraged just because the fortune-telling results are worse than you expected.

Fortune telling is not absolute but it predicts the future, so it is important to think for yourself and act based on the results of the fortune telling to change your future. Also, if you believe the contents of the fortune telling too much, your perspective will become narrow and you may act according to the fortune telling regardless of your own will.

The information you get from fortune telling should only be used as a reference, and you should think for yourself about your future actions.

Don't rely too much on good luck charms

Some fortune tellers may recommend purchasing “good luck items” to change bad fortune results.

It is said that wearing good luck items will improve your luck and bring you good fortune.

However, good luck items are only supplementary, and in most cases they will not be effective if you just wear them. Instead of relying on the good luck items you purchased and doing nothing, you should take action yourself and make an effort to attract a good future.

Don't repeat the fortune telling until you are satisfied

Even if you are not satisfied with the results, please refrain from having the same fortune read multiple times.

If you don't get the results you want, you may want to repeat the fortune telling until you are satisfied. Repeating it many times may give you a favorable result, but it is a denial of fortune telling and a breach of etiquette. Repeating the act until you get the results you want is simply wish fulfillment.

Instead of denying the fortune-telling results, accept them and then reexamine your own behavior.

Frequently asked questions about famous fortune tellers

Before consulting a famous fortune teller who is known for his accurate predictions, check what other people have been wondering about.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

Q1. What should I be careful about when getting my fortune told by a famous fortune teller?

When having your fortune read by a famous fortune teller who is known for his accurate readings, be mindful of how you make a reservation.

Famous fortune tellers tend to be booked up easily, so if you are not satisfied with a short menu reservation, you may not be able to extend it. If you think you may have more things you want to discuss, we recommend that you make a reservation with a little leeway.

Q2. Are the readings of famous fortune tellers more expensive than average?

Some fortune-telling parlors may charge higher prices for famous fortune-tellers who are accurate than usual. This is necessary to prevent reservations from being concentrated on one famous fortune-teller.

However, if all the fortune tellers are popular, they may have the same price. Prices are listed on the fortune telling parlor's official website, so please check.

Q3. Do famous fortune tellers who are accurate also offer online fortune telling?

If the fortune-telling parlor you work at offers online fortune-telling, there is a high chance that famous fortune-tellers also offer online fortune-telling services.

Even if the fortune-telling parlor is far from where you live, you can save on transportation costs by using online fortune-telling. However, online fortune-telling can be set at 200 yen per minute, so be careful not to pay too much.

There are frighteningly accurate fortune tellers in Tokyo [Summary]

This famous fortune teller, whose predictions are frighteningly accurate, is based in Tokyo, where there are many fierce battlegrounds for fortune telling.

By getting your fortune told by an accurate fortune teller, you may be able to resolve your "anxieties" and "worries" and get a brighter future than you have now. However, there are many fortune tellers, and some people may think, "I don't know who is good" or "I want to know the recommended one."

This article introduces famous fortune tellers who are accurate in their rankings, so if you can't choose, please use this as a reference.

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