【Uncover Kochi's Wonders】Discover Shikoku's Hidden Treasures: Experience Spiritual Rebirth at Kongo Fukuji Temple and Marvel at Ryugu Shrine's Spectacular Oceanic Panorama

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Why don't you visit Kongofuku-ji Temple, a difficult place on the Shikoku pilgrimage, and Ryugu Shrine with its magnificent scenery? The garden that reproduces the paradise of Kongofuku-ji Temple and the 360-degree view from Ryugu Shrine are sure to impress visitors. These attractions are special pl...


Introducing recommended hidden spots in the Ashizuri area of ​​Kochi Prefecture. Both are within a 5-10 minute drive from our hotel in TheMana Village, so be sure to visit them.

Kongofukuji Temple (Shikoku Pilgrimage 38th Fudasho)

[The most difficult part of the walking pilgrimage, the deep charm and mystery of Kongofuku-ji Temple]

Kongofuku-ji Temple is known as the most difficult part of the pilgrimage , but its value is not limited to the distance. In fact, there is a special charm here that everyone should experience. It is a garden that reproduces the Pure Land, which is rare even in Japan . This garden is more than just decoration, it is steeped in history and legend.

Evidence of this can also be seen from the plaques called ``Fudarakutomon'' on the Niomon gate at the entrance. Fudaraku is considered to be a ``sacred place where Kannon Bodhisattva descends,'' in other words, ``Gokuraku Jodo.'' Mt. Ashizuri was also called Mt. Fudaraku in the old days, and it is said that the name was taken from Mt. Fudaraku in South India. Kobo-Daishi who felt a deep connection to this area, named it Kongofuku-ji Temple, and opened it after Fudarotoshi.

Here, the precincts with a beautiful garden and a magnificent main hall are spread out, and it is a place where you can enjoy your time slowly.

Kongofuku-ji is the longest walk from the previous 37th temple, and the mountainous terrain makes the distance even more difficult. For this reason, it is the most difficult place for walking pilgrims, both in terms of distance and route. And when you overcome this great ordeal and arrive at Kongofuku-ji Temple at the southern tip, a reward worthy of the name Fudaraku awaits. Of the 88 places in Shikoku, this is the only place where the Fudaraku Tokai training was conducted.

Each Fudasho has legends related to Kobo Daishi, but Ashizuri in particular has many legends. The footsteps of Kobo Daishi, known as the "Ashizuri Seven Wonders," are scattered around the Ashizuri Cape Lighthouse, about five minutes from Kongofuku-ji Temple. Among them, you can't miss the "Taishi's nail writing stone" and the "Yurugi stone" that tests the degree of filial piety.

Another interesting point is that the name of Kongofukuji Temple on Mt. Ashizuri is similar to Kongobuji Temple on Mt. This is also one aspect that makes us feel that this place has something special.

Ryugu Shrine

[Japan's first Kuroshio docking point, boasting a spectacular 360-degree view from the cliffs]

Ryugu Shrine is located at the first place in Japan where the Kuroshio Current (an ocean current/warm current that flows northward through the East China Sea, enters the Pacific Ocean through the Tokara Strait, travels east along the Japanese archipelago, and reaches the coast of the Boso Peninsula) . It is a scenic spot with a 360-degree view from the cliff . Its astonishing beauty is as magnificent as a painting and evokes a breathtaking impression. Despite this, there are still few visitors, making it a hidden gem.

Ryugu Shrine is located in Usubae, a few kilometers west of Ashizuri-misaki Lighthouse, and from here you can look down on a large cliff that has been eroded by rough waves. From the parking lot, as you pass through the forest, the view suddenly opens up and you can't help but be moved by the scenery that spreads out before you. Then, proceed along the well-maintained promenade toward the vermilion torii gate that you can see below.

Benzaiten is enshrined at the shrine, which is located on a cape that juts out into the sea. When you arrive at the small precincts, you will be fascinated by the magnificent scenery you have never seen before, not only the superb view of the sea side, but also the granite rock surface, the green forest, and the blue sky when you look back.

If you look around 360 degrees, there are spots that make beautiful landscape photos wherever you take them. The panoramic view, including the sea, is sure to impress everyone who visits.


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