Sauce cutlet bowl! Echizen crab! Grated soba! 10 Recommended Gourmet Foods You Must Try When Coming to Fukui

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When you hear Fukui Prefecture, what kind of food do you imagine? In fact, Fukui Prefecture is a treasure trove of gourmet food. There's a variety of things to choose from, from classic gourmet food to soul food. In this article, we will introduce 10 recommended gourmet dishes that you must try when...

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① Must-try Fukui gourmet “Echizen Oroshi Soba”

Fukui Prefecture is so famous for its soba that it has been ranked number one in the country for its delicious soba. The Fukui style is to eat cold soba noodles topped with grated daikon radish, bonito flakes, and chopped green onions, then drizzled with an elegant dashi soup. You can enjoy a variety of grated soba noodles from all over Fukui Prefecture.

Among them, we especially recommend the ``Katsuyama Oroshi Soba,'' which uses buckwheat flour grown in Katsuyama City's rich land and pure water. There are many well-known oroshi soba restaurants in the city that serve carefully selected soba noodles, so be sure to give them a try.

・Place where you can eat

Handmade soba Hachisuke

Business hours 11:00-14:00/17:00-21:00 *Ends as soon as soba runs out

Closed: Every Wednesday and Thursday (open for lunch only on Wednesdays)

Kotaro Ishibikisoba soba

Business hours 11:00-15:00 (weekdays) 11:00-15:00/17:00-20:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays)

Closed: Every Tuesday, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month


Business hours 11:00-14:30/17:00-19:30

Closed every Wednesday

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② “Sauce Katsudon”, a classic gourmet dish representing Fukui

A popular staple food in Fukui Prefecture is ``Sauce Katsudon''. A thin layer of pork cutlet coated with plenty of sauce is placed on top of rice, then topped with additional sauce. It has a distinctive simple appearance without any cabbage or other coverings, but it is very filling. Each store has its own special secret sauce, so we recommend visiting different stores and enjoying the different flavors.

・Place where you can eat

Grill Yamada

Business hours 11:30-14:00/17:30-20:00

Closed: Every Monday and Sunday (takeout only)

Echizen Soba Restaurant Katsushoku

Business hours 11:00-19:00

Closed every Tuesday and Wednesday

Echizen Soba Restaurant Katsushoku Official Homepage

③King of winter flavors “Echizen crab”

Male snow crabs landed at fishing ports in Fukui Prefecture are called "Echizen crabs," and the ones with a yellow brand tag on them are the hallmark of the crabs, proving that they were landed in Fukui Prefecture. Among them, only Echizen crabs that meet strict standards such as shell size and weight are called ``Goku'' and are traded at high prices.

・Place where you can eat


Business hours 11:30-14:00 17:30-22:00

Closed every Monday

④Wakasa Beef, a high-quality Wagyu beef produced specifically in Fukui Prefecture

Wakasa Beef, a branded beef from Fukui Prefecture, is characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth marbling texture and elegant sweetness. We recommend simply grilling it and eating it, but it's also delicious with beef sashimi or shabu-shabu, where you can feel the flavor and sweetness of the meat.

At the cafe-restaurant in the Roadside Station "Dinosaur Valley Katsuyama", you can enjoy the ``Raptor Burger,'' which is made with Wakasa beef minced meat cutlet, which is famous for its juicy meat.

・Place where you can eat

Roadside Station "Dinosaur Valley Katsuyama" Kuzuryu Terrace

Business hours 10:00-16:00

Closed: 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month

⑤Fukui soul food “Yakitori famous Akiyoshi”


Fukui Prefecture has been ranked number one in Japan for yakitori consumption, and there are many yakitori restaurants. Among them, the famous Yakitori no Meimon Akiyoshi, which has over 100 stores across Japan, is one of the stores you should definitely visit when you visit Fukui. It is common to order in units of 5 to 10 pieces. The more you chew on the popular menu item ``Junkei,'' the more the flavor spreads in your mouth. In addition, there is a wide variety of menu items, including grilled foods, fried foods, vegetables, etc., such as ``shiro'', ``kushikatsu'', and ``green onion skewers''. Yakitori grilled with strong heat is exquisite.

・Place where you can eat

Yakitori famous Akiyoshi Katsuyama store

Business hours 17:00-23:00

Closed every Sunday

⑥ Fukui Prefecture residents’ favorite food is large-sized “Atsuage-yaki”

In Fukui Prefecture, the standard way to eat fried tofu is to simply grill it like a steak and top it with grated soy sauce. It has a crispy texture and a juicy flavor that spreads in your mouth.

・Places where you can purchase

Roadside Station "Dinosaur Valley Katsuyama" Business hours: 9:00-17:00 Closed: 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month, year-end and New Year holidays

⑦Okuetsu local gourmet “Soy sauce cutlet bowl”

Earlier we introduced sauce katsudon, which uses plenty of sauce, but in recent years, ``soy sauce katsudon'', which originated in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, has also become popular. “Soy Sauce Katsudon” was developed mainly by a long-established soy sauce shop in Ono City, with the cooperation of local restaurants. There are rules such as ``using soy sauce produced in Fukui Prefecture'', ``serving with cutlet (fried food)'', and ``serving with vegetables'', so you can enjoy a variety of soy sauce cutlet bowls depending on the restaurant. Although it is light, it is very filling. It is available at the following restaurants, so please try it with soba noodles.

・Place where you can eat

Nomuraya Shokudo

Business hours 11:00-14:30 / 17:00-19:30

Closed every Wednesday

Nomura-ya Official Homepage

Handmade soba noodles

Business hours Weekdays 11:00-14:00 / 17:00-19:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-14:00

Closed every Wednesday

Handmade Soba Doseki Official Homepage


Business hours Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11:00-19:00 Tuesday and Sunday 11:00-14:00

Closed every Wednesday

Echizen Soba Restaurant Katsushoku Official Homepage

⑧ Full volume "Bolga rice"

A hidden Fukui gourmet that has been loved for over 30 years is "Bolga Rice", which originated in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. This is a Western-style cutlet bowl with pork cutlet on top of omelet rice and sauce. It's a menu that is full of volume and will be enjoyed by growing young people. There are various theories about the origin of the name, and the truth remains a mystery. The recommended way to eat it is to eat the tonkatsu, egg, and rice in one big mouthful. You can eat it at many restaurants in Fukui Prefecture, but we especially recommend eating it at the restaurants in Echizen City. Make sure you have an empty stomach and enjoy the flavors of the various restaurants.

・Place where you can eat

Restaurant Shimomura

Business Hours Lunch: 11:00-LO14:30 *Wednesdays are lunchtime only, Dinner: 17:30-20:30 (LO20:00) *Evening hours on Sundays and holidays are 17:00-20:00 (LO19: 30)

Closed every Monday

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⑨Must-see for alcohol lovers “Sake” (Japanese sake)

Fukui Prefecture is blessed with rice and water, the raw materials for sake, and is also a thriving producer of sake rice. There are many famous brands of sake in Fukui, and they are of high quality and come in a variety of prices, making them perfect as souvenirs.

Approximately 80% of the ingredients in Japanese sake are water, so water is very important. Fukui is a land of famous water, and the underground water from Mt. Hakusan, one of Japan's three most famous mountains, produces delicious sake. If you are worried about having too many brands, the Roadside Station``"Dinosaur Valley Katsuyama"'' carries a variety of brands.

・Places where you can purchase

Ippon Yoshikubo main store Katsuyama sake store

Business hours Weekdays 9:00-18:00

Closed every Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

Ippon Yoshikubo Main Store Official Homepage

Roadside Station "Dinosaur Valley Katsuyama"

Business hours 9:00-17:00

Closed: 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month, year-end and New Year holidays

⑩ Winter tradition sweets “Mizu Yokan”

The last product we would like to introduce is mizu yokan, which is mildly sweet and smooth. It is customary to eat it by scooping it with a single spatula, and it is also called "Decchi Yokan".

Since it is a cold sweet, it looks like a summer food, but in Fukui, there is actually a custom of eating mizu yokan during the cold winter months. In the past, there were no refrigerators and the sugar content was low, making it difficult to preserve food in the summer. For this reason, it is said that the habit of eating it came from eating it during the cold, snowy winter months. Currently, there are at least 100 shops manufacturing mizu yokan in the prefecture. Each store has their own specialties, so please try and compare.

・Places where you can purchase

Roadside Station "Dinosaur Valley Katsuyama" Business hours: 9:00-17:00 Closed: 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month, year-end and New Year holidays

"Let's enjoy not only sightseeing but also Fukui's gourmet food together!"

This time, we introduced some classic gourmet foods that you should try when you come to Fukui.

Please refer to this article and check out the gourmet foods that interest you.

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