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Adventure into the unknown: Explore the unexplored region of Cape Ashizuri by E-bike

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E-bike cycling to Cape Ashizuri that tickles your adventurous spirit. Explore the unexplored regions of Japan, enjoy the magnificent nature, and experience the local culture. The spectacular Oki coast is also a must-see. An adventure into the unknown awaits you!

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Hello everyone! Embark on a new journey in search of exciting adventures. Today, I would like to introduce E-bike cycling to Cape Ashizuri , where you can fully experience the beautiful scenery and charm of the stage.

Invitation to the Unknown: Cape Ashizuri Japan's Most Admired Land

Cape Ashizuri is known as Japan's number one place of admiration . It has a beautiful landscape that harmonizes beautiful nature and rich culture, and it attracts all travelers who visit. A trip to Cape Ashizuri is said to be "a place that is hard to get to" due to the difficulty of access, and the feeling of admiration is further heightened.

However, the moment you set foot there, you will be greeted with a magnificent view that will make you forget about the time-consuming and laborious journey. It can be said that this is exactly the reward that awaits you at the end of your adventure.

An adventure to explore the unknown: Travel around Cape Ashizuri on an E-bike

E-bike cycling is the best way to experience the best adventure at Cape Ashizuri. With the smooth running performance of an E-bike, you can tour the entire peninsula with Cape Ashizuri. The approximately 30km cycling course passes through natural coastlines and tunnels in the forest, allowing you to feel the local culture. The variety of scenery makes it possible to enjoy your cycling trip even more.

It is also possible to stop at many of the sights you will find along the way. Among them, the additional route to the Oki coast is especially recommended. It's a little far away, but the beautiful coast is so beautiful that it's called the Japanese version of Hawaii. Witnessing this spectacular view will surely fuel your adventurous spirit.

Adventure Tools: What is an E-bike?

E-bikes are electric mountain bikes that even beginners can easily handle. You can turn off the power and ride it like a normal bicycle, and the staff will give you a lecture on how to operate it , so you can enjoy it with confidence.

In this way, the adventure around Cape Ashizuri on an E-bike offers a special experience of feeling nature, enjoying the spectacular scenery, and learning about the local culture. Why don't you take an adventure to Cape Ashizuri?

The unknown you explore will be the best memory of your trip.

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