[Hiroshima, Miyajima] Enjoying the tranquil Miyajima is a privilege only available to those who stay overnight

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Miyajima is a popular tourist destination, but one thing we would like everyone to experience is Miyajima at night. Unlike other tourist destinations, Miyajima at night is only visited by guests staying overnight, so it is very quiet and peaceful. The daytime is bustling with tourists, while the nig...

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A special experience staying in Miyajima

Due to the nature of the area, the number of tourists on Miyajima decreases dramatically after evening, and a quiet and peaceful time begins to flow. It's like another world, like Venice in Italy or Mont Saint-Michel in France.

The lantern-lit shopping street of Omotesando at night, the gentle sound of waves heard in the silence, the great torii gate lit by the morning sun, the townspeople getting ready for the morning... Miyajima is filled with special scenery that can only be experienced by those who have spent the night and woken up in the morning.

Enjoy some carefully selected coffee while exploring Miyajima

At the Itsukushima Iroha Lounge, we offer coffee, other beverages, and baked goods. We use "Toraja BL Sepia" coffee beans. This coffee has a well-balanced, easy-to-drink flavor, based on "Toarco Toraja," which won the Best Taste Award at the International Taste & Quality Institute. We believe you will enjoy a different flavor to the Nespresso coffee provided in your room.

We also have carry-on containers available, so why not take a stroll around Miyajima with a drink in hand during times when there are no tourists around?

Excellent access to the Peace Memorial Park

The Peace Memorial Park is a popular tourist spot along with Miyajima, and many people planning to travel to Hiroshima would probably like to visit both.

However, the travel time between the Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima is long, at about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and you have to change from a train to a ferry. Traveling with heavy luggage can be a hassle for many people.

We recommend the high-speed ferry "Hiroshima World Heritage Route." It takes about half the time of using the ferry and train, and there are no transfers, so even those who are not familiar with Hiroshima can use it with confidence.

Miyajima also has excellent access to the Peace Memorial Park. Why not use Miyajima as a base for sightseeing in Hiroshima and stay overnight and have a special experience?

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