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[Wakayama/Sightseeing] Let's go to Shirahama Adventure World on the "Express Panda Kuroshio"!

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Adventure World is a tourist spot where you can see a variety of animals from the sea, land, and air all at once. It is a rare facility in Japan that combines a zoo, aquarium, and amusement park, and is crowded with many families with children and couples every day. The giant panda, dolphin and whal...

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1. Introducing the facilities of Shirahama Adventure World!

It is divided into four areas: around the entrance, Marine World, Safari World, and animal interaction/play zone.

1-1. Around the entrance

There is a rare animal breeding center called ``PANDA LOVE'' whose purpose is to breed and raise rare animals such as giant pandas. In the open exhibition space, you can see the lively animals up close while listening to the sounds and smells. There is also a ``Family Square'' where you can ride ponies and white horses.

1-2. marine world

There is the ``Big Ocean'', a marine live venue where dolphins and whales perform speedy and dynamic performances, and the ``Marine Mammal Museum'', where seven types of penguins and sea lions live in Adventure World.

1-3. safari world

Safari World is a world of gentle-eyed herbivores, powerful carnivores, and land animals where you can see them as they really are. There are many ways to enjoy the park, such as riding the Kenya train, which takes around 25 minutes per lap, or taking a free walk while looking at the animals up close. Enjoy your favorite tour.

1-4. Animal interaction/play zone

There is a ``Fureai Plaza'' where you can interact with small animals and enjoy the world of hippos, chimpanzees, and birds, a ``Play Zone'' with a roller coaster that makes you feel like you are racing through the sky, a merry-go-round with pandas, sea lions, and lions, and a highway cart that feels like a racer. "And so on.

2. Access by train

2-1. location

2399 Katata, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama 649-2201

2-2. Limited Express Kuroshio “Panda Kuroshio” vehicle

The limited express Kuroshio runs between Kyoto/Shin-Osaka and Shirahama. There are also several ``Panda Kuroshio'' trains running every day. The front of the vehicle has a panda face, and the sides of the vehicle are designed with various scenes of animals that are active in the park. It is also a wrapped train with an illustration of a panda on the head cover inside the train. It is approximately 10 minutes by bus from JR Shirahama Station.

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