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A stamp rally is being held at the Souji Temple of Sojiji Temple on the main temple.

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A stamp rally is being held to visit the ``Saigoku Sanjusansho'' sacred sites located behind the Sojiji Soji Temple in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

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A stamp rally where you can get a full wish stamp by pressing all 34 pilgrimage stamps.

"Daihonzan Sojiji Soin" in Wajima City is a famous temple with a history of over 700 years. It is a training temple of the Soto sect, and it is popular among tourists as it allows the general public to experience meditation, sutra copying, and Buddhist vegetarian food etiquette.

On Mt. Kubiyama behind Sojiji Soin, the main temple, the ``Saigoku Sanjusansho'' sacred grounds are enshrined. The original ``Saigoku Sanjusansho'' refers to the 33 sacred sites of Kannon worship located in the two four prefectures of the Kinki region and Gifu Prefecture. It is believed that by making a pilgrimage to all the sacred sites where Kannon Bodhisattva is enshrined, one can lead a peaceful life.

The main shrine of Sojiji Temple has been renovated into the ``Maitori Forest,'' with the aim of allowing people of all ages to become familiar with the sacred place, making it possible for pilgrims to walk while holding stamp rallies. If you stamp all the pilgrimage stamps installed at 33 shrines and "Jiunkaku" on a special mount, you will receive a stamp of your wishes at the "Goshuin place" at the reception desk, and you will also receive an original Sanka. can. There are seven types of Sanka depicting Kannon Bosatsu, and you will receive one of them (you cannot choose the design).

Furthermore, since it is a small sacred place, you can visit all the shrines in about 30 minutes, and it is also attractive that you can participate only by paying an admission fee. While you're at it, why not enjoy a casual pilgrimage walk?

Event period [currently being held] ~ March 31, 2024 *Scheduled

Opening hours Visiting hours/8:00〜17:00


Admission fee: 500 yen for adults, 400 yen for high school students, 400 yen for junior high school students, 200 yen for elementary school students *Group discounts available

*Pilgrimage is possible with admission fee only.

A special mount will be distributed at the admission reception.

Venue: Daihonzan Sojiji Temple (1-18-1 Monzen, Monzen-cho, Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

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