I want to go this fall! 3 Taste Hunting in Yamaguchi Autumn! !

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As the summer heat gradually subsides, you can enjoy a variety of delicious fall flavors. In Yamaguchi City, you can not only enjoy tourist attractions but also delicious experiences!

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①Pear picking

You can enjoy pear picking in Nagato Gorge from August to September.

Different varieties can be harvested depending on the season, so you can taste and compare!


Location: Nagatokyo Pear Association

Address: 12 Ato Shinome, Yamaguchi City

Phone: 083-955-0555

Price: All you can eat

Adults 800 yen, children (4 years old and up to elementary school students) 500 yen

Take-out: 700 yen per 1kg

②Grape picking

You can pick grapes from mid-August to the end of September.

Yamazaki Orchard has 15 varieties of grapes, and you can also enjoy the poems of Chuya Nakahara.

You can also bring your own food and enjoy a BBQ.


Location: Yamazaki Orchard

Address: 276 Nibo Shimogo, Yamaguchi City

Phone: 083-929-1328

Price: Free admission

Harvest 1kg = 1,510 to 2,000 yen

*Reservations required for groups only by phone or email

③Apple picking

You can enjoy apple picking in the Ato area from mid-August to early December.

The Tokusa Apple Association, which has 15 farms to which it belongs, has over 15,000 apple trees and over 30 varieties, making it the largest in western Japan.


Location: Ato Tokusa Ringo Tourism Association

Address: 1187 Ato Tokusashita, Yamaguchi City

Phone: 083-956-0553

Price: All you can eat

Adults 550 yen, children 400 yen, children under 3 years old free

*Reservation required by phone

Extra edition Trap shrimp catching experience

Until the end of October, you can experience shrimp hunting on the sandy beach in front of Minshuku Shirai. (*Minimum number of participants: 30 or more adults)

Tents, BBQ sets, and chairs can be rented for a fee.


Location: Minshuku Shirai

Address: 778-6 Akiho Higashi, Yamaguchi City

Phone: 0120-2795-11

Price: Adults 4,000 yen~, Children (5 years old to elementary school student) 1,500 yen~

*Other expenses included

Available with reservations for 30 or more adults

Why not enjoy the taste of autumn in Yamaguchi City this fall?

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