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Must buy when you come to Yamaguchi! 7 recommended souvenirs (Uiro, Hagiyaki, Yamayaki dango, etc.)

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Local souvenirs are an essential part of traveling. Yamaguchi City, which can be reached in about 30 minutes by Shinkansen from Hiroshima and Fukuoka, is full of delicious food and cute crafts! From sweets to side dishes to rice to crafts, we've asked Yamaguchi's souvenir shop Choshuen to introduce ...

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① “Yamayaki Dango” with the aroma of soybean flour

The simple taste of soft rice cake sprinkled with fragrant kinako is a representative sweet of Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Individually wrapped, it is also recommended as a souvenir for a large number of people. It's nice that you can choose the size depending on the recipient, from 5 skewers to 40 skewers.

② “Ayukko” with its natural taste intact

Products using wild sweetfish caught in the Fushino River in Yamaguchi City and sweetfish carefully raised on farms. Ayu caught in a river rich in nature is exceptional.
Vacuum-packed products have a long shelf life, making them perfect as souvenirs. It is said to be popular because you can eat it from head to bone and enjoy the original taste of ayu. The sweet and spicy taste goes well with alcoholic drinks.

③“100% Mandarin Juice” with a cute appearance

100% straight mandarin juice. Yasumitu Farm, located in the Akiho area in the southern part of Yamaguchi City, provides safe products that do not use preservatives, additives, or coloring agents.
Enjoy the taste of carefully peeled and squeezed mandarin oranges.

④Yamaguchi Cider, an apple drink that goes well with meals

A cider made with apples from Yamaguchi Prefecture. The sweet "YAMA" is inspired by the gentle mountains of Yamaguchi Prefecture, the dry "UMI" is inspired by the refreshing sea breeze that blows into Yamaguchi Prefecture, and the limited-edition "KAZE" is inspired by a gentle breeze.
From sweet to dry, we also recommend choosing a flavor that pairs well with your food.

⑤ “Uiro” is a must-have souvenir from Yamaguchi

A must-have souvenir from Yamaguchi is the Uiro. Yamaguchi Uiro is made with bracken flour and has a smooth and soft texture.
In addition to the standard azuki, there are many variations depending on the season and the store, such as matcha, chestnut, summer tangerine, and coffee. The flavors and sizes vary depending on the store, so be sure to find your favorite Uiro.

⑥How about eating in your favorite bowl? "Hagiyaki"

Hagiyaki, which is mainly made in Hagi City in northern Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a traditional craft that has been loved since ancient times. You can choose according to your purpose, such as a choco for drinking sake or a mug for everyday use. There are affordable items priced under 1,000 yen, so feel free to pick up some traditional crafts.

⑦“Ouchi lacquer strap” is a cute traditional craft strap

Traditional crafts using lacquer are available in cute sizes. The straps are easy to enjoy and are also popular as souvenirs.

Ouchi dolls are also available in a wide variety of sizes.

Extra edition! Souvenirs from outside Yamaguchi City are also popular.

Yamaguchi Prefecture’s soul food “Shiso Wakame”

Furikake is such a classic that there's probably not a person in Yamaguchi Prefecture who hasn't tried it. The soft wakame furikake goes well with the rice.
Many residents of Yamaguchi Prefecture enjoy arranging it by adding it to fried eggs or pasta.

Individually wrapped, perfect for souvenirs.

When you think of Yamaguchi Prefecture, you think of blowfish! "Fugu Senbei"

The dough contains pufferfish bones and skin and has a crispy texture. The tangy taste of mustard mayonnaise is a popular product with many repeat customers.

Products using blowfish, such as ochazuke and miso soup, are popular.

Yamaguchi souvenirs at Choshuen

The recommended souvenir this time is Choshuen, which is located right next to the National Treasure Rurikoji Five-storied Pagoda. This is an essential place for sightseeing in Yamaguchi, as souvenirs have been sold here for over 30 years.

It's a spot where you can enjoy Yamaguchi not only for souvenirs, but also for restaurants, cafes, and experiences.

The cafe adjacent to the souvenir corner also has an eat-in space, perfect for a break. We also have menus created in collaboration with Yamaguchi companies, so you can fully enjoy the flavors of Yamaguchi.

Soft serve ice cream and coffee seem to be popular among foreign visitors tourists. We also have an English menu, so please feel free to ask.

``Drinking Uiro'' is a Yamaguchi sweet that can only be enjoyed here. This is a new type of sweet that has been adapted from Yamaguchi's famous confectionery Uiro into a drink and topped with whipped cream, kinako, and brown sugar syrup.

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Yamaguchi City tourist information site “Nishinokyo Yamaguchi”

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