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The Symbol Of Sapporo: Let's Visit The Sapporo TV Tower!

The Symbol Of Sapporo: Let's Visit The Sapporo TV Tower!

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Keisuke Yamada

Hokkaido 2017.07.01 Bookmark

Today let's take a look at the year round charms of the symbol of Sapporo - the Sapporo TV Tower. Here you'll find basic information about the tower itself, and the best times to visit it.

There are many different must-see places when visiting Sapporo. Some of the most famous are the Sapporo Clock Tower, the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building, the slightly further afield Moerenuma Park, the Sapporo Art Park and more.
One place that you should absolutely not forget to visit though, is the Sapporo TV Tower - the symbol of the city, found in beautiful Odori Park. Today let's take a closer look at the Sapporo TV Tower's charms.

What's the Sapporo TV Tower?

Before getting into what the Sapporo TV Tower is, let's first explain Odori Park. Although called a park, it is actually a pedestrian roadway. In 1871, a fire prevention line (meant to prevent the spread of fire by the elimination of vegetation in the area) dividing north and south areas of central Sapporo was created here. At the time, it was called Shiribeshi Dori, but the name was eventually changed to Odori. This park is a venue where many Hokkaido-specific events are held.

Odori Park, which divides Sapporo into the north and south, is where you will find the Sapporo TV Tower, standing at the starting point of the park. After its completion in 1956, this tower has come to symbolize the city itself, and has stood as a landmark to the development of the city for over half a century.

From the observatory, which is about 90 meters above the ground, you can easily enjoy the beautiful scenery and events that take place in Odori Park, and on clear days, even see all the way to the Sea of Japan. This is a particularly popular place during the winter, as from the tower you can look out over the illuminations and the Sapporo Snow Festival too.

By the way, there is a special plan that allows you to make private reservations of the observation platform for 30 minutes after closing, which seems to be a popular option for couples.
Please inquire for details.

Seasonal Climbs


As Sapporo is located in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan, the sun does not set here until after 19:00 in May. This means that you can enjoy a truly magical night and evening view of the city from about 18:00 until closing.


Summers in Hokkaido are very short, but the days are very refreshing and cooler than those in other parts of the country. There are many summer events and beer gardens held in Odori Park, which are also fun to view from the tower as well.


It's said that the autumn leaves first appear in Hokkaido, and the views of the changing colors of Odori Park are especially lovely from the Sapporo TV Tower.


The Sapporo Snow festival is one of the most famous winter events in Japan. Since the festival and its amazing snow sculptures are centered around Odori Park, it goes without saying that the sweeping view from the tower is a must for those attending this event.

Enjoy the Seasonal Flowers Too!

Odori Park is also well-known for its charming seasonal gardens, which you can easily view from the tower as well. Here you'll find tulips, crocuses, roses and hydrangeas, plus other spring and summer specific blooms

When you come to Sapporo, don't forget to pay a visit to the Sapporo TV Tower too!


Sapporo TV Tower
Address: Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Odori Nishi 1-chome
Hours: Summer 9:00-22:00, Winter 9:30-21:30 (*varies by day and event)
Closed: None
Other Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai
Information in Other Languages: Available
Nearest Station: Sapporo Municipal Subway Odori Station (Tozai and Nanboku lines)
Access: 5 minute walk from Sapporo Municipal Subway Odori Station
Entry Fees: Adults 720 yen, High school students 600 yen, Junior High students 400 yen, Elementary students 300 yen, Small children 100 yen
Phone: 011-241-1131
Website: Sapporo TV Tower

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