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[Spring 2024] Let us tell you how to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms (Sakura) in Kyoto privately!

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Kyoto is an attractive city where you can enjoy good old Japanese culture along with seasonal nature. Above all, everyone dreams of visiting in spring at least once, when historic buildings and cherry blossoms harmonize. We will take you on a private tour to enjoy cherry blossoms, avoiding crowds.

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Kyoto is the place for cherry blossoms, to be visited at least once

Spring in Kyoto, is full of beautiful cherry blossoms. The beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms on the picturesque cityscape, shrines and temples, is a special atmosphere unique to Kyoto. For this reason, from late March to early April, which is the best time to see the flowers, Kyoto is crowded with many tourists, making it difficult to move around smoothly. With our tour, there is no worry at all, you will be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms on a private tour, first thing in the morning.

Privately reserved cherry blossom viewing spots, famous temples, and gardens, just for our group

This is a special event where only participants of this tour are allowed to enter early in the morning before the gates open to the general public. You can see cherry blossoms at different times, such as in full bloom, quietly blooming covered in morning dew, or just falling apart. Enjoy the cherry blossoms at your leisure without any queues or crowds.

Listening to the history and highlights of the garden

Another recommended point of this tour is that you can listen to stories from the temple staff about the history and highlights of the garden. Hotel staff will accompany you each day.

"Taizo-in Temple" with the shower of weeping cherry blossoms

Taizo-in is known for its calm Zen temple appearance and garden full of nature. As you pass through the gate, you will be greeted by magnificent weeping cherry blossoms. The contrast between the stunning cherry blossom shower and the rock garden is so beautiful that it will take your breath away. The blizzard of cherry blossoms just before they fall is also spectacular.

"Haradanien" the famous cherry blossom viewing spot, known to those in the know know

The world of earthly paradise, where colorful flowers, including cherry blossoms, bloom on vast grounds. Its beauty is like a “secret garden” that is out of this world. Located in the mountains, a little far from the center of Kyoto city, it makes it easier to participate in our tour that includes transportation.

Contact Kyoto Brighton Hotel for applications

In addition to Taizo-in and Haradani-en, there is a daily lineup of famous cherry blossom viewing spots such as To-ji, Daikaku-ji, and Bishamon-do Temples. We leave the hotel around 7:00 the next morning after your accommodation date, and head to the site of the day. After visiting one place at a leisurely pace, we take you back to the hotel for breakfast. This popular tour, which has been going on for about 20 years, has many repeat visitors and is well-received as a safe and secure tour. Details for 2024 will be released soon, please call for inquiries.

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Kyoto Brighton Hotel is located in an area with excellent access to many World Heritage sites, such as Nijo Castle and Ginkaku-ji Silver Pavilion. There are many shops nearby selling Japanese ingredients, where you can enjoy buying soy sauce, miso, etc. It is about 5min walk to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, recommended for morning walks and running courses. In addition, the concierge knows well about Kyoto, where you can feel free to ask about sightseeing, restaurants, traditional crafts, etc. During cherry blossoms and autumn foliage seasons, there are special tours available for private viewing. The average size of guest rooms is 42 square meters, spacious enough to accommodate large suitcases, and equipped with comfortable sofas. There are a variety of restaurants in the hotel, including western food, teppanyaki (wagyu), traditional Japanese, Chinese, and a bar lounge. This is a hotel where you can arrange everything about Kyoto, including gourmet food and Kyoto-like experiences.

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