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【Fukuoka Yame】Stroll and explore Yame Fukushima, the historic town, famous for its white wall cityscape! 6 tourist spots, highly recommended.

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Yame Fukushima is famous for its white walls. In this area, you can see many traditional houses (or merchant houses) with white walls. In this article, we will introduce tourist spots for a stroll through the white-walled streets of Yame-Fukushima. Preservation District for Traditional Buildings. In...

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What is The white-walled townscape of Yame Fukushima

TheYame Fukushima district, located in the center of Yame City, onceflourished as the castle town of Fukushima Castle. Along the old Okando(main highway) road, there are still warehouse-style townhouses built in theEdo (1603-1867), Meiji (1867-1911), Taisho (1912-1925), and early Showa (1926-1988) times, and you can feel its history. The townscape has thewhite color of amerchant house and a craftsman workshop, and there arealso retro shops that are built in traditional architecture. You can enjoy eatingspree food and shopping while strolling around.

6 Tourist spots in Yame Fukushima's white-walled townscape

1. Yokomachi Machiya Exchange Center

The Yokomachi Machiya Exchange Center is a former Japanese-sake brewery built at the end of the Edo period,and introduces the charm and history of Yame-Fukushimatownscape. Visitorscan find a café to take a break.

Yokomachi Machiya Exchange Center

Phone number: 0943-23-4311

2. Yame Fukushima Hachiman-gu Shrine

Thisshrine has been established for the peace and prosperity of the Fukushimaregion and its residents for over 350 years since 1661 of the Edotimes. Every year in the lateSeptember, Yame Fukushima Toro Dolls (Dollfestival with lanterns), a nationally designated Important Intangible FolkCultural Property with a history of 260 years, are organized, and at the Doll'sFestival event in March, weddings ceremonies are held incostumes such as Juni-Hitoe and Sokutai.

Bothare old Japanese formal attires in Heian times (794-1192).

Fukushima Hachiman-gu Shrine

Phone number: 0943-22-3332

3. Sakaiya (former Kinoshita family residence)

The Kinoshita family is an old family that started inthe Edo times and prospered as they operated a sake brewing business forgenerations under the trade name "Sakaiya". In 1909, Tatamirooms, was luxuriously constructed and was used as a separate tatami room fromthe main house for reception and lodging for distinguished guests. When you siton the verandah, you can enjoy the sound of Suikinkutsu (buried earthen jar) thatmakes sound when water drips into it.    

Sakaiya (former Kinoshita family residence)

Phone number: 0943-23-7611

4. Yabeya Konomi Honke (Konomien)

It isthe oldest tea shop in Yame, founded in the Edo Hoei times (1704-1711). Duringthe Meiji times, Mr. Hisakichi, the firstgeneration gave the name "Yame tea''. Yame tea, known for its rich flavor andsweetness, is now renowned as one of the finest Japanese teas.

Yabeya Konomi Honke (Konomien) 

Phone number: 0943-24-2020

5. Yame Traditional Crafts Center

YameFukushima flourished as a town of merchants and craftsmen during the Edo times.Yame's representative crafts are displayed and sold, including Yame FukushimaBuddhist altars and Yame lanterns, which are nationally designated traditional

crafts, as well as handmade Japanese paper, Kurume Kasuri(Japanese clothing), and bamboo crafts. There is also a handmade Japanese Washipaper museum and a traditional cultural museum where you can experiencehands-on activities

Yame Traditional Crafts Center 

Phone number: 0943-22-3131

6. Unagi no Nedoko, an assorted shop

It is operated in a white-walled townhouse from thelate Edo times period to the early Showa times.This is an assorted shop that sells local crafts and products, such as KurumeKasuri Monpe (Japanese clothing), bamboo products, and tableware. You canfind local culture and daily life of Kyushu

Unagi no Nedoko, an assorted shop (Former Marubayashi Main House)

Phone number: 0943-22-3699

Unagi no Nedoko, an assorted shop(Former Terasaki Residence)

Phone number: 0943-24-8021

Yame Tourist Information Center

Yame Tourist Information Center, located near the white-walled streets of Yame-Fukushima,provides useful information for sightseeing. We have maps and event informationfor walking around the streets of Yame-Fukushima, so please stop by.

Yame Tourist Information Center

Phone number: 0943-22-6644


How to get to Yame City from Fukuoka Airport (by car or rental car)

FukuokaAirport → Kyushu Expressway → About 10 minutes from Yame IC Exit

How to get to Yame City from Fukuoka City Center (train/bus)

[FromHakata] JR Hakata Station → (about 50 minutes by JR) → JR Hainuzuka Station → (about 20 minutes by Horikawa bus) → Get off at Fukushima bus stop

[FromTenjin] Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station → (about 40 minutes by Nishitetsu train) → Nishitetsu Kurume Station → (about 40 minutes by Nishitetsu bus) → Get off at Fukushima bus stop

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