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[Kochi Prefecture] If you want to go glamping in the Shikoku region, this is the place!

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Experience-based travel and glamping have started to attract attention in recent years. The biggest appeal of glamping is that it frees you from the hassle of setting up a tent and preparing meals. Would you like to experience the best of nature in Kochi Prefecture, which is rich in nature?

Latest update :

The glamping facility we will be introducing this time is “nokka”.

It is located in an accommodation facility called Nest West Garden Tosa in Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture.

We have two trailer houses set up on a grassy plain overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The room

The trailer house consists of a guest room, a wooden deck, and a roof terrace.

Guest room

In addition to a living room, kitchen, and bedroom, each guest room is equipped with a shower and toilet room, allowing you to spend a comfortable time in a calm space where you can feel nature even inside.

[In-room facilities]

Bed (SIMMONS), 4 sofa stools, lantern (BALMUDA), Bluetooth speaker, pajamas, blanket, tableware (mug, tumbler, spoon, fork, etc. (ZARA HOME)), coffee set (grinder, dripper, etc.), cooking set ( IH cooking heater, frying pan, pot, knife, turner, ladle, etc.), refrigerator, air conditioner, hair dryer, safe, outdoor slippers, Wi-Fi

*We do not have a TV because we want you to enjoy your stay in nature.

wood deck

The wooden deck is equipped with a BBQ grill, outdoor table, and chairs to enhance your glamping experience, so you can relax while looking out at the ocean or enjoy a barbecue while feeling the sea breeze.

[Facilities inside the wood deck]

BBQ grill (Weber), outdoor table, outdoor chair, outdoor kitchen (DOD)

roof terrace

From the roof terrace, you can see far into the horizon, and at night, you can lie down on the outdoor cot and gaze at the starry sky while listening to the sound of the waves.


Dinner on the wooden deck where you can see the Pacific Ocean and feel the sea breeze.

The menu is made with Kochi ingredients and is prepared in advance, allowing you to enjoy a simple and authentic dinner while still having the fun of making it yourself. Barbecue grills and cooking utensils are provided, so you can bring your own food if you plan on staying without meals!

For breakfast, we prepare a special morning box.

[BBQ plan]

[Winter limited hot pot plan]

[Morning BOX]

Spend irreplaceable time with your loved ones at nokka

"nokka" recommends that you spend your time offline from the internet as much as possible.

When you arrive, the first thing you notice is the sound of the waves and the smell of the wind. The more you go offline from digital, the more you will feel that your hearing and sense of smell become more and more sharpened, inversely proportional to that.

A landscape you don't usually see. Sounds you don't normally hear. The workings of nature that you don't usually experience.

The change of time and seasons that we don't usually notice.

Get away from your hectic daily life and spend an irreplaceable and enjoyable time with your loved ones at "Nest Glamping Place nokka".

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nokka's homepage

Nest West Garden Tosa homepage

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A small, round hotel located in Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture. What I see in front of me The blue of the sea and sky, the green of grasslands and pinelands. What you can hear if you listen carefully The sound of the waves and the chirping of birds. What's in this empty town Nature as it is. At Nest West Garden Tosa An irreplaceable time to spend with your loved ones.

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