Let's eat okonomiyaki at "Micchan Sohonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Branch"! Flow from entering to leaving the store

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Okonomiyaki is an indispensable gourmet dish when sightseeing in Hiroshima. Enjoy okonomiyaki at this historic restaurant that was founded in 1950. The ``Micchan Sohonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store'' that we will be introducing this time is located in Hatsukaichi, the same area as Miyajima. Many pe...

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What kind of store is “Micchan Souhonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store”?

``Micchan Souhonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store'' is a store located in a large commercial facility. Youme Town Hatsukaichi store is a place where many families visit, and the interior is spacious, making it a place where you can spend a relaxing time with your children. Because it is a little far from Hiroshima city, it is often used by local customers.

In addition to restaurants, there are many stores such as supermarkets and shopping stores, so you can enjoy shopping along with your okonomiyaki.

How to get to “Micchan Main Store Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store”

"Micchan Sohonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Branch" is located in Hatsukaichi City, the same as Miyajima. If you take the city train, get off at Hatsukaichi City Hall and walk for 7 minutes. If you take JR, get off at Miyauchi Kushido and take a taxi for about 7 minutes. It would be a good idea to stretch your legs while sightseeing in Miyajima.

When you arrive at the store, let's enter!

"Micchan Souhonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store" is located in the restaurant area on the 1st floor of Youme Town Hatsukaichi. The restaurant has 55 seats, including table seats and counter seats. You can't make reservations, so if it's busy, you'll probably have to wait your turn to enter. Tell the staff how many people are there and have them guide you to your seats.

Choose a menu

Once you are seated, choose the menu you want to eat. The main menu at ``Micchan Sohonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Branch'' is okonomiyaki, a flavor unique to Hiroshima. Try adding your favorite ingredients such as oysters, stewed tendon, squid, shrimp, etc. to the standard menu "Soba Meat and Egg"! There are also special menus with multiple toppings, and ``udon meat and egg'' that includes udon instead of soba.

Other popular teppanyaki dishes include oysters, offal, and koune. We also have a menu that children will enjoy, such as a soft drink bar and children's sets.

In addition, ``Micchan Souhonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store'' also offers take-out okonomiyaki and frozen okonomiyaki for local delivery. While you wait for your take-out okonomiyaki to be ready, we recommend enjoying some shopping at Yume Town. It might be a good idea to bring take-out okonomiyaki with you when sightseeing in Miyajima.

Enjoy okonomiyaki and teppanyaki dishes!

If you order okonomiyaki, please check out how it is made. The delicious smell of Micchan's original okonomiyaki sauce fills the air, and your appetite has doubled. The store also has picture books and toys, so children can wait without getting bored.

The best way to enjoy okonomiyaki is to eat it while it's hot once your order is delivered. You can eat it with chopsticks or a fork, but the basic style is to eat it with a spatula. You can learn how to make okonomiyaki with a spatula, so why not try your hand at eating okonomiyaki with a spatula?

Pay the bill after finishing the meal

When you have finished your meal, take the slip on the desk and go to the register to pay. Payment method is either cash or credit card. For credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, and Diners are accepted.

While sightseeing in Miyajima! Let's eat okonomiyaki at "Micchan Souhonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Branch"

``Micchan Souhonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store'' is located in a location that is easily accessible from Miyajima, one of the tourist spots in Hiroshima. Why not try some okonomiyaki at Yume Town Hatsukaichi while sightseeing in Miyajima? Please refer to this article and visit "Micchan Sohonten Yume Town Hatsukaichi Branch".

▶Click here for the official website of “Micchan Main Store Yume Town Hatsukaichi Store”

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After the war, okonomiyaki became popular here in Hiroshima. The founder of our company, Mitsuo Inune, is the originator of Hiroshima's okonomiyaki and popularized it throughout the region. Okonomiyaki sauce, cabbage, buckwheat noodles, and eating with a spatula, these Hiroshima-style dishes were all devised by Mitsuo.

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