CEC diary [Chukyo] Kyoto's hidden and rare spots!

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Hello! My name is Fumiha Ooka and I am a CEC member. Today we will introduce six "hidden spots" in Nakagyo Ward, the center of Kyoto. When you walk around Kyoto, you'll actually find many so-called hidden spots. Many of them will make you say, "I didn't know that!", but by actually doing some "prepa...

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1. Kyoto City Road Signpost

Do you know where the center of Kyoto is? The answer to that question is a stone pillar located right above ground level from Karasuma Oike subway station. It is said that roads in Kyoto City were constructed starting from here. Walk straight for 1 kilometer to the east and you will find Sanjo Ohashi Bridge, the starting point of the 53 Stations of the Tokaido Road to the west. You can see that this area has long been the center of Kyoto!

2. Rokkakudo/Navel Stone

The hexagonal main hall, Rokkakudo, is Chohoji Temple, which is famous as a temple connected to Prince Shotoku. Here you will find a flat hexagonal ``belly button stone'' with a diameter of about 50 centimeters. As the name suggests, this stone is said to be located at the ``navel'' in the middle of Kyoto.

3. Yaoichi Main Building

This is a commercial facility located in Rokkaku, Kyoto, but there is a farm and bee farm on the roof. We are developing our own brand with the motto of "helping connect people, agriculture, and vegetables." You can enjoy freshly harvested vegetables at the restaurant.

4. Kyoto Cultural Museum

The Kyoto Museum of Culture has a retro feel and remains of the former Bank of Japan. It was designed by Kingo Tatsuno, a famous architect who also designed Tokyo Station, and it has been designated as an important cultural property. The exhibits inside the museum convey Kyoto's traditional culture and create new imaginations are worth seeing. Please take a look.

5. Dodasui

Did you know that there is a spring called ``Dōkasui'' in the southeast of Kawaramachi Marutamachi? When you go to the Dongtao Kaikan, there is a faucet. The water here is maintained and managed by the Dongtao Neighborhood Association, and of course has undergone water quality testing, so you can drink it all year round. The taste was cool, clear, and mellow. Apparently there are several other places in Kyoto where underground water gushes out. Please find your favorite spot.

6. Darumado

Daruma-do is adjacent to the former residence of Takayoshi Kido. Tens of thousands of Daruma dolls, collected by his son Chutaro Kido throughout his life, are on display.

Nakagyo Ward is full of historic sites. The spots introduced here are just a few. Please keep your eyes peeled for it while you are out for a walk.

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