[Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture] 7 tourist facilities you should visit when coming to Shimanto City

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We will introduce facilities in Shimanto City where you can experience activities and experience history and culture.

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1 Nakamura area

The Nakamura area of ​​Shimanto City, located at the mouth of the Shimanto River and facing the Pacific Ocean, was created approximately 550 years ago by the Ichijo clan, a Kyoto court noble, who created a town modeled after the cityscape of Kyoto.There are many place names similar to those of Kyoto, and even today, many places have the same names as Kyoto. Historical sites remain.

Shimanto River Pleasure Boat

You can enjoy the scenery of the Shimanto River and have a tasteful moment.
There are boats that operate on a scheduled schedule, charter boats, houseboats with pre-ordered meals, and boat tenders with white sails.
From the end of May to the beginning of June, we operate a firefly boat where you can watch fireflies flying across the Shimanto River.

Shimanto Canoe and Cap's Village Kawarakko

On the banks of the Shimanto River. An experience facility surrounded by rich nature. In addition to river activities such as canoeing and SUP, we also have an auto camping site. We also rent out various equipment, so anyone can easily feel the nature of the Shimanto River up close.

Dragonfly Nature Park Shimantogawa Gakuyukan

The world's first dragonfly sanctuary. As many as 81 species of dragonflies have been recorded in the park, and you can also admire seasonal flowers.
The adjacent Shimanto River Gakuyukan has a permanent collection of 5,000 specimens of 2,500 insect specimens from around the world, including 3,000 specimens of 1,000 species of dragonflies from around the world, as well as approximately 130 species of fish from around the world, including those from the Shimanto River. It will tell you about the current state of the Shimanto River.

Shimanto healing village

A hot spring facility located on a hill overlooking the mouth of the clear Shimanto River. Inside the hotel are ``Shimanto Iyashinosato,'' which serves hot springs drawn from Shimanto City, and ``Restaurant Yamakawaumi,'' which serves dishes that make full use of the rich bounty of the Shimanto River.

Shimanto City Local Museum

This castle-shaped museum is located on the ruins of Nakamura Castle, which was the residence of Yasutoyo, younger brother of Kazutoyo Yamauchi. Inside the museum, we introduce the lifestyle, history, and culture that have been intertwined with the Shimanto River and its tributaries as a ``town that lives with the river.'' Also on display are valuable materials related to the Tosa Ichijo family, the Nakamura Yamanouchi family, Shinkichi Higuchi, a patriot at the end of the Edo period, and Shusui Kotoku, a socialist from Nakamura who represented the Meiji era. The top floor is an observation deck where you can see the Shimanto River, Higashiyama, and the city.

2 Nishi-Tosa area

The Nishi-Tosa region, located upstream of Shimanto City, has a peaceful landscape with villages dotted along the Shimanto River.
Furthermore, since there are few lights from surrounding buildings at night, the starlight is not obstructed by artificial lights and you can enjoy the true starry sky.

Shimanto River Station Canoe Hall

We offer canoe tours for beginners, and you can take basic half-day and full-day courses under the guidance of an instructor. The museum also exhibits canoes from around the world. It is also a river station, and the Shimanto River Rinrin Cycle is also available.

Shimanto Gakusha

This facility is a former local school that has been renovated into a lodging experience facility. Inside the facility, classrooms and infirmary rooms can be used as overnight rooms, and desks and other objects that were used at the time remain.
You can enjoy experiences unique to the Shimanto River, such as canoeing, walking in the stream (shower climbing), and playing on rafts.

Hotel Seira Shimanto

It is located on a hill overlooking the Shimanto River and has a great location surrounded by nature. The specialty dishes include sweetfish from the Shimanto River, river shrimp, and Shimanto beef, and you can enjoy plenty of nature's blessings.
There is a 4m observation dome adjacent to it, where you can enjoy the starry sky and have experts tell you about the joys of the stars.

Roadside station “Yotote Nishitosa”

Located at the confluence of National Routes 441 and 381 in the middle reaches of the Shimanto River, this facility can be called the gateway to Shimanto River tourism.
The famous light truck in the center of the store is lined with fresh local produce, and there is a wide selection of handmade processed goods and bento boxes, from seasonal produce to traditional regional dishes.
At the sweetfish market, which focuses on natural products, you can actually see and purchase the rich bounty of the Shimanto River, including sweetfish, eel, and crab.

If you would like to know more detailed information about Shimanto City, please refer to the following.

*Shimanto City Tourism Association Official Website: https://www.shimanto-kankou.com/

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The Hata region of Kochi Prefecture is located at the southwestern tip of Shikoku, and is a peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean, facing Tosa Bay to the east and Bungo Channel to the west. It is made up of three cities, two towns, and one village: Hara Village. It is a natural powerhouse rich in blessings, including the nationally famous Shimanto River and Cape Ashizuri, the blessings of the Kuroshio Current that flows along the coast, and the blessings of mountains that boast the largest area of ​​forests in the country.

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