[Interview with Kazuto Iguro of Kosugi Sushi Nagomi, Namegawa City] Introducing the luxury of Toyama Bay, ``Taste the seafood in spring, summer, fall, and winter.''

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We had an exclusive interview with Kazuto Iguro, the owner of Kosugi Sushi Nagomi, a sushi restaurant in Namekawa City, Toyama Prefecture, about the seafood from Toyama Bay that can be enjoyed in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

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Recently, sushi from Hokuriku Toyama has been attracting a lot of attention. Toyama Bay is known as a delicious fishing ground where specialty fish live, so much so that it is called the ``natural fish tank.''

Mr. Iguro (hereinafter referred to as the general manager) of Kosugi Sushi Nagomi, which runs a sushi restaurant in Namegawa City, Toyama Prefecture, tells people who come from all over the country seeking the delicacies of Toyama Bay, ``My commitment is to provide the best.'' ” he says.

It's not just that it's fresh and delicious, it's the careful craftsmanship and passion of the craftsmen that make it so heartwarming. This time, we had exclusive coverage of Toyama Bay's seafood, which can be enjoyed in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

"We want you to enjoy the luxury of Toyama to your heart's content throughout the year."

After training at Kosugi Sushi, a long-established restaurant that has been in business for about 40 years, the chef continued his training at a sushi restaurant in Toyama City. Afterwards, he opened Kosugi Sushi Nagomi, inheriting the thoughts and store of the previous owner.

People from all over the country come to Kosugi Sushi Nagomi in search of the delicacies of Toyama Bay.

The reason why our products are loved by local residents and fans both inside and outside the prefecture is because of our overwhelmingly high quality and commitment to thorough freshness.

Every day, the owner personally visits fishing ports within the prefecture and makes purchases based on his discernment.

The ``Toyama Bay Course'' uses carefully selected seasonal ingredients, fresh and carefully prepared. This is a popular course where you can enjoy exquisite dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

You can enjoy the special sushi and seafood that makes it famous as a popular restaurant that is difficult to get reservations for and is loved by a wide range of generations, including locals and regular customers.

Enjoy the luxury of seafood from Toyama Bay in spring, summer, fall and winter.

When we think of seafood from Toyama Bay, we get the impression that it is Toyama's signature winter gourmet food, but what is it actually like?

This time, we asked the chef, who has continued to pursue the luxury of Toyama throughout the year, to tell us about the ``seafood of Toyama Bay that can be enjoyed in spring, summer, fall, and winter,'' and the key points to keep in mind to enjoy it truly deliciously.

[Spring] Firefly squid

Namekawa City, where the general has his shop, is famous for producing firefly squid. Of course, the seasonal firefly squid is popular at Kosugi Sushi Nagomi in spring.

We only use firefly squid from the deep sea and keep it fresh in deep ocean water. The deliciousness of sashimi and kelp meat is unique to the local area. Among them, the chef says, ``Freshly boiled (kamaage) is the most delicious.''

[Summer] White fish, shrimp

In Namekawa City, you can enjoy delicious shrimp in summer. It's a luxury to carefully select the freshest and most delicious shrimp and enjoy it as a course.

Since a lot of white fish is landed, the chef will cook the freshest fish. Why not make some summer memories in Namekawa with seafood?

[Autumn] Red snow crab [Winter] Snow crab, Koubako crab

Toyama Bay is famous for its delicious crabs, and Namerikawa City has a large catch of red snow crabs, which are famous for their delicious taste. Especially from autumn to winter, you can enjoy the fresh, delicious crabs that are freshly boiled and steamed.

During the seasonal season, you can enjoy a full course of dishes such as the chef's specialty boiled crab and sashimi.

[Winter] Yellowtail

``Kosugi Sushi Nagomi'' is flooded with reservations from all over the country to enjoy yellowtail, the king of Toyama winter gourmet food. The general's discernment and purchasing skills will also be put into practice. Although many yellowtails are landed every year, the owner says, ``Even if we catch 10,000 yellowtails, they will still be fatty and fat, so we only buy high-quality yellowtail.'' Even during the peak season, it seems that only about 10 yellowtails can pass the rank of general.

The yellowtail shabu, a popular menu item at Kosugi Sushi Nagomi, is characterized by the use of Japanese sake in the soup stock. By using sake, the flavor of the yellowtail will not escape and you will be able to enjoy it even more deliciously. We use only the freshest yellowtail caught that day, and are particular about the thickness of the meat.

The highest quality, luxurious yellowtail shabu, you'll want a second helping.

For a limited number of customers, we provide the highest quality products of the day.

Toyama Bay is one of the best fishing grounds in Japan and has an abundance of fresh seafood, so the entire prefecture is working to promote the concept of ``Toyama when it comes to sushi.''

While there are many sushi restaurants in the prefecture, Kazuto Iguro, the owner of Kosugi Sushi Nagomi in Namekawa City, continues to evolve while pursuing his passion and pride as a craftsman.

Not only is the sushi made by the chef of high quality and exquisite, but I am convinced that it will be an unforgettable memory when you taste it along with the chef's human touch.

Please come to Hokuriku Toyama, where you can enjoy luxurious seafood in all seasons!

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Phone number: 076-471-5030

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